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Pan Grama

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  1. Pan Grama

    I've been involved in 3 fights while playing GTA:W and I've lost all 3 because I tried to RP the initial part while the other guy has gone straight for the left-click. I can kinda let the first time slide, because the guy did RP the first move (hit me with a beer bottle), but the moment I RPed being hit he spam-punched me unconscious. The second and third times I was just stabbed/batted instantly with no RP at all. I had a firearm on me all 3 times, too, but I never got a chance to use it cos I chose to RP rather than ass-pull. So now I'm in a dilemma about what I'm gonna do next time I'm in that situation. It's clear to me that I can't RP and have any hope of it being a fair fight. So what am I gonna do? I honestly think if I see a fight is even possibly going to start, I'm gonna pull my weapon and click-click-click. I know that it's bad RP, and I'm concerned that I'll get a report made about it. And what will my excuse be? I've tried RPing before and it didn't work, so this time I thought fuck it? Then I get a warning and possibly even a ban. The only positive to come out of all this is that both I and my character are genuinely afraid of getting into fights. And I avoid them at all costs.
  2. Pan Grama

    Crime-free or not robbing from the courier job should be considered metagaming, seeing as they know the character is getting paid in cash. If courier jobs paid directly into the bank there would be no robberies there at all.
  3. Pan Grama

    This is going back to what I posed a few up. These are BAD RPers. They have all the crime with none of the punishment. A real gang-banger who goes around shooting up his hood is eventually gonna get killed or imprisoned himself. A crazy bastard psycho killer is likewise gonna be put in prison or sectioned. But this won't happen in GTA:W so there's no risk to the character. All of one side (action) without the other (consequence) is not portraying a character properly. It's bad RP and should be below the standards required for the server. Edit: How about adding a DM tag to any character found guilty of Deathmatching. Then their next PK is an automatic CK. Let's see how crazy they are then.
  4. Pan Grama

    The problem with both of these examples is that they are BAD RP characters. It's the same mentality as "I can drive however I like because my character is a street racer." It's all of the action with none of the consequence.
  5. Pan Grama

    I think it also needs to be pointed out that, as a security guard, sometimes getting into an armed conflict is unavoidable. There is a mentality among a lot of criminal characters that violence is the way to solve everything. You see reports about it every day. If you're guarding a club or garage and you need to tell someone to leave, in the illegal character's mind the next step is a fight. It's guaranteed, no matter what the security guard says or does. And it's usually a losing fight because they're carrying legal Combat Pistols while the criminal is carrying a 50 or SMG. And seeing as the very first thing someone does when they down another character is loot them, because they're all about stuff, you've lost all your Security Guard equipment through no input of your own. In fact, if you were to look at it scriptly, it would be better for the guard to not carry cash or firearm at all. Witness the crime and call the cops. When it does hit the fan, accept the PK and role-play a few days wounded, or even just carry on with no memory of it and go back to work. But that's not what a security guard is. And it's not what people want to role-play. The rules already state that you're not allowed to stockpile weapons. Why does there need to be a further rule to limit how many you can buy? Also, we have people working an Ammunation stores. Why can't we make this an IC issue.
  6. Pan Grama

    Man, I've almost made a thread about this so many times. Antisocial driving, non-RP driving and just plain OOC driving is the biggest killer of GTA:W for me right now. I can't treat it as Heavy-RP when 99% of people drive like it's GTA:O. It's a shame too because it's obvious that the devs and staff care a lot about this server. And the casual atrocious driving is undermining all of that. It isn't just the bad players either. I know some fantastic RPers in good factions and communities who contribute a lot to this little world. Then they get in a car and drive it like they stole it. I don't even want to RP the accidents anymore. The first couple of times were mildly entertaining sub-plot RP. Now it's just a bind. I definitely believe that the driving issue needs to be given a high priority because it's the biggest thing affecting GTA:W's Heavy RP status right now. EDIT: I logged in after posting this and within 5 minutes I was rear-ended by a high-performance sports car because I stopped at a set of lights.
  7. Pan Grama

    I'd like to see something like this done in an official capacity. I've met a lot of new players who have struggled to find a group of people that match their character and end up abandoning their background. And in 99% of faction threads it says something like "membership is done IC" with no help or details in how to actually do that. I get that all interaction needs to be heavily role-played, but there's nothing wrong with a little nudge to get things going.
  8. Pan Grama

    I know I'm late to the party. But I'm into the Tune-Yards right now.
  9. Pan Grama

    I liked how you handled yourself when the journalists tried to put you on the spot by asking you about the Mercedes and being Prime Minister. I hope we see you again.
  10. Pan Grama

    @Rumbunctious How long have you lived in this property?
  11. Pan Grama

    I've been doing pen & paper RP for most of my adult life. Started in college and we still try and get together a few times a month. First online RP was WoW. I had no idea online RP was a thing, but when I joined and saw there were RP servers, I naturally picked one. I was lucky enough to meet some great people and became a part of an amazing RP community. I miss WoW RP the most. Some of the best online RP I was involved in was in Age of Conan. I was on an RP-PvP server and I was surprised at how people managed to combine role-play and PvP together. That was all too short. People left. Servers merged. Such a shame. I came to GTA:W on my own. I was craving RP and my friends were all involved in IRL and couldn't find the time to pen & paper. So I googled online RP. I had no idea that there were GTA RP communities. Literally blew me away when I saw how long it had been around and how huge it was. Los Santos RP passed me by entirely, and I really wish I'd been involved. And now I'm here. My first ever GTA RP. Kicking names and taking ass.
  12. Pan Grama

    I wanna tell a quick story, if I may, about the first time I played pen & paper D&D. I sat down with my friend and we talked about the character I was gonna play. We rolled stats, set up equipment and (I thought) we were good to go. Then he asked me what my character's alignment was. I didn't know what that was, so he explained the whole lawful-neutral-chaotic good-neutral-evil concept to me. How it was a way of defining the personality of your character. And I thought it was bullshit. I couldn't pidgin-hole my character like that. Fuck him for making me choose how to RP. We argued. He kept saying the same thing to me over and over. "The alignment is not an obstacle. It's a guide." I didn't get it and refused to pick. We argued. Eventually he caved (which he shouldn't have done) and let me play without an alignment. We did the game and at the end of the evening he said to me, "Your alignment is Neutral-Good." I didn't know why, but accepted it cos it got him off my back. Years later, we're still playing D&D. And I've gotta say, when I make a brand new character with no forethought about it at all, the alignment is the first thing I pick. Is he a hero, a villain, a thief, a knight? I pick an alignment and then build my character around that. My friend was right. It's a guide, not an obstacle. When I joined GTAW I was faced with the character application. My first reaction was that it was bullshit. Why should I have to create a character now, I'm not even in the game. Then I remembered the argument I had with my friend over alignment. And I got it. The application is not an obstacle, it's a guide. It makes you think about your character. Where was she born? What was her childhood like? What were her teenage years like? What is the defining moment that made her the person she is? Why is she in LS? How did she get there? What is she gonna do now she's here? If you sit and think about it, 2 paragraphs is nothing when writing all that down. I could write an entire page on a character, right now, just by answering those questions. Make a person. Make her real. Think about who you want to be in GTAW and the character description will write itself.
  13. Pan Grama

    Getting robbed on a weekly basis and having money permanently taken from you is detrimental to the user experience. Logging in and your car being gone, again, is detrimental to the user experience. I'm genuinely not trying to argue. I agree with everything you say. I just want everything to make sense IC. And I personally believe that sometimes you need to invoke OOC for that to happen. I'm just trying to be the shoulder angel to your shoulder devil. Or is it the other way around?
  14. Pan Grama

    I think it's a very short-sighted player who would create a criminal, commit a crime and then quit when faced with a punishment they didn't want to do. I kinda agree with you about the player being punished for the character, but I've always believed that RP works best when IC and OOC are working together. If a player is aware that jail is boring and long then maybe they would consider the crime they're about to do. Is it worth the jail time? The player and character are having the same thoughts. That has to be a good thing, right? Like I said in my previous post, I am all for a prison system. However, character crime without fear of character punishment is a bad state. Character crime with player punishment is not ideal either, but better than the former. In my opinion anyway. I was just trying to say that a prison system needs to serve a purpose. If that purpose is to provide exciting Prison RP for players, then that's fine. Is it possible to do that and also act as a deterrent for criminals? I'm not sure. That daunting task falls to the admin.
  15. Pan Grama

    You should be punished for RPing a criminal. That's the trade-off for being a criminal. Someone who RPs a law abiding citizen doesn't have to worry about that kind of thing. If you're faced with 36 hours of boredom because you were caught committing a crime, then maybe you'll think about that before you do the crime. On the flip side, if a functioning prison system is developed and, as the brand-new feature, everybody wants to try it, how are players going to get their characters into prison? Commit a serious crime and intentionally get caught? I'm all for a prison system. I know a lot of people who are waiting for it to happen. But it needs to serve a purpose. If Prison RP is fun, then it's rewarding players for RPing a criminal. This in itself isn't a bad thing, but a prison system's main purpose should be to act as a deterrent for players to commit crime and remove their characters from the streets if they get caught. Let's not lose sight of that.