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  1. Short description: Add an optional parameter to the /outfit command to quick load an outfit. Detailed description: Using /outfit # quickly loads the #th outfit removing the sight of standing with your arms extended scrolling through your outfits. Using /outfit with no parameters brings up the menu as it does now. Commands to add: /outfit [id] Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? This is a very minimal quality of life improvement that would speed up players' ability to change outfits and removes the OOC of watching people scroll through their clothes. Additional information: This should be placed at the lowest possible priority and should only even be considered if it is a quick and easy feature to implement.
  2. Pan Grama

    OK so I want to reply to the $5000 per paycheck issue first. The number was arbitrary. It was just a f'rinstance to show what I meant by a large amount. The prices can be anything the devs like based on how much they was $1 to be worth in the game's economy. If the base unemployed paycheck is £200, then the supercar tax could be $250. That way there is no feasible way that someone unemployed could own and maintain a supercar. Which is how it should be. Now say someone gets a job, scripted or RP that pays $400 per paycheck. $250 goes on a supercar. Then take away fuel and rent (my suggestion is kinda how properties are working now anyway) they could be left with very little per week. Which is their own fault for owning a supercar. Living beyond their means. In this case fishing or mining or whatever serves no other purpose than topping up their wage. Cash becomes an RP prop rather than a means to get stuff. It then forces people to role-play the position they are in. It might not be what the player wants, but we're directly trying to reduce the type of OOC cars here. If someone works in a bar and they're getting $300 per paycheck, they drive a car that they can afford. Don't look at it as a tax, it's the cost of your lifestyle. Now I'm not suggesting that people will be forced to work in a bar when their background is a law school graduate. But faction jobs pay a wage. You may need to perform some minimal job once a day/week just to qualify for the paycheck, but the fact is, you're ICly working as a lawyer or whatever and they pay is higher than being unemployed. A Grove Street banger is not going to be able to ICly join a law firm and earn lawyer paychecks. He is going to be able to join a Set and earn dealer paychecks. The lawyer may want to show off and drive a car that he can't really afford and walk around with $50 in his pocket. The banger might drive a 40 year old car and be carrying $1000. These all seem like realistic scenarios to me. I think the tax (repayment) should be ignorant of how you use the car. ICly you own it. Whether you drive it only on a weekend or not is irrelevant. If you want a hobby car, you drive what you can afford. Or maybe even sink all your cash into it like people do IRL. If you work in a bar you still shouldn't be allowed to own a supercar, even if you only use it once a week. My suggestion would eradicate the need for the $5K paycheck. When the player starts they are given some cash. Not a lot but enough to get started. Say $2000. Now say an Asea costs $1700 and has an upkeep of $50. The player is unemployed but instantly has access to a low end vehicle that they can buy. They earn $200 pp for being unemployed. They can easily afford to maintain their car. I hold to my idea. The numbers, I agree, need to be discussed. But I genuinely think this is a real solution to changing player's attitudes towards what constitutes an affordable car for their character. Please, anyone challenge my idea, or suggest changes to it. I very much want this to be considered.
  3. Pan Grama

    I've made this a new thread because I have a lot to say on the new proposed proposed solution to the luxury cars epidemic and I didn't want make a large reply in the main thread. I propose that a single tax be applied to each car that a player owns that is taken automatically from every paycheck. The tax is linked to the car itself. Some low-end vehicles may be exempt, mid range may have nominal taxes, luxury cars pay more and supercars pay a ridiculous amount. Let me explain my reasoning for this. The first reason is that it cuts down on unnecessary red tape. There is no true RP value to having to wait for a player to be online so we can go to an office and fill in forms. We've seen it before with people waiting for firearms licenses or getting their cars from the impound. Secondly, it's a relatively simple system to apply. I think it may already be in the code and not used cos people didn't like paying $20 per vehicle when one is a Faggio and the other is a Bati. Thirdly, and this is the reason why I am so for my own idea, it automatically adds an in-character factor to the game. This is the part I want to explain and may become quite long, even though I'll try and keep it short. Imagine we have a Strawberry gangster RPing as a drug dealer. He may make a few thousand dollars a day from RP. It may even be an official faction job that pays him a few thousand dollars per paycheck. Over time this is going to build up to the point where he can afford a nice car. We now have a hood rat who sells weed driving an expensive car and robbing people and liqueur stores. It doesn't make sense. Imagine we have a player who's been playing for a few months and has built up a good faction, legal or illegal, that brings in the big bucks. She owns 5 supercars and drives around like city like a crazy bastard, when in reality she should be a respectable part of the community if legal, or not wanting to bring attention to her if illegal. These two characters are opposites of the RP food chain, yet they have the same attitudes and access to the same vehicles. Now imagine that there was a $5000 per paycheck tax on a supercar. The hood rat can only really afford that if he sells a lot of weed. Or robs a lot of stores. Either way, it isn't really a viable way to live. He'll always be poor and may even get into negative cash just by owning an OOC car. The faction leader is in the same position with the 5 supercars. No job is gonna pay $25,000 per paycheck so it's decision time. Own one good car. The players are forced to RP within their character's means, which automatically adds an RP element to the game; You see a player riding around in a Jester, you automatically have an idea of how much that person is earning. Because they can afford a Jester. You see a Baller riding around in a modded Chino, you have an idea of what kind of gangsta he is. It all encourages players to get RP jobs, that pay paycheck money that allow them to own cars. It also eliminates people's ability to grind cash for cars. If you're spending an hour fishing to get the cash, your paycheck is gonna tick and you have to pay. You may be able to fish for a few weeks to be able to afford a good car, but once you own it, you're not going to be able to maintain it. Simply fishing or mining for hours is not going to make you richer. Now there would need to be a discussion on how to handle people spending cash on a car that they can't afford to maintain, because nobody is going to want to play a character in debt. We get enough of that shit IRL. Mainly, it shouldn't be possible to afford a car if your paycheck doesn't cover the tax, despite how much cash you have. Kinda like a credit check and refusal. Secondly, if a player buys a car and then loses the ability to pay for it, then their paycheck could actually be a negative number. Then their cash is going to eke away over time. If it ever gets to the point where they can no longer afford the paycheck, then the car can default and be taken from them. All IC of course. I do propose that the actual cost of the cars come down. Maybe by a factor of 10, to signify the fact that you're buying a money pit. Look at it as a downpayment, and the paycheck are the repayments. This would also keep the used car market alive. This is just my proposition and reasoning behind it. I welcome any criticism about things that I may have been too simple in explaining, or more importantly any glaring mistakes I've made. Thanks for getting to the end.
  4. I think I agree with this. It's stated that "Increasing the purchase price of the vehicles won't help" yet the very first suggestion is to apply a 20% vehicle registration. Effectively increasing the price of the car by 20%. The easiest and simplest solution would be to tax the vehicle automatically from the paycheck. Make it a % of the vehicle cost, or price by class or speed, any can work, but make it expensive. Ideally more than the actual paycheck itself unless they have a job that provides the cash to cover it. This cuts down on all the bureaucracy and development. It also works in-character too as you'll need to be employed in something high paying in order to be able to afford it. We see a player driving an expensive Af car, we know he's a lawyer or doctor. Or gangster.
  5. Pan Grama

    I've thought about whether Playable NPCs (PNPCs?) would benefit the game. A player signs up to be a PNPC and is vetted/denied like the other staff. Maybe players with a few months history and a record of good RP. Approved PNPCs would be like the mechanics are now, with certain permissions of the premises they are working in. How they differ though, is a player would be able to "switch" into the PNPC when they are needed. Say a character enters a 24/7, all online Players with PNPC status are given a flag that a character is needed in a store, again like a mechanic now. However the player that accepts it is immediately transported to the location, maybe with a different look and uniform, and role-plays working there. When the RP is finished, the PNPC "ends" the job and is transported back to their original character and location. This would create the impression of IC staff without the need for a character to stand around in a store/garage/reception waiting for RP. The player goes to the RP, not the other way around. The PNPC players will be able to turn on and off their availability and maybe even given a wage for it. I don't think I've explained it very well; I'm kinda writing from an idea that's been bouncing around in my head. And again, I'm not sure if it even is a good idea. But I thought I'd add it to an NPC thread and see what people think.
  6. Pan Grama

    Gmail accounts also allow you to "append a plus ("+") sign and any combination of words or numbers after your email address."
  7. Pan Grama

    I would like your permission to use this as my band's name.
  8. Pan Grama

    If you buy a vehicle new you're usually allowed to choose what colour you want. As an addendum to this suggestion, maybe make resprays very expensive. That way there is decision making on whether to get the colour you want, or buy used and pay to respray. All IC of course.
  9. Pan Grama

    You don't really need it to say locked, unlocked or even status. Replace the speedometer icon with the coloured dot.
  10. Pan Grama

    Inside and outside voice. I dig it.
  11. Pan Grama

    What is the legality of off-road tires in the city? And is there a negative to using them on roads, like slower acceleration and longer stopping distances?
  12. Pan Grama

    Banned for riding your Sanches like this: When you should've been riding it like this:
  13. This is one of those ideas that seem great on paper and could also create some amazing movie style Heist RP. If it's done properly. And therein lies the hook. What would essentially happen is that the Money Truck would be robbed every time it goes out. In fact I imagine there being a queue of gangs lining up to be the first to rob it. Now as long as everyone involved is OK with this kind of scenario, then there isn't a problem. However, how would the Truck Driver role-play being held up at gunpoint every single time s/he goes out? Let's say s/he survives the first three. The fourth time out, that driver is gonna be packing a shotgun/SMG and be completely ready to use it. In fact, I'd say a bit too keen. This kind of scenario has the potential to escalate quickly to the point where it's gonna be a gun siege every time. Again, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. But with crazy gun fights come the complaints. I'm all for Heist RP. And @Rekhoem is definitely on to something with the idea. But I think it should fall under Group Robbery in the rules and be pre-agreed upon and admin supervised. I'd vote yes, with very specific conditions.
  14. Pan Grama

    As a native English speaker I know it's easy for me to say that this is an English server so it should be 100% English. And while I don't necessarily disapprove of something like non-English threads, cos I do understand that sometimes, someone wants to think and just "be" in their native language, I do have a hard time agreeing with creating something that would intentionally lock out players. I know it's not really the same thing, but would you approve a thread that only allowed IPs from the UK or USA?
  15. Pan Grama

    Because everyone is coked off their tits and never eats,