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John Chambers

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    you already know.

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  1. John Chambers

    I believe it was a system put in place to prevent people from owning too many houses at once. There was an issue in the past I believe with people buying too many houses to just flip them all later for a rather large profit with no restrictions set in place.
  2. John Chambers

  3. John Chambers

    Still for sale! Price reduced!
  4. This is a sick thread, I like it especially how it's showing the community how much the staff team cares + I have my birthday on Wednesday now I have something to look forwards to.
  5. John Chambers

    Flash GT for sale! Fully modified (except turbo has a stock one however) Insured and registered Taxes paid! Asking price: 140k Market price: 186k Open to offers! Comment below!
  6. John Chambers

    Added some blank screens, forgot Rage doesn't screenshot chat 😞
  7. John Chambers

  8. John Chambers

    Price further reduced!
  9. John Chambers

    Price reduced!!
  10. John Chambers

    Fully modified Registered and Tax exempt Asking price: 85k Open to offers!
  11. John Chambers

    Pictures of the exterior and interior?
  12. John Chambers

    This update is complete fire! 🔥
  13. John Chambers

    To add onto this, some people are involved in criminal activity/ don't have Facebrowser for RP reasons well this could be a good alternative.