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John Chambers

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    you already know.

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  1. John Chambers

  2. John Chambers

    Still for sale! Price reduced!
  3. This is a sick thread, I like it especially how it's showing the community how much the staff team cares + I have my birthday on Wednesday now I have something to look forwards to.
  4. John Chambers

    Flash GT for sale! Fully modified (except turbo has a stock one however) Insured and registered Taxes paid! Asking price: 140k Market price: 186k Open to offers! Comment below!
  5. John Chambers

    Added some blank screens, forgot Rage doesn't screenshot chat 😞
  6. John Chambers

  7. John Chambers

    Price further reduced!
  8. John Chambers

    Price reduced!!
  9. John Chambers

    Fully modified Registered and Tax exempt Asking price: 85k Open to offers!
  10. John Chambers

    Pictures of the exterior and interior?
  11. John Chambers

    As a side note I did witness the situation, the only thing I'd ask is a full video of the situation from start to finish, in the current clips we only see parts of the scene rather then the entire scene. This can help both parties and the handling admin better understand the situation.
  12. John Chambers

    This update is complete fire! 🔥
  13. John Chambers

    @Franelli This is the unedited as requested, this is after the fact the guns had disappeared from the safe. https://imgur.com/a6M4DhE
  14. UCP / Login Name: John Chambers Character Name: Francesco Falcone Items & Amount Lost 7 pumps shotguns - 700 shotgun shells Exact time and date: 1/27/19 at 8:04 AM EST Reason: I figured I'd move all my guns over to my new safe which I had just purchased, after moving them I logged off then came back on, a few hours later, I opened my safe and noticed the 7 shotguns missing along with the 700 shells all though the 7 pistol bullets and the drugs were still there, not sure if it just glitched out or what. Evidence: https://imgur.com/bK2HefY https://imgur.com/e0GaYMd