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  1. John Chambers

    Just re purchased the registration for the vehicle, I'm just requesting the refund of the cash now please http://prntscr.com/lzxtys
  2. John Chambers

    UCP / Login Name:John Chambers Character Name: Francesco Falcone Items & Amount Lost Registration on my Vapid Ellie Exact time and date: 12/23/2018 2 PM EST Reason: I just logged on, grabbed my vapid Ellie noticed the plate was missing, then did /vstats and found out the vehicle was no longer registered. The vehicle was registered the day prier to this bug happening it was registered with no issues. Evidence: http://prntscr.com/lz4g53 This is after it had happen, you can see in the following screen shots the plate is on the vehicle and it's registered. http://prntscr.com/lz4gi2 http://prntscr.com/lz4go3
  3. John Chambers

    Yes I love snow, I've even RP'ed putting away my muscle car away for the winter since it's starting to get cold and I don't want it to rust plus I've also been RP'ing with others that winter is coming and snow will be amazing! +1
  4. +1 I love the idea, I hate when I'm just driving around or RP'ing and you get a bunch of 911 calls.
  5. John Chambers

    Added backstory to Fracesco's first couple of months in LS, along with some Pictures of his life.
  6. John Chambers

    Over obsessed with pineapples.
  7. Name: Francesco Falcone aka "Fanky" Nationality: Italian Origin: Italy Region: Sicily Eye color: Sky Blue Hobbies and interest: Alcohol - I love Alcohol, it helps me forget reality and the shit that happens in life. Drugs - Never really touched drugs before, I do a little cocaine with some friends. Women - Heh, funny story actually. I'm addicted to them, one night I have a pair of boobs in my face the other I'm laying in bed alone. Classic Cars - After coming to American I took an interest in classic american vehicles. Character story [WIP] Born and raised in Italy. I lived with my mother and my father in a tiny two bedroom homestead in a small city in the region of Sicily, mother never really worked, she stayed around the house and was always drunk at every chance she got, father, well he use to be involved in all sorts of shady business, he'd always walk around with a group of guys, always comin' in the house, doin' whatever they wanted, momma never cared cause she was drunk off her ass and poppa couldn't do much without being punished, Francesco was young when his father tried to keep him away from shady business he could have been involved in but he never succeeded, Francesco learned to live life on the other side of the law, all though it wasn't the best way of life that's the only way he knew, several years passed. the Falcone family struggled to put food on the table with the little income the family had. It wasn't until Francesco turned 16 he was fully introduced into the Crime family running out of his small town, the family his father was involved in and did all his business with, Francesco was like a new tool for them, someone they could send out to do all the dirty work, all though Franky did small time jobs, him and his father saved up enough money together to buy out an old beaten up garage in their town, with some time and effort they were able to open a mechanical garage in the heart of their city, it was called Lake View Auto Repair, the name wasn't anythin' fancy but it was the best we could come up with, me and poppa tried to keep our openin' of the garage on the low to the local but eh, that didn't work out to well when my fathers boss came to the garage with his nice set of wheels, I remember him steppin' out with a bat and smacking father in the face, he demanded a 70% cut of all profits before leavin', it forever left me horrified of goin' near any mobs ever again. when I turned 18 I decided I had enough of that shit, poppa was to far in the family to just step away, they were hopin' to fully initiate me within' the comin' months. After a long talk with my mother and father we decided it was best Francesco left Italy, the reaming money they had earned was given to Francesco and he was sent on a boat across the pacific, he ended up in Cuba for a few months workin' for some gook named Alexandro, the pay was low but he kept to it for the time bein', he didn't know where else to go. As the months passed he saved his money earned from the small time job he worked, it didn't help much but he was able to find someone offerin' to smuggle people over the border from Mexico to the US, only problem was they wanted a heavy pay to get you in, Francesco took the short route, the more shady path, he started buying and selling Cuban cigars, then he moved to Cocaine, every ounce was a profit that could be doubled or tripled, he took everything as a win and never a loss, within a two weeks Franky managed to make around two grand in dirty cash, he quickly made more connections and his cash was being laundered into clean cash he could use, another two weeks pass, and Frank had saved up enough money to leave Cuba, he took every penny he had and got on a boat with a passport and left Cuba, his entire life was bein' left behind at this point, he knew there was no returning to Italy, not anymore. within three days Francesco's boat came in through Florida, when he first stepped off the boat he was shocked, surprised what America had to offer, it was hot and rigid but he was happy to have finally made it. Life in Los Santos When I first landed in Los Santos, it was like a new beginning. I was worried but happy at the same time, happy to finally be in the "big" city it was all new to me, especially what american had to offer, I never seen anythin' like it before, everything a person could ever want was right there if front of your eyes, cars, freedome, girls, money, opportunities, all right there just waiting to be taken. My first couple of days in LS proved to be rough, I drove a four door sedan from the rental shop, barely had enough cash to do anythin', by morning I woke up in the backseat of my rental vehicle, it was uncomfortable and awkward but I dealt with it, I knew if I wanted to survive in LS I needed a job, and I needed one quickly, I went around to all the local mechanic shops stores, bars, clubs, whatever I could think of, I was offered a job over at that shop Auto Exotics, I thought 'bout it but it was a little to highkey for me, to much traffic, to much attention in one spot, to much trouble for me. I continued looking, I went from simple bars to expensive high ends ones looking for a job to earn some cash, I finally landed a job in a garage named Riverside Rods. The owner there he eh, he seemed a little weird, all the guys that always hung around the place, all the expensive vehicles they owned. I was smart though, I kept my mouth shut and worked, business went smoothly in and out, no attention was drawn, everythin' was goin' perfect until one night, Frank got a call from a co-worker "Paulie", asked him to meet up in a parking lot, alone, by myself, I eh, didn't think to much 'bout it I showed up and I seen another two co-workers, Tommy and Louie. They tied me up put me in their truck like some hostage and away we went. I still remember that night quite perfectly, everythin' that happen. Throughout the ride, they seemed very upset, almost like somethin' big had happen, by the time we finally stopped I remember we were at a house and a boat dock with a shed, I remember Tommy punchin' me in the face a few times, Paulie finally told him to cut it, save the rest for the boss, when I heard "the boss" I had a lot goin' through my head, I was worried if it was the people from back home, that they somehow followed me to LS, but no, I was wrong. I remember hearing a vehicle pull up, doors shutting and boots hitting the pebbles on the ground as they walked closer I started to gain some fear, until they entered, the main man himself, Tino. big jacket, old motherfucker I could tell instantly he was Italian and the man standin' next to him, Mike. he wasn't no different, as I looked around the room It was filled with a bunch of Italian motherfuckers. I was sure It'd end there and now, that night, but it didn't, it was about somethin' did the night beforehand, they let their new toy "Louie" break one of his legs, cracked a rib and let him walk home, wasn't the best night, but after they were done and they left Francesco was happy to know they weren't after him from Italy. 'bout a month passed and the garage owner Troy offered Franky a place in his crew, the first step in being involved with the family. He graciously accepted the offer and he was given a swithblade which he holds dearly to him. Francesco knew the life he was stepping into by joining a family again, he wasn't afraid of the same mistake his father made though, things were different in LS. He was given many opportunities to make cash and he took them, if he wasn't runnin' with his crew during the night to highjack a car or two then they were out the next with a target on someones head. business ran smoothly real smoothly, the cash comin' in was so incredible it was amazing, the structure built up the connections the family had, we were a true power in the city, and whoever touched it would disappear.
  8. John Chambers

    Wish you the best of luck and you have my regards! and on a side note, you're never defeated you keep fighting which makes you a strong person for it, anyways have fun! loved your RP.
  9. John Chambers

    UCP / Login Name: John Chambers Character Name: Francesco Falcone Items & Amount Lost Switchblade Knife. Exact time and date: 11/11/2018 1:33 PM Server time. Reason: I logged on when I noticed my knife was no longer in my inventory, it looked to just have disappeared, the night before when I played on Friday I had it and it was fine, now it's suddenly gone. Evidence: http://prntscr.com/lgyzi6
  10. John Chambers

  11. John Chambers

  12. John Chambers

    I bid 275,000$ ((Void already been sold))
  13. John Chambers

    Still for sale?
  14. Interesting Idea, I believe it should be a request though through the forums like how factions are now. this would obviously prevent people from abusing the system and using it for their own greedy needs.