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  1. Chef

    Yeehaw brother.
  2. Chef

    You're good Tommy keep it clean. Don't let it turn into W/S DM squad like those last morons.
  3. Chef

    I'd say 3 out of every 5 roleplayers are roleplaying themselves. But exaggerated, almost super hero like versions of themselves that are afraid of nothing and look like super models.
  4. Chef

    What side of what barn did these retards get smacked against as kids? Jesus.
  5. Chef

    The only ones suited to take the crown.
  6. Chef

    More like Frank Russo sends his worms and maggots ...
  7. Chef

    One of the last real ones.
  8. Chef

    You act as if I've been gone a century and came back to troll you lmfao it's been a month my dude I ain't in a hole. Just because they parted ways with a snakey, whiney little rat like yourself doesn't mean their 'RP fucked off.' I have and always will have immense respect for Peter keeping the flag flying. Instead of helping him you turned to a public discord channel to shit talk the faction and whined about losing your 200k kick up after we "gave up." G fucking G.
  9. Chef

    Haha big rip.
  10. Chef

    When you wish you were a 6 irl but you're actually a 15...
  11. Chef

    END OF THE LINE (5 YEARS LATER) ... I'd like to take this time to thank everyone who has been involved in the development of this character. What started as an impulsive choice born out of boredom turned into a venture I sincerely did not believe would last as long as it has. I've had a lot of fun but it's time to move on. Big ups to @Caporegime, @Iosif, and all of those who were involved directly with bringing success to the Los Santos crime family faction. You are all amazing roleplayers who will undoubtedly continue spreading the highest quality of roleplay around. I'd like to also thank @eyebrows for providing an endless amount of entertaining and sometimes painfully realistic family-oriented roleplay as Roy's partner Olivia Sica. If it wasn't for that balance of family and crime, I would not have had the experience I did roleplaying as Roy. Also special shout out to @Fenrir, @Dashing, and @Caracosa for being my enforcers in the hood. It was fun collaborating with you ICly.
  12. L.S. Noire - Los Santos’ True Gangland Blog “Reputed L.S. Mob Boss Arrested on Multiple Murder Charges” Richard Horszowski, July 15th 2019 Locals and bystanders alike watched in awe today as FIB agents and Los Santos County Sheriffs surrounded a modest home on the historical Vespucci boardwalk. Moments after the home was breached, agents escorted 51 year old Roy Capra from his home in handcuffs. Although looking like nothing more than your average Joe, Roy was the target of a successful joint operation between Kansas City FIB agents and the Sheriff’s department to dismantle the American mafia within Los Santos. Capra was believed to serve as second in command in the Los Santos based crime family which began as a faction of the Kansas City crime family sometime in the wake of 2018. Accusations against the infamous gangster include several first degree murder charges, including some high profile homicides in the last year such as Carmine “The Pinch” Basciano, which took place presumably on the orders of the family kingpin Salvatore “The Cheat” Lena. While executing a search warrant on Roy Capra’s properties, the decomposing corpse of Anthony Scutari along with a second, currently unidentifiable male were found sealed within oil drums in the basement of his Del Perro based restaurant. FIB agents told us they were happy with the results of their investigation, however they suspect it will be unlikely that a born and bred mafioso such as Capra will ever choose to cooperate with their efforts for the possible chance of a plea bargain. Whatever the case, Capra will be housed in county jail until his court appearance later this month, where prosecutors will aim for several consecutive life sentences.