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  1. Chef

    Friends of friends.
  2. Every once in awhile someone takes your painting and draws on it with Crayola. 😂
  3. Making GTA:O characters has become a bit of a hobby of mine born out of boredom. Some have been used, are in use, or might get used in the future. Others are just for fun. People who have seen them liked them so I figured I'd share. Enjoy. Roy Capra Rocco from Alderney Carmelo from Strawberry "Camel" Billy the Bull Young Paisa Peckerwood Ray Liotta Lookalike Old Money WASP Mob Boss Nino Narco
  4. Chef

    Gjëja jonë.
  5. Chef

    Good faction to have around for gang members looking to develop their character a step further. Keep it going guys.
  6. PRODUCT FEATURE Looking to tie the knot with that special someone? Vinewood Pawn & Jewelry carries top-brand jewelry items, including new and pre-owned engagement rings! Inquire online or in person today.
  7. Chef

    Enjoy the little nod at Vespucci 13 in the story. Keep it gangster.
  8. Chef

    It's where you should be if you want to RP in Eurasian organized crime, specifically the Armenian mob. APx3 in Los Santos died 2 years ago along with the Blajos' street crew. Take your salt mine out of here and maintain social distancing during these harsh times.
  9. Chef

    Good stuff guys.
  10. Chef

    Immigrant vibes.