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    The Next Day
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    I agree the average temperatures are about 10-20 degrees lower than the Los Angeles temps have been depending on the day. If they can't be synced I'd like to see an increase in the current temperature.
  8. Camacho

    lmao no one going to tweakerville for no blanco lmao come down to NELA and ask for Camacho.
  9. Camacho

    Yeah you definitely lose your balance no matter how much protective biker gear you have on you. Now the question is the policy of LSPD, are they actually allowed to do that? If they are then the only way to go about it is through IC and sue the LSPD for their unsafe policy. I think the script knocking you off is appropriate because there is no way you’re keeping your balance in that bike unless you’re stopped. Even then you’re probably not riding away.
  10. Camacho

    This happened to me once about two days ago after never experiencing this problem, but opening social club for a minute worked. Thought I should post anyway since it’s happening to others. I live in California if that helps anything
  11. Camacho

    Excited to see this!
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  13. Camacho

    Fixed it after I validated my files from steam, I'm guessing it had to do with the Redux mod I had installed.