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  1. Camacho

  2. Camacho

    Fixed it after I validated my files from steam, I'm guessing it had to do with the Redux mod I had installed.
  3. Camacho

    Went to the clothing store and this is what I got on shirt 237 it's the only shirt that does this.
  4. Camacho

    Yeah it’s really weird a female top produces green lines on female characters. I’m pretty sure it shows up as yellow lines at the clothing store but I’ll try when I get home
  5. Camacho

    Anyone know how to fix this? It's a black tank top.
  6. Just a small thing not sure if it can be added but here in California the fire departments control the big firework shows. Maybe give FD access to fireworks and the firework launcher so they can create firework shows through out the map. Again I don't even know if we can add these things just a thought. EDIT: Thinking about it more (If these can be added) give all players access (Or put them in a donator package) to fireworks excluding the firework launcher. You could make laws to which ones are legal and ones you can get fined for. This could be one of the many things a fire Marshall can fine people for. I'm referring to the post where they'd like to see fire marshals have some type of authority over average citizens.
  7. Camacho

    Left before that happened lmao.
  8. Camacho

    This is a good suggestion. More opportunities and less chances of PG
  9. Camacho

    SARP on SAMP in late 2008 moved to LSRP in 2010 took a break in 2017 now I'm here.