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  1. plekke

    give them hell
  2. plekke

    This story has come to an end. We have collectively decided to shut down the faction and the majority of us will also quit the server as a consequense of this. The decision has not been easy to make nor has it been fun at all, but it had to be done. After roleplaying together as a group for two years and offcially as a faction for a year and a half we felt that we couldn't keep on burning ourselves out while trying to get the admin team's recognition for our work. There are multiple reasons as to why we have decided to fold the faction but I won't lay them all out here as I will probably get banned and this is not the place for it. Feel free to PM me if any of you would like to know the details. Thousands of hours of roleplay have now gone to waste, twenty players are now left without a faction and something that has meant a lot to me the last two years is coming to an end. We started off with four members, all new to the server and we ended up with a good twenty guys which I would all consider amazing people, roleplayers and good friends of mine. I'm glad that most of them will follow me on my next journey and I have enjoyed every bit of roleplay with this group but we simply can't keep banging ourselves bloody against the brick wall as we have been doing for the past six months. Before I end this message, I'd like to give a few group of people a special mention and a huge shoutout for always having my back, always been a good friend and for always believing in me. @Hal @DonnieMacc @Bill_Butcher @Fuggle @Browneboys @Lematic @Lmao @Perstephone I have missed to mention a lot of people, but know that if you have been in my faction or around it, you mean a lot to me and I appreciate you. With that being said, Plekke and the Bastards are signing off.
  3. plekke

    Good looking everyone. Congratulations to the new prospects, well deserved.
  4. plekke

    Guide for dart games I've noticed that most bars or pubs on the server have dart boards on the walls but they are rarely being utilized since there's no decent script or such for it so I figured I'd create this myself. It probably has some flaws but it is usable. The system I'm using is the dice system. Basically, the dart board is split up in 1-20, then you can double and triple each number. The other scores you can hit is the bulls eye which is 50 and the circle around bulls eye which is 25. Step 1.) So for this to work, you start by rolling 0-22 (/roll 0 22) * 0 for miss * 1-20 for the regular numbers * 21 for the outer bulls eye * 22 for the inner bulls eye Once this is done you can move on to step 2, which decides if the shot was multiplied or not (if it hit the double/triple boxes or not) Step 2.) Now you have to roll 1-3 (/roll 1 3) * 1 for no multiplier * 2 for double multipler * 3 for triple muliplier For an example I start with /roll 0 22 and I roll 15. I then proceed to /roll 1 3 and I roll 2 This means my score for that dart is 15 x 2 and ends up at 30. If you notice any flaws or such, post in the comments and I'll tweak the system.
  5. plekke

    Best faction on the server. Shoutout to @Lematic and the boys.