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  1. Raindance

  2. Raindance

    isnt that vanilla lol i really dont see the difference
  3. (( I love this guys, job well done!! ))
  4. Raindance

  5. Raindance

    Going to rework the OP soon as there's been a change of plans for all 247s
  6. Raindance

    Yes this
  7. Raindance

    I don't see why it's a problem controllers are at a massive disadvantage over mouse/keyboard I think the aim assist just makes up for that. It's not a full on lock anyway
  8. Looking for a (budget) lawyer with experience in Traffic Law to assist me with appealing a fine. Mostly for legal advice. Call me on 5527909 or email me at [email protected] - Tobias
  9. Raindance

    When you run a business on this server it is low key essential for the ad cool down
  10. Raindance

    idk there's stamp cards in some stores irl and such providing discounts for regular customers, and in many game related stores involving microtransactions you often see discounts to encourage sales. Sure a 10% discount would be just a few coins but every penny makes a difference when you're not very wealthy 🙂 And I can get behind what Nervous said, I know its a lot of work to realize such thing.
  11. Hi, I thought it would be sweet to see small discounts in the store for people who've played on the server for a while. I've been playing on the same character for over 1500 hours now and I think a small discount of maybe 10% on plat/gold/bronze donatorship would be really nice to see just to encourage people to stick around. I've brought this up with Nervous on Discord a few months back but he didn't agree, which I fully understand but still I'd like to hear the opinions of people playing here. If not this, maybe adding limited time deals available to everyone once in a while would be a cool thing to have.
  12. Raindance

  13. Raindance

    To this day I still haven't got a clue what this was all about, but it was some fun RP 😄
  14. Raindance