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  1. Rooms for rent at #100 Senora Freeway! Only 95$ per cycle. This is a shared residence. You'll have a room of your own but the restrooms, living room & kitchen are shared with other residents.- No smoking inside- Pets are allowed- Property secured by Gruppe 6 alarm response services - Convenience store next door - WiFi available at no extra cost A one time damage deposit of 50$ required. Will be paid back upon returning the rental room, if the place is left clean & in good condition. Contact 656 1747 for more information!
  2. Raindance

    What am I supposed to rp the /ads as? News paper advertisements? I mean there exist plenty of phone apps/websites where people can advertise for free which are usually loaded with simple "Looking for work" ads. Think of LinkedIn for example. Following the arguments the op has provided I don't see how it's wrong to use /ad for any kind of (legal) advertisement with a job request at all, considering they are symbolic for the different means of advertisement realistically available?
  3. Raindance

  4. Raindance

    No, I've had this issue as well several times in the past. It's some kind of script bug I think. Unsure of what triggers it though. Restarting my game fixed it for me.
  5. Raindance

  6. Raindance

    loving the erp ready bathroom
  7. Raindance

    Do I need an emulator for this to run on W10 or something? It won't start for me. Also 10:51 in the vid lmao
  8. Raindance

    Looks awesome! How'd you get the custom decals?
  9. Raindance

    bring the lamp closer to the plants those stems are way too stretched use of a fan also helps reinforce the stem
  10. Raindance

    The interior of the LSGC clubhouse is one of a kind. Well done!
  11. Raindance

    Damn that brings back memories. Are you Kedler????
  12. Raindance