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  1. Raindance

    I was told by an admin the other day all business including stores are owned by actual players. Don't see a point of having 'NPC' stores when there's plenty of people who don't mind running one? Oh well
  2. Raindance

    Isn't that up to the owner lol
  3. Raindance

    Hey, Does anyone here happen to play Identity V on Android/iOS? It's basically a mobile version of dead by daylight. Big cash grab but which mobile game isn't, right?
  4. Raindance

    Sold, sorry
  5. Raindance

    Lowered to 70,000$!!!
  6. Raindance

    Name: mtq Comment:
  7. Raindance

  8. Raindance

    Lowered to 100,000$
  9. Raindance

    Username: mtq Comment: @cshaw The bigger house tunes you hear today were born from sampling classic rock music, so saying it's a 'breach of a DJ's first commandment' is an complete joke and clearly shows how inexperienced this DJ actually is. If this person really is who they claim to be, they would verify their identity by giving a statement through official means, not in the comment section of a news outlet LOL
  10. Raindance

    I've seen and played too many cash grab indie games to know that seeing is believing. Best stay away from the alphas and betas and wait for a full release before considering spending such an amount of money
  11. Raindance

    Username: mtq Comment: Enjoyed my time at the club and the overall vibe was great but it gave me mixed feelings too. The bars and the whole club itself closed way too early. Knowing this I won't be paying for VIP access next time. What also disappointed me is that there was no security to be seen on the parking lot during closing time. I seen dozens of wasted people getting in their cars to drive home without a care in the world. Even found a drunk guy in the passenger seat of my car. tried to go back inside to call security but the club was promptly locked the moment I left the building. Also, the toilet stalls in the mens restroom were all locked, so I was relieved to find the restroom was clear of vomit & feces. And whats that nonsense about planes? I didn't hear a single plane over the loud music.. @Riri "Playing remixes versions of classic rock songs is the breaching of DJ’s first commandment." I find this statement to be in very poor taste. You're wrong about that on so many levels. And the fact that you feel the need to get all defensive over one or two comments in the comment section of a news page is disappointing and laughable to say the least. I thought a big name like you would have bigger fish to fry. If this is really you in the first place.
  12. Raindance

    Price lowered to $120,000
  13. Raindance

  14. Raindance

    I can pay 8 euros to instantly verify my own account but need admin approval to have a business page verified? I doubt that's the case since the verification button doesn't provide any feedback when clicked, either. I think it's just broken.