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  1. Raindance

    It says request. Whenever I click it I get no confirmation or anything. Pressed the button about a week ago for the first time so if the request had gone through you'd say it would have been handled by now
  2. Raindance

    Yea but that button doesn't do anything when I click it
  3. Raindance

  4. Raindance

    How to get my page verified on Facebrowser? There's a verification button in the page settings but it doesn't seem to work when I click it
  5. Raindance

  6. Raindance

    Can we please have some sort of advertisement queue? During peak hours it's nearly impossible to squeeze out an advertisement, whether you're a donator or not. I feel like a queue is sort of essential, especially if you're expecting a higher playerbase in the near future.
  7. Raindance

    Have you recently installed any new programs or changed up any graphical settings on your machine? Do you have the latest graphic drivers? do you have the game installed on a HDD or SSD? What are your specs? Do you have a single player save file? Have you tried a clean install of ragemp also? Must add that this sometimes happens to me too, but not all the time. 9/10 the game starts up normally.
  8. Raindance

    Should be more than sufficient for GTA V
  9. Raindance

  10. Raindance

    Supporting.. I was looking for the option to hide it as well. I would like to have my page verified though but the verification button for that one doesn't seem to work
  11. San Chianski Stop-and-Go 24/7 located along the Senora Freeway in Blaine County is looking for allround store employees. Please click here for more information.
  12. Raindance

    Tried it last year and it was horrible. Quit after 5 min of playing. Too many bugs, everything felt extremely choppy and the animations were poor. Arguably worse than dayz early access. it was unbearable. Ofcourse had to take it with a pinch of salt cause early access, but still... Has the game gotten any better by now?
  13. Raindance

    Hey, Just noticed that Facebrowser asks real money for premium subscriptions/advertisements. Isn't that a little over the top considering it's an IC platform? Shouldn't that be in-game currency instead?