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  1. Shmoe

    Solid stuff I see here, been watching since the start. Keep it up 💯
  2. Shmoe

    My son, have to follow it.
  3. And that's the sad truth. No matter what median you find, the players themselves will find ways to abuse it. But overall, revoking a 2nd amendment right that is current in the USA from certain players, and other players having the right. Seems unfair from my point of view.
  4. I took a quick skim on the topic. And overall, my complete opinion on this is that labeling whether someone is eligible for a PF license based on OOC reasons seems incredibly unrealistic. Just because someone is in a gang, or is gang affiliated OOCly should not determine whether someone should be able to go through the legalities to acquire a firearm. There are plenty of "gang" members that get guns legally in real life. It happens everywhere around America. The only thing to hold someone back from getting a PF license is their CRIMINAL RECORD the record itself could stop someone from having any reach to a firearm. Nor being close to it. So it should be effective in the game too. If there is someone suspected, or is in the gang oocly. They shouldn't be revoked of the right to bear arms. We should be using our amazingly trained detectives and police to pin something to said gang-member so they don't have the ability to get a license for a firearm. Use the resources that the game gives you. Don't take away a right from a gang member because they wanna roleplay someone different, someone that doesn't just drive around in a super-car all day and be a "perfect-person". It's called roleplay for a reason, and rights should be instated. The second amendment is one of the most talked about rights in America. And for someone who lives there. I know for sure it still works real well. So follow accordingly.
  5. Shmoe

    I already know what's happening here, I'm sorta a detective myself. I will be watching 👀
  6. Shmoe

    There's sum good shit righ here BLUUUUUUUH 👀