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  1. My boys going BRAZY
  2. Contact me through email ((Forum PM)) to finalise the deal.
  3. Selling a top of the range apartment, located in the Meteor Complex. Perfect living space for one-two people. Comes with state of the art interior decorating, access to the balcony and a wonderful poolside. Located around the corner to a 24/7, making life a little easier. Zero work required on the premises. Market Price: $75,000 ((Furniture Price: $50.000 )) Starting Bid: $135,000 Buyout Price: $250,000
  4. This is a good modelling RP faction. The two other scenes I am still waiting to see on the server, would be good to see.
  5. hipsxn

    K-Town 깡패

    Keep it up!
  6. NICELY, keep it up
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