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  1. woohoo nazi gangs are the best rp good job
  2. make a crime news organization but in the literal sense it will be a great faction thread
  3. i think they should add scripted bandos where u go in and do t/trap and the longer u spend in the bando without getting robbed the more money u make from the bando but u hav to emote cooking the crack or u will get reported and lose the bando money u made i think this is a good idea for gang role play
  4. just go to bars and emote drinking and do criminal stuff and race cars lol
  5. i sell rocks to the community
  6. There’s no reason this shouldn’t be implemented. The game’s setting has palm trees and beaches. The climate is clearly meant to Mirror Los Angeles. Even if it’s been said that the weather on the server isn’t currently meant to be in sync with LA, I think it should be made so. Big big big +1.
  7. This is ridiculous. Let's take everything said in the OP and take it to its absolute extreme. No one has an issue if someone wants to run a car dealership. In fact, that's preferable to what this post is originally complaining about. There should be more car dealerships. Also, like real life, people should take advantage of FB marketplace and the for sale section on the forums for flipping purposes if they must do it. Beats seeing the /ad in game every twenty minutes, I'll say that much. And I think that it's fairly obvious that a lot of the RP that comes from the people "flipping for profit" is minimal and uninteresting.
  8. Username: Matsuno Comment: Quality is something that Ashley Hendricks has shown no concern for. It's a cash-grab. Plain and simple. Pay an inflated entry fee for nothing special whatsoever, then enjoy an understaffed bar, bad music, and genuinely incompetent management. The arrogance and blatant disregard Hendricks shows to her patrons by overcharging so egregiously is sickening in and of itself. AURA is the equivalent of dangling keys in front of a baby to occupy their attention for a few moments, but even the baby will be distracted by something better quite quickly in this situation. AURA is fizzling out, and the city is better off for it.
  9. Cool interacting with you guys earlier today outside Tahitian. Good looks, take it far!
  10. This is not a way to sort this problem. GOV doesn't need to be handling "special permits" for nightclubs. Garden and Velvet would still be visited if their ownership had chosen to keep them running. I've ran multiple nightclubs, bars, lounges, and other businesses successfully as long as I've been on this server. The playerbase is large enough to accommodate more than one business being open at a time. Marketing, building rapport, and providing a superior product by investing effort into what you are doing is the means by which success can be achieved. Artificial, unrealistic, and forced "solutions" will do nothing to combat this non-problem. If people stopped opening nightclubs every other week, then the market would be less saturated. It's that simple. There are clubs that have opened pretty consistently since their inception. Far as bringing bars or lounges into this discussion? No. It's nightlife as well, but it's a different business model. By running a lounge I am providing a more social, less hyperactive experience for those who wish to RP at my venue. The pure and simple fact of the matter is this: Of course one club per night opens. Hell, let it be two. See who pulls the better crowd. A superior product - over time - will win out. It takes creativity and commitment to a concept. That's all.
  11. borhoi

    Criminal Role Play

    We don't disagree on anything you said here. My gripe is with the scripts currently in place and I've pointed out that other things should be more heavily researched and added in the future. I'm not advocating for an end to criminal RP. If there's an issue with non-criminal role players failing to see things from the perspective of criminal role players I'd contest that the inverse is absolutely positively true as well. It's nigh but impossible to run a business without almost constant harassment and threats from criminal groups. As stated in my original post: I work in the security industry. Your run of the mill bar or club does not face Goodfellas style extortion attempts in 2019. Nor do they risk being murdered for throwing out Nazis or troublemakers. I worked a high end French restaurant in Vinewood of all places and was killed for throwing out a group of young hispanic gang members. This has happened at a variety of spots. Being assaulted and even PK'd over silly things that shouldn't have happened in the first place. This is the criminal RP the majority of civilians see. If you're portraying your faction correctly and not doing these types of things because you're bored, more power to you. This post is obviously not directed at you. I'm pointing out the things we have in place that are already unrealistic. I'm pointing out the fact that there is a disproportionate amount of criminals compared to civilians. That leads, by its very nature, to near constant annoyance and harassment from criminals that simply would not happen in real life. There's a line to be drawn between criminals having their fun and civilians being able to run their businesses and enjoy their RP in a realistic way. There's nothing misleading about my original post whatsoever. If you haven't encountered the things I've pointed out then I don't know what to tell you because it's wildly common. I agree with most of your points. Nothing you said goes against anything I pointed out in the original post. As I said, if you're role playing your character and your faction realistically, that's fantastic. A large portion of illegal role players are most certainly not.
  12. I'm going to start this off by quoting my response to a suggestion thread asking for more avenues by which criminal role players can scriptly make money. The post pretty much encapsulates what I want to have a discussion about here. I know my viewpoint won't be popular because the - in my experience - near majority of players in this community engage in criminal role play. But here are the key talking points: - There is a disproportionate and unrealistic percentage of criminal role players compared to civilians. Civilians not counting cops as well. I'm talking about actual law abiding citizens participating in strictly legal role play. Regular people. - The scripted things criminals can do already are unrealistic and wildly simpler than the real life planning and execution that would go into such acts. This is especially true considering we're using lock picks to break into cars in 2019 and hotwiring cars in 2019. The fact that the script allows this at all is already extremely generous to illegal role players as cars - modern cars - are not able to be stolen like cars of old. - The idea that illegal role players need these already flagrantly unrealistic scripts that are already heavily stacked in their favor enhanced more in their favor for some reason is absurd. - There should be a focus on researching modern crime and implementing (where needed) script mechanisms to role play these things instead of idly staying with the current lockpick car - > hotwire car - > chop car ritual. Modern crimes that could be implemented script wise are above all: a more robust and rehauled drug system. The drug trade is rampant in 2019. We should be focusing on making the script enhance drug RP. People need to be willing to RP addicts, not just pushers. Credit card skimming and identity theft could also be implemented. Digital crime is huge. I don't have the answers there. But I'm sure our devs and staff could make something great. Thoughts, opinion, hatemail, all appreciated. We need to talk about crim RP as a community.
  13. Started the Libertarian Party the other day and I’m excited that I’ve already received some IC interest for people to get involved. Even if elections and so on don’t come soon, there’s no reason we can’t have functioning parties being represented for when/if that time comes. Seeing how it seems the players involved are taking the time to put out realistic party platforms with positions on issues that are politically relevant to what’s actually happening in-game, I’m excited to see where this goes. Shameless plug: if anyone wants to help with the formation and administration of the libertarian party slide in my DMs bby.
  14. Can confirm. Just set it up yesterday myself edit: libertarian party that is
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