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  1. Japanese Whisky of the Month From here forward, we at Harmony Lounge will be presenting our Japanese Whisky of the Month. In these profiles, we will explore the taste, the production, and the history of a new bottle monthly. For our innagural entry, we thought what better to start with than Japan's oldest commercial whisky, Yamazaki? Today we'll be taking a look at Yamazaki's 18 year old Single Malt. History Yamazaki's distillery is located in Shimamoto, a city in the Osaka Prefecture. This places it in Kansai region of Honshu - Japan's biggest island. In 1923 the distillery was opened, making it the first commercial distillery in Japan. Throughout its history, Yamazaki has produced quality whisky on par with other traditional whisky producing regions around the world. This week's bottle in particular, the Yamazaki 18, won six consecutive double gold medals at the San Francisco Spirits Competition. The whisky has become so beloved around the world, that while you could have found a bottle for $130 in the US a few years back, today it is nearly impossible to find a bottle for less than $500! Production Like any single malt, the Yamazaki 18 is produced at one distillery. The 18 year old whisky is aged in separate barrels. 80% comes from Spanish ex-sherry oak, 10% from both new and ex-bourbon American oak, and 10% from Mizunara oak.The rare Mizunara oak adds a distinct and unique incense-like aroma to the whisky. Taste The Yamazaki 18 is renowned for its rich and bittersweet taste. The nose profile consists of flavors reminiscent of truffles, thick bitter marmalade and resin as well as potpourri and heavy Oloroso sherry. On the palate, the Yamazaki 18 presents flavors of heather roots, cigar leaves, honey, toffee apples, plum wine and black pepper. It leaves a fruity aftertaste quite like marmalade. Conclusion With a history as rich and renowned as its taste, it is easy to see why many single malt enthusiasts consider the Yamazaki 18 to be perfect. With its accolades and high demand, Japanese and other whisky lovers around the world have truly fallen in love with this fine bottle. Come try a glass of the Yamazaki 18 at Harmony Lounge today!
  2. A New Chapter Ryan D Price When one chapter ends, another begins. I've always been a big believer in continuous improvement. Regardless of how old you are, or how much experience you have in your industry, there's always more to learn and experience. Being unable or unwilling to admit to mistakes and use them to grow is the mark of actual failure. This being said, mistakes were made in the final weeks of Saints News' existence as an outlet. Some by others, some by myself. No one person is to blame when something falls apart, and what comes next is much more important anyway. I've spent the past fifteen years of my life in this industry, but that doesn't make me any more fit by default than anyone else to do my job. It's an odd thing to say, but it's true. Journalism, at its core, is about bringing attention to things the public needs to know about or should know about. It's about engaging your audience with information they wouldn't get elsewhere. A lot of the time, a journalist is simply a mouthpiece for more interesting people. So what better way to engage readers than bringing them content directly from the mouths of those more interesting people? That's one thing I intend to do with ForumLS. Through pieces written directly by those in Los Santos with things to say, and interviews with experts on a variety of subjects, ForumLS aims to be an outlet free from journalistic bias and agenda-pushing. Real stories from real people. Our focus will be on quality - not quantity. We will cover important events affecting the city while simultaneously working with the people to bring thought-provoking subjects to the limelight. All of this being said, ForumLS is looking for those interesting people I talked about earlier. Whether you're a writer with years of experience, a normal citizen with a story that should be heard, or an expert in your field with insight to share, we want to hear from you. ForumLS is privately bankrolled and not-for-profit. Our entire focus is on bringing quality, engaging content to Los Santos that will spur discourse and promote understanding. To get what you have to say heard, or inquire about employment, contact me at [email protected] (( forum PM )), on FaceBrowser, or at 205 7937. In the meantime, stay tuned for more. Ryan D Price ForumLS
  3. borhoi

    Congrats to everyone! Especially my homies Spawn and Bjork. Both of you work hard and deserve it. 🙂
  4. Yup. Same. Long long ago.
  5. I wasn't making a point based on how many drugs I've done. Also, yeah that definitely came off as an epeen thing. You had no reason to insert that considering you know nothing about me as a human being and I know nothing about you. A) You have no way of knowing if you've done more drugs than me. B) It's irrelevant to the point I am making. It's not lending you credibility for your argument of adding scripts to make it "fun" for a heavy role play server. I was making a point based on having knowledge of use and addiction which, according to your post above, you should also know all about. I was making a point on how it can work into a character's story. You shouldn't be looking for OOC gratification to want to RP something. This is an endemic problem with role play in this community. "Your car doesn't seem realistic for the character you're trying to portray" "Haha yeah but it's really fun to drive bro." It's the exact same concept. Make a character. Give them a rich and fleshed out backstory. Play the role. If they're a boring corporate suit like one of my characters, drive an appropriate car. If they're poor, work an appropriate job and role play the money your character would actually have - not what's scriptly sitting in their bank account. If your character would use drugs, use drugs. You shouldn't need incentive to procure and use them. You can role-play their effects just fine if you've done all the drugs like you say. If you don't get it, you're not going to so I'm finished bickering here.
  6. If you need script benefits to want to add something to your character then I frankly think you're doing the whole heavy RP thing wrong. Drug use and addiction is something that can add a lot to a story. Visual effects aren't realistic. They don't add anything. The room didn't turn purple when I was on heroin in real life and as far as your argument that drugs need to make you "feel good", I find that particular feature more annoying than anything. People shouldn't need to be incentivized with literal RPG style buffs or other script enhancements to make drug use "fun". We're portraying characters and telling stories here. I have nothing against allowing drugs to be split, sure. But to say it's "boring as hell" just tells me there's a lack of research, creativity, or interest here. Role play a character. If they use drugs, then use drugs. If that's boring as hell without flashy scripted additions then you might just not be interested to begin with.
  7. borhoi

    It's okay to have differing opinions. Also, none of what I said has anything to do with it being the character or the player. I like to think people here are creative enough to sort a new character now and then. And sure, /pm ID Hey I'm x years older now. That doesn't complicate anything at all? You're suddenly 3 years older but no one else has aged? No time has actually passed? Your character - who's development you're harping on - hasn't actually gone through anything comparable to the years it'd take to make whatever rank he or she has obtained. It's messy and in my opinion silly. 1 minute = 1 minute. That's my opinion and that's what I hold my own role play to. I don't think there's going to be a consensus come to here between you and I. However, I don't think either of us is objectively "right" or "wrong". Different people have different standards and opinions on this subject.
  8. borhoi

    I think it's better because 1 minute = 1 minute. You're not going to make PO 1 to Seargent over the course of a few months in real life. In adhering to my personal 1 minute = 1 minute philosophy, I think it's best to namechange instead of arbitrarily "age-up" your character. It creates an inconsistent mess for people who RP with the said character on a daily basis. That's why I brought up 1 minute = 1 minute. In adhering to it, "aging up" doesn't make sense.
  9. +1 for cult RP. Also, I'd like to see a group - not necessarily indigenous - set up an off-the-grid style community in the wilderness. It could be a cool story and provide unique RP for GOV, PD, those involved in the faction itself, and those who interact with them. A lot of people wave this idea off by citing how short-lived it'd be but I'm personally okay with that. I think the starting point as a group of off-the-grid survivalists etc escalating into a standoff with the Government would be cool. Yeah, we know who'd win out. But it'd be very interesting to watch.
  10. borhoi

    I explained that in my post. In my opinion, 1 minute should = 1 minute. I also, before saying anything else, said it's a grey area. Not everyone agrees and I'm not evangelizing my viewpoint. If a rule is ever made regarding this I have full faith that it'll be carefully implemented by staff. Since there is no rule currently, those who view this subject differently than me are free to do as they like and I'm not necessarily knocking them. This is just my opinion and what I would implement if I was some kind of server dictator. Luckily, we don't have a server dictator and rules like this are mulled over and thought out before being put into effect.
  11. borhoi

    I vpark when I log. Realistically speaking there is no way for me to respond to it being broken into or stolen due to the fact the GTAW is not my real life and I will not be there to react. While I am logged in going about my character's day, I do not vpark. I think this is a pretty good way to go about it. Just like when I log my character cannot be robbed or killed or interacted with in any IC manner in person, my car (and in my opinion my properties) should be treated the same way. I'm not there to react, little to no RP comes of it.
  12. I'm a recovering drug addict and alcoholic IRL and have worked that experience into a lot of my characters on GTAW. It's part of the character's story. In my honest opinion, drugs shouldn't have any script effects at all. In a heavy RP environment, the onus should be on the role player to realistically depict the effects of drug use, addiction, and the havoc it wreaks on both their character's life and those around them. Like anything else someone intends to role play, if a player does not have first-hand knowledge of the subject matter then they should put in the research needed to depict it realistically before hitting "Create New Character". Script effects should not be a factor in drug RP at all. If you want to work drug use or addiction into your character's story then you can do that with a bit of research and a dedication to role play you have committed to.
  13. borhoi

    Like many have said, it's a grey area. Purists like myself would say 1 minute = 1 minute, regardless of circumstances. In this case, I'd say that characters being promoted to high ranks in PD should namechange rather than "age up". I did this when I became a detective in PD while I was part of the faction. For jail times, I've always said they should be realistic and that if your character commits a crime and is caught doing so that would carry a heavy prison sentence in real life then that's your fault and you should be /jailed for that amount of time. Since DOC hasn't fully formed yet and there isn't a prison system this would effectively be a CK. I CK'd my character Kido Hisaki when he was convicted of murder. It doesn't make sense for a character to be convicted of a heinous crime then have them back out on the streets a few days later. Luckily, the server is moving in the right direction now that the District Attorney is a thing and sentences are spanning months of IRL time. Criminals - during my time in PD - lacked fear of police because on a meta-level they knew that even a murder conviction would only result in three days in jail. This makes no sense for anyone involved in the RP and in crimes where the victim isn't killed it's extremely unfair to the victim as there is no rule preventing someone from getting out of jail and immediately seeking revenge - sometimes just mere hours later. For all these reasons, among others, I've always said 1 minute should = 1 minute.
  14. borhoi

    Should have been added before the site went live. Big +1.
  15. (( This would appear on the front page of Saints News' website when accessed )) Saints News Advertising Partnerships Ryan D. Price, Director of Corporate Affairs, Saints News In the interest of using our platform to benefit not just Saints News, but the business community of San Andreas at large, we are officially offering Advertising Partnerships with local businesses effective today. What is It? Saints News offers advertising partnerships to businesses interested in gaining the most exposure for their businesses on a large platform. With a Saints Advertising Partnership, you are in control of which pieces your ads run with, how often you'd like us to use your ads, and for how long you'd like to keep the partnership. An advertising partnership also offers your business exposure on our FaceBrowser page. Upon entering a partnership, your business will receive a 'shout out' status on our page thanking you for supporting Saints News. This post will also contain an advertisement for your company. With a Saints News Advertising Partnership, you are supporting the leading news outlet in San Andreas and helping to ensure that it will continue to produce and grow. What is It Not? A Saints News ad partnership is not a ticket to biased coverage by the outlet. Objectivity and honesty are core values at Saints News and though we appreciate our partners for their support, a partnership is for brand exposure purposes only. Through your Advertising Partnership, you will work exclusively with our corporate division to meet your marketing needs. There will be no involvement from our journalism branch so as to prevent bias and conflicts of interest. What's the cost? A Saints News Advertising Partnership is meant to be affordable to promote mutual benefit between our partners and Saints News. This is why we offer three packages so your business can choose the one to fit your needs. Tier One - $5,000 per week - 'Shoutout' post on the Saints News FaceBrowser page upon entering partnership, one advertisement ran per week in a Saints News article. Tier Two - $8,000 per week - 'Shoutout' post on the Saints News FaceBrowser page upon entering partnership, two advertisements ran per week in Saints News articles. Tier Three - $15,000 per week - 'Shoutout' post on the Saints News FaceBrowser page upon entering partnership, three advertisements ran per week in Saints News articles. 'Brought to you by...' shoutouts when our articles are posted to our FaceBrowser. If you think your business or brand could benefit from exposure on a large platform, please get in touch with Ryan D Price today at 205 7937 or via email at [email protected] ((forum pm to borhoi)).