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  2. MikeyMike

    Nice guide. Being from those parts I can concur that this guide is accurate for the most part. A few things I'd like to see in this guide is if you'd touch on how a person from the old country would behave in a new culture, and new surroundings, such as California, where people don't share the same strong conservative views and beliefs and how these views might be conflicted.
  3. As the only media outlet currently in the city, it'll be your job to shape the opinions of the general public. Whether you choose to report unbiased news or have an agenda is entirely up to you. What I'd like to see is bridging the gap between law enforcement and civilians. Many times I'm driving downtown and see cruisers and paramedics tending to the wounded in a car crash. Or police cruisers chasing a vehicle with the helicopter up in the air. That's not something you'd see in everyday life. I want to know what's going on in the city. What plans does the mayor or chief of police have for public safety? Who is on the most wanted list? Also, get the government involved. I didn't even know we had a mayor until recently. Make more news on him. Get his quotes, his comments and his ideas and plans for the city. You have an amazing chance to make this work, if you undertake a realistic role of what one media company should look like and report on. Best of luck.
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    Offering $150,000.
  6. MikeyMike

    Vehicle sold.
  7. MikeyMike

    I'm selling my matte white Annis Elegy Retro. The car has been tuned with multiple modifications over the years and heaps of performance features: - Tuned engine with a turbo exhaust system - 19" black alloy wheels with top of the line carbon-ceramic brakes - Deleted rear seats - Custom built roll cage - Alcantara sports performance seats - Black tinted windows - Manual performance transmission ...and many more performance changes to the body! The car has been registered and insured. It has 55,000 miles on it and it's served me well over the years, no major issues on the car and I've managed to knock a few race track wins under the hood. The reason I'm getting rid of it is because I grew out of my passion for tuner cars and it's time I found a steadier vehicle. Price is $235,000. Feel free to contact me on 7548271 or send me an e-mail on [email protected] ((Forum PM))
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    464? tf
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    joining his religion
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    No longer looking.