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  1. alexic123

    I offer you $110,000.
  2. alexic123

    Since no one offers, I offer you $90.000
  3. alexic123

  4. alexic123

    Do you guys know what dont go lower than $250.000 means?.. Come on now.
  5. alexic123

    ((I dont know.. I enter a few days ago with a friend and went to some dealerships and saw that. We were like: Are you sure is the same car? We even came with the car at the dealership and compared them side by side))
  6. alexic123

    ((Yeah it was, I havent played in a while.. so I just so that soo.))
  7. alexic123

    I am selling my Obey 8F Drafter because I want anything else(Elegy preferably). Registred, it has a custom plate and low millage. It's fully upgraded and heavily modified. Photos: https://imgur.com/a/M5yje1q Price: - Brandnew: $348.000 (Registred) - Asked price (Negotiable): -$300.000 (Uninsured) -$320.000 (Insured) Contact: - If you are interested, you can call or sms me on my phone number (88454164) or you can reply to this topic or email me ((Forum PM)). - Dont go lower than $250.000.