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  1. varrio bangin

  2. varrio bangin

    Stick to a problem and solution, refrain from bashing each other or going back and fourth. That's primarily the reason why threads like these get closed. Agree to disagree and end it at that, there's no use to just filling the thread up with who's right and who's wrong.
  3. varrio bangin

    Properly developing a character before anything. Seen too many people create characters, and by the next week they're already toting assault rifles and pump shotguns like it's nothing. In my opinion every character should start off fresh. If I'm planning on portraying myself as a skinhead, I'm not going to make a character that splurges the N-word here and there with a bunch of political views out of nowhere. It has to come from somewhere. Same goes for Surenos who have a strong hatred for blacks or asians, or gang bangers suffering from PTSD and drug addiction. Every character shouldn't be as easily replaceable as they are now. Unorganized or organized, people have to put more research into what they're trying to portray as a faction. I'm not talking highest of the high, I'm just speaking of a decent amount that gives you the picture that you must sketch inGame. If people adapted more to the modern times than they are now, it'd cut a lot of issues that I've seen play out time and time again. A ton of people have an exaggerated idea on what "gangsters" do and how they conduct themselves, and it's only influencing others to follow in their path. Everybody within a faction in general should have their own unique story, and shouldn't be as replaceable as the next person in said faction. Every single person involved should bring their own unique personality and talent to the table, and should be in no way similar to the next person. That means that not everybody within a street gang has to be a drug dealer or a ruthless killer like so many people chase after on this server. It's like people think that gangs IRL are just full of drug addicted, PTSD having, mass murdering, emotionless killers when it's everything but that. When a faction's conducting itself as a street gang, they should move about as such. It's set in stone that you're a street gang, act like it. Violence has to bunker down too. The sync for fighting is completely raggedy at the moment but it doesn't excuse for all the senseless shooting going on at all sides, unorganized or organized. It's not as bad as it was before, at least to me, but it's still there. Melee in itself is just getting stupid, you have people carrying around wrenches in their draws and baseball bats in their backpacks everywhere they go. With all that being said, a lot of civilians have to know their place. I've been in countless situations where civs just walk up to a group of 5 during the dark of night asking for directions or just sparking up a random conversation. You have people driving up in expensive vehicles in the ghetto, then get wide-eyed when they're directly targeted for their possessions. If you're a civilian, act like it. No one in their right mind would drive all the way to the hood in a expensive ass car to cop a quick 5g, especially if they don't know anybody. If you know you have a higher probability of being robbed or shot in said neighborhood, why wouldn't you take precautions to better your chances on not being killed? I've never gotten that. Ever.
  4. varrio bangin

    If people didn't treat the game like it's Sims 4 and actually provide RP instead of spending over an hour editing pictures to post on FaceBrowser for a character that's rarely inGame in general, or if anything just a simplistic character made to flaunt the most basic shit, things would be a lot different. You have people being more dependent of FaceBrowser more than the game itself, which is crazy to even think about. In all honesty, everyone and their mother can use Menyoo but FaceBrowser's made a bigger impact overall to me. Both are screwed to no return, I have little doubt in people changing whatsoever no matter what the conversation is. The community within GTA:W that's just plain out cringe grows by day, and they all share the same facile approach as the next one. The average civilian goes out clubbing 24/7 as an alcoholic, esex each other or their dogs and siblings, throw their OOC frustrations on FB, or obtain a normal 9-5 but somehow still possesses bigger assets due to their parents being "rich." Half of them can't even compose a line of RP. It is what it is.
  5. varrio bangin

    I'm not for the idea that every death should be classified as a CK. That's literal nonsense. Yes, there is a problem with how PKs are acted upon and the confusion it may bring, but that's just plain out stupid. That even happening in general carries more negatives than there is positive. I've never had any problems with PKs/CKs, even with my time on LS-RP. If I killed somebody and met up with them sometime later I lose any kind of familiarity with that person. I treat them as a whole new person no matter the past situation. We start off neutral until further notice, More than not, it's vice versa. In my opinion, that's how things should be. If there's a bigger enough reasoning behind actually killing somebody that's not just petty gang violence, petty personal disputes, etc. then it should be classified as a CK. I'm speaking of snitches within factions, people who flip sides, major faction conflict, power transitions, being gunned down by the police in a huge shootout etc. Imo people are just over-thinking a bunch of aspects that literally don't matter. It's been in effect for years upon years now, and the topic has already been in and out of forums for who knows how long. You have people being murdered over the mere fact of punching someone in the face, initiating brawls, throwing around racial slurs, petty personal disputes, robberies gone wrong, petty gang conflict (which is a big negative in that aspect), etc. I'm not, nor anyone else would rather, make an entire different character over the scenarios as listed and more. If there's thought, prior RP, actual good reasoning to end someone's Character Development in its entirety, alongside just overall decent RP then it should be classified as a CK. Anything else should be a PK. That's my two cents. Pretty sure the people who actually been here for months on top of months wouldn't be happy with the new system being put in, seeing as their characters would be wiped for the simplest of issues that could less likely end in bloodshed, but as it's GTA:W, it's a high probability.
  6. varrio bangin

  7. varrio bangin

  8. varrio bangin

  9. varrio bangin

    Don't have his thread locked over you guys flaming each other. Keep it in PMs.
  10. varrio bangin

    People gotta cut that "oh, only one gang can claim this neighborhood" mentality. There's tens of gangs around the Los Angeles area that's all within the same neighborhood. They've grew up with each other, and nine times out of ten they aren't going to get into it with each other as much people would think. Even the times that they do, it's got little to do with territory and everything to do with personal disputes or just cultural differences. This server needs something different anyways, I don't see why it's being bashed. We need a lot more people taking the task of being a leader instead of doing the following like way so many people are accustom to.
  11. If people focused more on proper Character Development instead of having sex with each other, going out clubbing throughout the entire week, senseless robbing/killing, and selling drugs 24/7 then the Illegal RP scene would be 10x better. Whether it's unorganized or organized, both sides are loose screwed. A lot of people are easily replaceable just off the mere fact of how they present and portray themselves, and it's spread across a vast amount of people on the spectrum. The occasional "Oh, I was born in a single mother household surviving off of minimum wage and welfare. I went to school and got bullied, learned how to fight, now I'm hot-headed and hang around mass murderers that give me drugs to sell to white dudes from Vinewood. Oh, and I broke into a house because I wanted a new video game." If I could have a penny for anytime I've came across that inGame, I'd be a literal billionaire. In addition, there needs to be more originality to factions. I haven't been excited for anything in quite a while. It's been a couple months, and I'm still looking for that one faction that just rides its own wave. Gonna be a while until it happens, but god knows we need it rn.