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  1. Alfonso_Chavarria

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    Sureño Vida
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    The Southside...
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  7. Alfonso_Chavarria

    Man I'm proud of yaw 😈
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  12. Alfonso_Chavarria

    The motherfucking Cossacks
  13. Alfonso_Chavarria

    Wow man from working in an office to being a skinhead! Damn bro!!! Your roleplay is legendary duddeee!
  14. Alfonso_Chavarria

    The pain run deep, I'm just happy that I'm breathingAt night, I can't sleep, I'm too busy fighting demonsAnd if you slide on one of mines, you know we gon' get evenNiggas told me, "Young, you been tripping for no reason"Wishing I could get my brother back to see his daughter smileLong live my niggas, I ain't seen y'all in a whileI'm just tryna make sure that these hundred dollars pile'Cause who gon' hold it down for me when it's lights out?