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  1. Alfonso_Chavarria

  2. Alfonso_Chavarria

    we need more mfkers like this one
  3. Alfonso_Chavarria

    Wow man from working in an office to being a skinhead! Damn bro!!! Your roleplay is legendary duddeee!
  4. Alfonso_Chavarria

    The pain run deep, I'm just happy that I'm breathingAt night, I can't sleep, I'm too busy fighting demonsAnd if you slide on one of mines, you know we gon' get evenNiggas told me, "Young, you been tripping for no reason"Wishing I could get my brother back to see his daughter smileLong live my niggas, I ain't seen y'all in a whileI'm just tryna make sure that these hundred dollars pile'Cause who gon' hold it down for me when it's lights out?
  5. Alfonso_Chavarria

    Amen brother
  6. Alfonso_Chavarria

    Screenshots are what represent your faction to the public if you're screenshots are bad, usually, the roleplay is bad. If you want to carry on arguing you might as well hit my PMs since I don't want to delay the topic.
  7. Alfonso_Chavarria

    No rofl their screens represent their factions and most of them are based on "OH GIVE ME THE PISTOL FOO" only two factions I fuck with rn when it comes to gang RP is ABZ and PBS
  8. Alfonso_Chavarria

    Cock fights be lit
  9. Alfonso_Chavarria

    Unless someone actually decides to start roleplaying properly, it won't happen. I don't know why people are always depending on the whole 'once it's fun we'll start RPing' and to be honest with you guys this is lowkey the downfall of gang roleplay on GTA World. Ghetto Boyz, MS13 and The Get Money faction, are prime examples of what gang RP should be all about. It's not about guns or pushing drugs, anybody can do that. Usually where the RP comes from is the FACTION ITSELF. In Ghetto Boyz most of the beef was based around the insiders. You had people beefing over girlfriends, money, clothes and even losing games of dice. I'm not trying to bash on anybody but if people want to improve the server, and RP, in general, they should start fixing up the foundations. Think outside the box, characters are not cold killers who go around pushing kilos of cocaine, killing people thinking that there are no consequences. Your character should feel the shot of adrenaline going through his body as soon as some guy decides to punk him, the character should THINK about the consequences. The reason why gang RP is also lacking is that there's no actual prison system, people don't care if they'll get locked up, they'll just AFK the time or they would simply log out and return 2 days later acting like nothing happened after they've been released, and it's not the players' fault, it's more or less the server's fault for pushing away the idea of a prison since "nobody can roleplay it properly" or "we are currently focussing on the new clothing system". I don't blame the staff team for releasing these new features such as the trucker job, and many other aspects for LEGAL ROLEPLAY, but prison should of have been released ages ago, it plays a major role not only in illegal roleplay but also in LEGAL as well, you've daily life folks who probably try to avoid taxes. But what I'm trying to say in general is think outside the box, make something creative and make it last. Also, another suggestion, if you're to make an MC, a sureño faction, white faction or any faction in general, please do your research. Since you do have people that have watched an episode of Gangland based around MCs and they think that leading an MC is all about being a badass who doesn't obey the laws so you'll have to punk anybody that looks at you in a weird way or you decide to shoot someone since he called you a 70's biker. Biker culture, in general, is based around brotherhood, and the bikers are actually treating the hangies with respect, and they're friendly with them since this is how MCs (1% to be specific) attract and recruit members, it's after they get the prospect/probate patch when they're being treated like shit, but I'm getting out of topic. Overall if we want to improve RP we should focus on thinking outside the box and making something creative other then the typical gang banger cliche of shooting someone for stealing your shoes. As of factions that should pop up? Black, gangs in general and a few more MCs to go rogue against the current MCs, that would be interesting.
  10. Alfonso_Chavarria

    Certainly more gangs, black ones to be more specific (good ones).
  11. Alfonso_Chavarria

  12. Alfonso_Chavarria

    My fav bikers 😉
  13. Alfonso_Chavarria

    Solid core members. Keep it up.
  14. Alfonso_Chavarria

    Wkhat it dø cuzzø
  15. Alfonso_Chavarria