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  1. Username: thelastsamurai Comment: lol good, shouldn't be protesting unlawfully. tldr act like an ape and be treated like you're apart of the exhibit... there's a reason south LS is referred to as the zoo
  2. Name: narwalsarecool95 Comment: oh no!!!!!! a fire in Lego city!!!
  3. the screenshot game is always on point 👌
  4. Username: horridhenry Comment: so many striped colorful cars with beautiful liveries. it will make the fireworks look even prettier when we strike this degenerate, capitalistic event. LSfra. The IP is located from a Little Seoul internet cafe.
  5. Username: horridhenry Comment: In response to the several hundreds of thousands of misplaced tax dollars in this event I am officially declaring that the LSFRA (Los Santos Freedom Republic Army) will attack this event with firearms, explosives and those participating in the money grabbing, bourgeoisie ways this promotes. Event coordinators will be targeted first. 🤫😜 you have been warned *ip from little Seoul internet cafe*
  6. clean thread good shit
  7. Character name: Rados Mihajlovic UCP name: harrison (Discord name?): harrison Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 1236 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): 1131 Invention Court Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: -- This is for the houses backdoor. The house then has two balconies that need a teleport Teleport type: 2 Balcony's & Backdoor
  8. Username: imastatistic Comment: fuck policeK all my niggas HATE the PD. also anthony hill is a pedo he tasered my sister once fuck him she was 17 also he touched her too weirdo
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