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  1. Hastangz

    Mahmut headaa boi, wassup bluhd Nice shit tho, fureal
  2. I honestly wouldn't put a game over IRL, so I'd take the L IG.
  3. she knows what's up, lmao
  4. Hastangz

    Why is it a good idea: Why isn't it a good idea? In my opinion, the like limit has no actual purpose. It's more of a downgrade than anything. Just being able to like one-two things each day. I mean, this isn't a deal in other forums, as far as I know, so why here? It basically serves NO PURPOSE to limit the amount of likes a person can put in.
  5. Hastangz

    le'ss get it
  6. Now THAT is facts right there.
  7. Yeah, an example: Person A shoots Person B and hits the bricks for it. Person A runs to his house, locks himself and logs off. Person C saw Person B's death by Person A and is trying to catch him. As said earlier, Person A logs off like that to avoid a PK.
  8. Considering people just murk and run, or rob, or whatever crime they do, if it rises attention, of course you'd have to wait for the heat to wear off. Plus, as BlanK said about the fact that people don't know if the PD's rushing down on them, or if a rival gang's doing it, then yeah, 30 minutes to cool off would sound fair to both parties.
  9. What is the purpose of the feature: Basically, every time you commit a crime, you must wait about 30 minutes before you can log out of the game. How and why would this help in-game generally: At some cases, numerous amount of crimes occur around Los Santos, whether robbery, murder, grand theft auto, e.t.c. Some people happen to just do a crime, and log out soon after it happens and they go in a safe spot. It happens ESPECIALLY during murders, where the culprits run away, go in a safe spot like their house and just log like that. I believe it can help in the case of PD for searching the culprit OR if gang members see the murder of one of their own occur, so they can exact vengeance on said member. How would it affect the rulebreakers: I'd leave that up to the admins, depending on the severity of the crime, and how constantly one has done it.
  10. Hastangz

    My mans, I got a nice trick you can use with Photoshop, even if you got the cracked version. Forum PM me if you want my Discord and shiet, case you wanna know.
  11. Hastangz

    My man, that's some good shit, fr. You might need to work on the log editing, but it's nice.
  12. Hastangz

    Name: BigDre Comment: A Naturally Aspirated SUV. What.
  13. Hastangz