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  1. You just count...
  2. It's easy, sliding all the way to the right equals to 100, so hit the left arrow once and that'll be at 99. And same for the other end.
  3. wonder why someone's left a kiwi on my lawn
  4. I assume it's the same as property leases, you request one and then pay a monthly fee through the ucp.
  5. Benelli

    Formula 1

    next year guys
  6. You can benefit from the ucp's vehicle lease requests to do that
  7. Benelli

    Formula 1

    Idk what's on Renault's mind rn, I bet he ain't cheap. And sad to see Sebastian's career end like that.
  8. Great film, probably not my favourite from Scorsese but still awesome. Every now and then I find myself going back to watching clips from scenes. Yeah the CGI might throw you off a bit but the acting and writing is flawless, and the soundtrack is really good too.
  9. Everything you've just written is something that must be dealt ICly, why would you make an OOC rule for that? It's how people decide to run their businesses.
  10. rude kid
  11. Had this happening before. What has always worked for me since is, after downloading all the crap, as soon as it says "compilating" I just open Steam's overlay for like a minute. If you don't have it on Steam I'm pretty sure opening the Social Club thingy works too ("Home" button).
  12. The information given by the command itself is terrible, this is much better. Also you now have to add the amount, so it would be "/note pocketID AMOUNT name Namegoeshere" Same for adding content, need to add the amount after the ID.
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