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    Garrett Lawrence
  1. Benelli

    Had this happening before. What has always worked for me since is, after downloading all the crap, as soon as it says "compilating" I just open Steam's overlay for like a minute. If you don't have it on Steam I'm pretty sure opening the Social Club thingy works too ("Home" button).
  2. Benelli

    Dices do work, with /dice.
  3. Benelli

    The information given by the command itself is terrible, this is much better. Also you now have to add the amount, so it would be "/note pocketID AMOUNT name Namegoeshere" Same for adding content, need to add the amount after the ID.
  4. Benelli

    i like turtles
  5. Benelli

    Because of the car rental maybe?
  6. Benelli

    Short description: Cleaning laptop's desktop a little bit Detailed description: Getting rid of some of the widgets on the desktop, such as the calendar, notifications and that stuff, since you're able to put them yourself at any time. It takes a lot of time for everything to load up, and I think having a clean desktop by default would help. Maybe just leaving some app's shortcut but I think with the upper menu it's alright, I mean if you want to have the widgets and shortcuts you can drop them. Commands to add: - Items to add: - How would your suggestion improve the server?: Optimization Additional information: -