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  1. ashlyii

    I think it's important that those of us that aren't native English (myself included) have to also remember that when on-duty we have to react to things pretty quickly which includes trying to de-escalate and prevent dangerous scenarios from happening. You have to be crystal clear in your text to ensure no wires are crossed and that every party understands what you're saying. On top of that, you need to relay your messages quickly as time is of the essence and not everyone will have the patience for you to sit and think of a reply. It can be stressful for a non-native English person to jump into the role of an officer where you deal with a lot more situations than you would if you were playing a random civilian. On top of the in-game situations, we have a tonne of OOC work with Incident Reports, Arrest Reports, Traffic Reports, Impound Reports, Death Reports - it's a heck of a lot of writing that other people /need/ to be able to read without struggling to understand what has been written down. So while I can understand your frustration (I've been there myself), I think it's important that a certain standard is upheld. We actually have a lot of people from Europe that aren't native English speakers. Teamspeak is a wide variety of Europeans and finding an American is actually pretty rare! (I know this because we desperately tried to find American's to record voice lines in the LSPD video and it was a nightmare!) Being on a roleplay server gives you the perfect opportunity to better your English. When I started roleplaying back during SA:MP days, my English was awful! I only ever played mute characters at the start and focused on my /me's. Eventually I would introduce characters that knew very little English until I felt comfortable with progressing. I admire /anyone/ attempting to better their English on the server and I will personally stand there all day to not pressure someone into feeling like they have to rush or are being judged. But a certain standard must be met if you're going to be representing a faction such as the LSPD and as much as it's difficult to hear, I think it's a reasonable requirement on behalf of the recruitment team. Roleplay is amazing because it let's you practice your English while having fun!
  2. ashlyii

    Every place in the video is accessible to climb up on foot! 😄
  3. ashlyii

    Another video that Nova has been working on to flex her creative juices. Really trying to get her into the filming scene in Los Santos! Trying to fix my parser to start doing screenshot/text, but for some reason it crashes constantly!
  4. ashlyii

    Sorry! Been super busy at work - but here's a little project I'm working on demonstrating Nova's love of parkour! 🙂 🙂
  5. ashlyii

    N̶0̶V̶A̶ is a 20 year old exchange student from Oulu, Finland, studying computer science and art design at the University of San Andreas (ULSA). Graffiti Artist, Free-runner/Parkour & lover of all things basic. NOVA is the alter-ego of Kirsi Karjala - the victim of 80's color palettes, retro video-games & Borderline Personality Disorder. She suffers from a range of mental health issues and battles daily to face her problems. This is her journey as she attempts to discover her place in the world.
  6. ashlyii

    @Bombie has been a breath of fresh air and is always available to not only help or answer a question - but just to have a nice chat with. ❤️ @Cascade LSPD mom. Queen of Dune-o's. Helper of many when in need. Probably doesn't get the recognition she deserves!
  7. ashlyii

    This is -fantastic-! Unique and refreshing!
  8. I'm looking for a small storage unit or garage to purchase/rent. Ideally not attached to a house/business property. Please email or call/SMS: 26631672.
  9. ashlyii

    There actually was! One of my favorite shots was of the forensics team in the robbed house with Detectives questioning the victim but it got cut due to time constraints where we couldn't make it "make sense" in the story-progression! The Rockstar update really came at a bad time and put me out of action for a good week, then the holidays right after. It was definitely planned but unfortunately I just didn't have the time to find a spot for them where it fit naturally and didn't disrupt the flow. It was definitely a missed opportunity as there was a bunch of shots that I have recorded involving as many different divisions in the LSPD - but will 100% be used in future division showcases.
  10. ashlyii

    When you originally save the outfit, be sure your character is not in an animation and save it twice under the same name. So "Char1" save, "Char1" save. That fixed my errors!
  11. ashlyii

    Beautiful. Credit to this story-telling, you're doing Forum Drive proud. The fact that not only you let her live but give her that money is just beautiful story telling. Can't wait for the next part!
  12. ashlyii

    I'm sad I never got to RP with you in the department but man, what a story and ending. Got super choked up during the death announcement - quality RP! Grats on a kickass career and hope to see you back soon :D!
  13. ashlyii

    Upping to 200 thousand
  14. ashlyii

    Background and history is just as important as current affairs. Keep it going guys, great stuff as per usual!