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  1. ashlyii

    Selling a Hellfire Gauntlet, registered and insured. Slight performance enhancement done on the engine. Low mileage, very rarely used. Looking for around $155,000 - $160,000 but am open to offers! Call or SMS #57-57 or email ((Forum PM)) [email protected]
  2. This has been rampant lately down the beach. In what world could a sports car drive on the sand and not get stuck? SUVs and 4x4's I totally get and support but people are speeding 100mph up the beach, doing burn-outs and taking jumps which just makes me sit there and go "wut". I desperately try to drive everywhere with /sp 55, as I feel that's a good speed to go about. What I've noticed is, if you're sticking to the limits - then people are gunna swerve past you and take over at every opportunity. It's really disheartening trying to go about your day like a regular civilian when the majority get behind a wheel and turn into Vin Diesal.
  3. ashlyii

    Vikings didn't actually wear horned helmets. Christian's added that to make their appearance more pagan and barbaric - mimicking Satan's horns!
  4. ashlyii

    Hi there, I'd like to jump in on this as the Head Lifeguard and the person who brought the plans to FD. We base ourselves off of the Los Angeles County Lifeguards - they have been a guideline we have followed closely (albeit changing things to make it fit more with current GTA lore or game mechanics). That includes how we view the salary, which during the planning stages sat at $15.39 per hour. If we calculate that monthly for 40 hours worked per week, you're looking at around 2460 bucks a month, give or take. Given the economy of the server and the inflation of how PD/FD paychecks work - obviously this is a lot harder to manage as people can very quickly generate massive amounts of cash. I do take this division very seriously and I'm sure most in FD can tell you the amount of behind the scenes work I've done, along with my Beach Captains, to ensure realism and quality. But currently, there needs to be some leeway as we're brand new - there is ALWAYS going to be teething issues for new things, especially being introduced to an already set-up faction with a structure. So things are constantly evolving and I promise that's on a daily level - I've been putting in 90 hour weeks working on this since we arrived in the FD and that's not changing anytime soon until I feel we're at the absolute best place we can be - but these things take a little time to figure out what works, what doesn't work, how things can be improved etc. We're trying to bring something fresh, unique and new to the community in an area that we found to be quiet. We want that beach thriving and I'm sure from the past two events I've ran there and the current activity levels - you can see that this is working. You can now go to the beach and the chances of you finding some casual RP are high. On the issue of assets - I remind my division constantly about realistic assets but sometimes there is more than meets the eye to a character that you can't attribute: "Oh, they're a Lifeguard driving a 200k car." - While we do monitor what assets we have (and trust me, I do make people sell vehicles, give up businesses and refrain from doing other jobs if I find out they have other things going on with that character - if you're a Lifeguard, that's your permanent job in my eyes and I won't have the division treated as a "second place".), I also understand that as this is a new division and a lot of these characters have already had months and months of development behind them and may have obtained these assets in a realistic manor. But in short, I will stomp down on this if I see it. And I'd welcome anyone to come to me if they have a concern. I'd also welcome anyone to drop me a PM in regards to any suggestions or ideas you have. We're always building to be and do better - and this passion project is there for the entire community to enjoy, not just the members involved in the Lifeguards. Come and say hi to us, come and hang out with us, that's what we're there for!
  5. ashlyii

    +1 If a player has an actual person role-playing a parent that they actively live with etc. then I don't have any issue with it. But at the moment, /ame is fourteen is just being used as an excuse to get away with things. I'm all for people role-playing what they want but certain issues need to be addressed as it does affect others. I'm not saying this should be an application system.. but there needs to be something done to curb this low-level RP from happening. An outright ban wouldn't be fair on the people who RP younger and do it well but it's currently being abused big time.
  6. Username: MCK3NN4 Comment: Excellent work by Fogel. That's how you lawyer! Hope Valdez has a wonderful return to work and gets over this experience.
  7. ashlyii

  8. ashlyii

    Again, let's change the server time to fit actual California time if we're going for realism - or consider everyone. There has to be a balance between what's fair for all players. I've known American's here that have never seen daylight once on the server, now they have the possibility of an hour or two of sunshine before night comes. Going back an hour really isn't an issue.
  9. ashlyii

    Yes and San Andreas is based on California. The server is, wrongly, based on European timezone - which isn't an issue because that's where the owner has set it. It is currently only 10am in California right now - yet 6pm on the server. Your complaint seems to be focused solely around you. There are other players to cater for to, like our American friends.
  10. ashlyii

    Considering San Andreas is set in Cali, it didn't make sense to have night time start when it did. Way too early. I have American friends that play here that have never seen sunlight on GTA World, 10pm is a good fix
  11. ashlyii

    Username: MCK3NN4 Comment: I haven't announced anything about your past nor have I given any false statement towards your reputation - I called you shady. That's grounds for defamation on a blog your company personally posted to try and quell the notion that you are, indeed, shady? I look forward to the judge laughing in the face of a lawyer who doesn't understand what defamation is. Edit: What you've done to Mr. Midsomer here has more grounds for a defamation case. Learn the law if you're going to try and intimidate people, you absolute moron.
  12. ashlyii

    Username: MCK3NN4 Comment: Considering her shady past and the exposure from news outlets targeting her - It won't be long. Good riddance when it comes.
  13. ashlyii

    Name: MCK3NN4 Comment: The day you lose your license should be declared as an annual holiday. Scum.