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  1. ashlyii

    Background and history is just as important as current affairs. Keep it going guys, great stuff as per usual!
  2. ashlyii

    Oh no, I don't disagree. This was my initial reaction after being involved in bike chases, it was frustrating but I fully agree that we shouldn't deploy British tactics on an American role-play server. Sorry that wasn't translated correctly in my original post. I've personally never used the beanbag shotgun (as I role-play my character being quite small, her firing a shotgun would be quite comical). I also have grievances about the use of less-than-lethal tools. I would love to see a tackle feature in place as right now our only option to stop someone running is to deploy a taser/beanbag shotgun. My character is quite the pacifist and I find myself resorting to my taser a lot during foot-chases which I don't really like doing but am kinda forced into it as realistically, NO one will stop long enough for me to attempt to type a tackle /me. I work in law enforcement in Britain, so this has been a new experience for me learning American systems - some I agree, some I disagree but that's just because of my own personal experiences for work, I don't let it define my American character. Honestly, I hope someone can come up with a unique tackle feature that would allow us to try a different approach away from the LTL's but right now, it's kind of all we have to deal with runners. I actually have a perfect example on my streamable somewhere, where I have a UPR pointed at a person running - who runs within 5 feet of me and keeps going. So I had to sling it and resort to my taser - should the person had stopped at having a rifle pointed in his face? Probably. But 99% of players will just keep going until they're tased and it kinda sucks. I'd much rather a tackle feature that would allow us to jump into a /me struggle on the ground than an easy point and shoot gallery!
  3. ashlyii

    I'm certain that whatever happened either had to be a bad-case of desync/lag (because chasing a bike is a pain, I know Officer's who simply won't even attempt it) or possibly someone that wasn't sure how to deal with motorbikes. We are strictly told not to hit motorcycles with our vehicles (we may pull in front of you in an attempt to slow you down) but we would never PIT a bike/side-by-side it unless you're going at low speeds where a crash wouldn't kill you. Same as with the LTL shotgun - we're told to only use it when the motorbike is going at a slow speed that wouldn't cause a significant accident. I'm actually one of the people who has wanted us to start taking a more active approach to bikers by ramming them with a vehicle, obviously not at excessive speeds (much like the way London cops now authorize) and have been told it won't happen. So, whatever this incident was, it doesn't sound right to me (not saying you're wrong, just saying I've never seen anything authorized for a bike like what you described). And to cover the lethal force - in my near 2 months in the PD, I have only ever been part of ONE pursuit that had lethal force authorized prior and that's because they were shooting at us during the chase. Lethal force is authorized a lot less than I think people believe.
  4. ashlyii

    This is wonderful, not only does it highlight gang-life but it shows a deeper, meaningful emotional aspect through the child. Super impressed! Following!
  5. ashlyii

    I'd love to see Blaine County and Los Santos be separated by Government officials. I think realistically, the people from Blaine County would have a different outlook on life from the people in Los Santos. Having played a country-bumpkin in the past, I know her ideals wouldn't match up with certain things pushed by the LS government. Could open an interesting dynamic with elections and voting - public campaigns to try and get voters on their side. I love the idea!
  6. But the business hasn't been well advertised, so as I've said, some OOC interpretation must be made on the courts behalf if they believe the person clearly had no idea that they couldn't be there ICly - especially at a landmark like that golf course. Still, go through the court system - 100% agreed, they've trespassed. But 90k? Eeeesh. I'm amazed PM gave it to a player to be honest, I've never seen anyone have a business of that scale - and I like it, I like that it's being used and people can have access to it with role-play. The more things we have like that the better for all of us! And you can't throw ,"my attitude to the server" around for saying I'd follow suit and CK my character if I was in a similar position, as my character could not afford that amount even with assets - just like in real-life, some pfoeople cannot afford to pay things, this is where my asking for clarification of what happens to someone who does not have the money or assets was important to me, a person that tries to play an average, "oh, $60 for a beer, I can't afford that". If someone decides that RPly they'd commit suicide due to the outcome of a situation, that's not having an attitude towards the server, that's role-playing an emotionally devastated person. Obviously others will do it out of spite but others will also do it out of a sense of playing their character story out that way. Anyone leaving the server is a loss, regardless if they're upset over virtual currency or for feeling they were wrongly CKed. We're all humans, we all put different value on things and you can't categorize people as being unfit to play here because they disagree with a decision, even if they -did- make a mistake like Sten did.
  7. Then this alone is a problem. You can't expect every player to look through the businesses section on a forum. I know plenty of players who don't use Facebrowser or the forums and primarily focus on the server. If they're not seeing any active advertisements on the actual server, you can't blame them for thinking they can go there for a photo. Even just advertisements telling people to go to a website or something wouldn't go amiss. As I said, I've never known PM to give out such a big property to a player, so I still find the whole situation incredibly harsh for someone that might not have had any OOC knowledge of anyone owning it. It's a moot point regardless, I just hope this doesn't becoming a re-occuring thing with the court system. $90k fine just seems like greed to me for a photo but personally that's just my opinion - others will have a different view. That being said, OP explained how a situation would be for people that simply can't afford it and I'm glad as there's some clarification out there for those of us that try to stay away from the "I'm rich" role-play. If my character got fined $90k for the same thing, well, I'd follow a similar path as Sten as it's just not worth the hassle and I'm glad to see that the courts have something in place to hopefully prevent a situation like this again. If a player chooses to CK rather than pay a fine, that shouldn't warrant a report on the forum - they've lost a character, that should be payment enough. If the goal, as you said, is to hit their bank account - surely the person CKing to avoid it should be an understanding your character takes on and feels a certain amount of guilt for? I'm all for the court system, it's great and super entertaining - win or lose, it mimics real life but sometimes.. situations ICly can't be compared to it's real-life counterpart and I hope the court system has a way of being able to identify that. I hope we don't see every person crying trespassing now that they've seen the payout value and I hope every case is taken with a little hint of OOC understanding of certain situations. If a person generally has no knowledge that a place is in operation (as I said, up until the court system, I had no idea you were a thing and I'm active on Facebrowser.) As long as people who play average humans with basic bank accounts aren't afraid, which the OP has clarified, then hopefully we can see people not resorting to CKs or leaving the server. That was my main concern - which has been addressed!
  8. Thanks for the response! That's reassuring to know as someone that tries to play a character living in the breadline. I'm sure there's a lot more like me that feel better with clarification. You guys have put the effort in and it shows, kudos to your efforts, it's entertaining and brings a super fun aspect to the community for sure!
  9. Ignoring the Sten De Visser thing, my question still remains what happens to those of us that simply don't role-play a lavish life-style? What processes are there in place in terms of payment structure if we ever find ourselves in a similar position?
  10. Well I've heard conflicting stories that he was broke and that he had money - it doesn't make my question any less relevant. I want to know what happens in the case of someone -not- having the money in their account or the assets to cover? It's not acceptable for people to feel they have no other option but to CK and, in Sten's case, leave the server. As I stated, yes, it happens in real-life but in real-life there's more than 200 active people occupying a city. There would be security guards at a golf-club of that size and stature - there would be some advertisement. I had no idea that players owned that place and neither has anyone that I've asked. In that situation, I think it calls for some OOC intervention as Sten clearly didn't know that a player owned it and simply posted a picture of himself. Does that really warrant a 90k fine? Even after he was made aware, again, I've never seen that place used or advertised, I would have ignored any message to. Plus, I've never known PM to give out a property of that size - so OOCly, especially with that place.. just existing I guess.. I would have assumed I could go there and post a nice picture playing golf. I just want some clarification for the people that don't have a Cheetah Classic and play their character according to their means. My character is a cop, she's got 40k in her bank account and a bike. If I had a 90k fine for posting a cute picture on Facebrowser, I'd be upset to.
  11. That's my point! I want some clarification as that shouldn't happen for something as stupid as posting a picture on Facebrowser playing golf, lmao. For something so minor (especially as, I'm sorry, I haven't seen that golf club advertised once) to end up costing someone their character doesn't seem right. I get that in real-life it can happen but that court case definitely left a sour taste in my mouth and I can't support the owner's in that club going forward. I've never seen it used or advertised, no events, nothing. In situations like that, I don't think it's fair that it could cost someone their character's life if they simply can't afford a fine for an honest to God mistake. Guy just wanted to share a nice photo of him at a golf club and ended up CKed for it. That's a massive downfall I can see of the court system - but I'm hoping that OP can clarify the payment process if someone cannot afford a fine so we don't see people CKing over it all the time. It wouldn't be fair. Actually, I've just become made aware that the person has actually left the server. This is a massive failure on the courts behalf and this needs some clarification. This should enhance role-play, which most of the time it does, not force people to quit for posting a picture on Facebrowser especially in that situation where the owner's have done a terrible job owning that property as no one I have talked to knew it was even owned. I would really be interested to know how you plan on dealing with situations like this in the future as we can't lose members of the community because of unfair fines or sanctions placed upon them when there is definitely a factor of OOC to play. I feel for Sten, I really do.
  12. Can you tell us more about the process that happens if a person cannot afford to pay a court ruled fine? As we've seen with the recent Sten De Visser case, it resulted in him CKing his character. I'm unsure if this was due to being unable to afford the fine and finding no other option. That's just my guess! But is there a process in place should someone be fined an amount they simply cannot pay? Whether that's through smaller payments over time etc.? It would be a shame for players to feel the only option is to CK their character for admittedly stupid minor things. Like in the Stan De Visser case, I to would have gone on that golf course and not known it was owned as I've not seen a single advertisement or roleplay event hosted there whilst online. And I do not have a 90k bank account to pay either if I was in his shoes. Can you just clarify the process after a ruling has been made? The court cases have been very entertaining, a really impressive amount of work has clearly gone into it! (Rascals verdict was a joke tho lol)
  13. ashlyii

    Added to main post. That's it for a few days, where I'll be jumping back to the origin in Ludendorff before we get onto some of the scenarios I've found myself in during my time in the LSPD :)!
  14. ashlyii

    More is to follow shortly! Just finishing up the editing 🙂 Added to front post!
  15. ashlyii

    Aw, thanks! I am working on the next part but PD patrol has taken up most of my time and I wanted to make something worth posting, so I'm going hoping to finish up the next part asap!