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  1. ashlyii

    It's linked back further in the thread where a person was taking someone's content and got called out for it. It turned OOC and the -musician-player made a forum report - was told to make their own music and I believe the character ended up getting deleted by the admin.
  2. ashlyii

    But again, that's you personally. Other's posting the clips are doing it for approval of people and likes. As evidenced by the DOLL incident - some people /do/ care how their character's reputation is perceived and made a forum report because they were called out for it.
  3. ashlyii

    And why is that something we should be actively doing? Roleplayer A posts a clip of an artist's song claiming it's theirs - Roleplayer B posts the actual Soundcloud rappers clip and says "this is my favorite artist, it's not you". You can't force one side to ignore the reality of how we base the server on real-life. As I said, if the admins ruled that, "Okay, from now on - Los Santos is it's own contained world. No talking of any real celebrity or world event, we're a contained lore and only the things that happen in San Andreas is our universe" then I'd be 100% okay with people taking songs and claiming them. But as we actively can talk about real world events and people - then to me, people will always give resistance back and say, "No, that person exists and you're stealing the song." which is where my issue lies with it. You don't have to actively post song clips to roleplay a musician, if you come up to me ICly and say, "I'm a musician" then my characters going to be intrigued, which falls flat if you've taken someone else's song that my character recognizes as being another artists. You can't expect a character to just accept what they've been told.
  4. ashlyii

    As I'm one of the people disagreeing, I think your post is aimed at everyone in that party. If people are free to take a song, then those that disagree are free to reply ICly and say, "No it isn't, here's here's the real artist." - that's why there should be issues with this. Because people will never agree, you will never force one side to accept "Yep, that's definitely your song ICly!" - it won't happen.
  5. ashlyii

    I'm a narcissist because I have a different opinion from you? Isn't that why were here so we can discuss things? I'm not offended by anyone using a song and claiming it as theirs, far from offended - I just think it causes too many issues in regards to other players just so a person can claim some Facebrowser clout. In a roleplay server that has its claws dug into realism and using real world subjects, the artist exists in our timeline. No matter who they are - that person exists within our server lore. So if that person exists and another person takes their song for their own character, people WILL always argue that someone exists and the song was stolen. It's moronic to think that everyone should have to agree with, "oh yep, that's definitely Random_Roleplayers song! Not Soundcloud_Artist454, that guy doesn't exist! Let's just pretend he doesn't exist in the world so one person can have a few likes on Facebrowser!" You can roleplay a musician without stealing someone's song. Do it all in game and write a few bars yourself and toss them in the chat. My whole point with being against it is that it just causes issues. That's not narcissistic because I have an opinion that that is different from yours.
  6. ashlyii

    I am one of those people who has spent 8 hours + making Menyoo videos. I even made a character specifically as an outlet to post my videos because it's what I enjoy doing with my spare time. My video won the faction video contest (with help from Flash on sound-work and the voice actors/members of the PD) and it took me days to complete - I didn't get anything for it, not even the prize because I gave them up so the PD could have a raffle - but I enjoyed making it as I consider myself a creative person and I wanted to represent the LSPD. My character Nova exists purely to create videos, some of them are music videos, parodies of TV shows, anything I want to recreate - but I don't have her claim them as the artist behind them, I just love the songs. Actually role-playing that you created the song really does blur the lines. As I said, we're a community that's server is set in the real world - this makes it complicated because technically that artist /does/ exist in our universe, the same as Taylor Swift or Donald Trump does. Nothing stops a person from role-playing what they want (barring realism and game limitations). You can role-play a musician and just write a few lyrics down, and go perform in-game. I used to run a bar in the server that was all about that, people "performing" their songs by writing the lyrics out while stood on stage or singing karaoke. You don't need to actually post a song to role-play a musician unless you're after some form of clout - but at the same time you have to expect that people will fire back if they know the artist because you can't just make that artist not-exist given how the server bases itself. I would have a totally different opinion if Nervous and the staff team turned around and said, "The server is now based on our own interpretation of the world. There is no Taylor Swift or Donald Trump. We have our own lore and our own world." - Now the artist doesn't exist, so you could use whatever song you wanted and claim it as your own. I'd 100% support that. But given the current standing of the server, I just don't think it's a good idea to take other peoples songs (even if credited) because people will /always/ say, "You didn't make this, this artist did" and you can't really blame them for that.
  7. ashlyii

    There's only so much you can do without actually having the skills or know-how to learn how to actually make music. Haley Connors wrote a whole album with just lyrics and posted them as if it was a release. It was really well done and I credit her for it massively. Write your own music and ask a friend to sing your words or pay for a singer on Fiverr for example. The argument that "they're not hurting anyone" isn't a good argument because their actions do affect others. As I said, nothing stops a person from taking an artists song - and then another person doing the exact same thing to the same artist. Nothing stops a person calling them out saying, "This isn't you". It's such an awkward line to tread that it isn't worth it at all and you'd be best off thinking of other ways to role-play as a musician. You don't have to do it all through Facebrowser, you can do it in-game with the animations and chat we have. There's so many points that can be brought up about why this is just a negative - you cannot reasonably expect people to just accept that someone is using another persons song when that person /exists/ in the world. Hypothetical - I post a video on Facebrowser of a song. An artist starts up and uses that song as their own. Does my character now have to agree to the fact that this random role-player has written this song? Wouldn't they be confused and think, "..no, that's not their song." As the server deals with real-life events and such which can be taken and used ICly, it just does not work. Until the community enforces a "Los Santos is it's own thing - no more real-life discussion can be used" you cannot justify taking another artists music and claiming it as your own ICly. You both "exist" in the world from an in-character sense. So you'll be labelled a content thief as you should be. You can still role-play a musician in-game, nothing stops you - you don't have to actually post music you have made or stolen, you can just RP that you're a musician. The only reason people would post a song regardless is for the likes. But taking other people's work and trying to enforce on other players that your character is the artist of that song is not going to fly with people, as evidenced by this thread and previous player reports. That's the problem with this situation - not everyone agrees nor will accept people saying "I made this" when they didn't in the communities universe.
  8. ashlyii

    It still doesn't help my main point - the fact that the person exists creates an awkward situation where people will always argue about it not belonging to that character. It's better as they have permission but that role-player cannot force that upon people by saying, "no this is my song". If we're defined as a heavy-rp server, then it's about making it immersive. If I hear Taylor Swift music, with Tay-Tay's blessing, being paraded as a character's, I'm not going to say, "Yep, that's not Taylor Swift." As Westie said: Roleplayer A decides to take an artists song and claim it as his own. Roleplayer B decides to take the exact same song and claim it as his own - who does the song belong to from an IC standpoint? The whole thing is lame and there should be a rule stopping people from using other people's work for their character development. Make it yaself. Haley Connor was an artist and she released her music text-based and wrote the lyrics. That to me is wonderful and how it should be if you are unable to actually create the music you wish to make.
  9. ashlyii

    I don't think it's silly at all. If someone doesn't have the time to create their own content, they should not resort to taking others. It's not 'ruining things for other people', people can react to something how they see fit. If I see an artist on FB that I know and someone is claiming it's their character - I'm not going to say, "Oh I love that song by Role_Player!" I'm going to label it under it's true artist - now who is in the wrong? Me? Them? If you made something and someone took it, regardless if it was for profit, role-play or other, it down-right sucks. You can't believe that just because /you/ wouldn't care that others don't - when clearly people do have an issue with it, hence the discussion. I've had my work taken previously and used by someone for their band's Myspace page and was "credited" - I didn't care about being credited, it was my work. Stealing other peoples work, even if you credit, is super-low. If you want to achieve something, do it for yourself. But on a 'Heavy Role-Play Server' we shouldn't endorse people doing this. As I've said, where do we draw the line? "Oh they're not harming anyone" - they are, because they are directly influencing the entire server's role-play by saying that they created something ICly and expect us to acknowledge that ICly. If you don't have the time or skill to produce music, then perhaps focus your characters interests elsewhere and not take someone else's work and expect everyone to be okay with it. We as a community should /want/ originality and uniqueness - and those that RP as artists should strive to create original material for their own characters benefit not leeching off of someone else's hard work. We should support everyone that attempts to bring something they've spent time on.
  10. ashlyii

    Nothing should stop me from commenting on that video ICly, "This isn't you, this is _______ singing." And that's where the problem lies in regards to immersion being broken. People /will/ call people out for taking another person's song, as they rightfully should, whether they give credit or not. If that was posted on Facebrowser, she technically isn't allowed to put the OOC part as it's entirely IC. You can't use that argument of IMVU or the Sims - we're talking about OUR role-play community where we're defined as "heavy-rp" - we should protect that image by placing a rule to avoid issues such as people claiming something is theirs and then being called out for it being someone else's (unless the RP they're going for). That's immersion breaking which we as a server are attempting to be immersive as possible. And just to add on, I really love that video. You can tell the creator invested time to nail the vibe and aesthetic and I absolutely credit them for that. But again, the issues arise when someone comments, "That's not you singing. That's ______".
  11. ashlyii

    Exposure is not having someone take your music and say it's theirs in any form of medium, even if they credit you. The artists are not gaining exposure as they're not being credited. The Facebrowser rules are NO OOC - so theoretically you can't put ((Artist Credits*)) on your page. If you want to role-play being a musician, that's fine - but you really should be attempting to create your own thing. Why not write some lyrics? Or mess around on Garage Band/Fruity Loops and create something? You'll never be taken serious if you take someone else's music and you shouldn't be. People SHOULD be able to call you out ICly and say "no, that's not your song, that's blahblah's song". It's immersion-breaking and should be made a rule. As Selena posted on the recent Sada James issue, "I'll make it clear here, you can't go from one artist to another, you need to be self-made, making your OWN music is fine and posting it."
  12. ashlyii

    That's even worse as your taking content that someone who most likely doesn't profit off of. If you aren't talented or willing to spend enough time to create your own music, you shouldn't be taking someone else's - that's all there is to it.
  13. ashlyii

    If you're using a famous artists music and claiming it as your own, it's immersion breaking. Certain limitations need to be in place and people need to be stopped from using others content to try and flex their character. As I said, where do we draw the line if we allow people to use others creations? "Oh I'm a Vinewood director, here's my film the Shawshank Redemption that I directed" - that's no different to taking a song you like and claiming it as your own. The tools are out there to create your own content and of you're adamant on playing a character that has a particular talent then that talent should come from you, not someone else. You said it yourself it's a roleplay server, the possibilities are endless. But choosing to be a musician and using someone else's as your own is super lame. One of my characters is a videographer - does that give me reason to take someone else's video because it's "roleplay"? No, I spent hours making my videos for my own gain ICly and OOCly.
  14. ashlyii

    I really dislike RP that involves taking others music. If you want to RP a musician but can't play an instrument or sing in tune - questions will always be raised around people knowing the process of recording a song, releasing it etc. If you make music, whether good or bad, then at least you're bringing something unique - you're showing that your character is capable of putting something creative together and that's what we should aim for. Stealing content, regardless of the circumstances (to RP a musician), isn't cool and we as a server shouldn't support it as it's extremely immersion breaking. It's like role-playing a video editor and having no understanding of making a video - so you just download PewDiePie's video and claim it as your own - it sucks and there should be a rule that stops people trying to claim other people's content as their characters entire role-play. A line has to be drawn somewhere, if someone can steal a song and claim it as their own, can they claim a video? a photograph? a poem?
  15. Fortunately you can buy vehicles with the starter paychecks pretty quickly! But it would be nice to have a few more vehicle rentals dotted around the map as currently there's only two in the city I think? Here's a Vehicle Dealership guide so you can see the costs of cars and bikes - it'll make your life easier finding a cheap vehicle and then saving those paychecks up for something nicer 🙂