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  1. Looking to purchase one as the title explains, email me (Forum PM) if you have something in mind. I've got no budget for the place. I've got no budget, so hit me up with offers
  2. @Cara @Dashing @Fenrir @GrozShoutout to the boys, always working hard and very easy to talk with if any problem pops up. Also gotta shout out the Support man @Gall
  3. Lets get it @zUgg zUgg Credit for the dope video edit
  4. Each fighter starts with 10 health 1 = miss 2 = miss 3 = 1 dmg 4 = 2 dmg 5 = 2 dmg 6 = 3 dmg Hitting 6 three times in a row is an instant knock out
  5. More screens will be coming soon just been busy moving irl to edit the screens
  6. Character name: Glaz Timur UCP name: SaltySavage (Discord name?): SaltySavage Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 205 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): https://i.gyazo.com/e694d2dd59400259fb585f0e103c86e5.png Screenshot of teleport entrance: https://i.gyazo.com/45979c76f5047a9cb8b4a92f527ca121.jpg Screenshot of teleport exit: https://i.gyazo.com/1bfe56871b0028568206d73fbdcc3d09.jpg Teleport type (balcony,backdoor, business TP, etc): Backdoor I want to be able to use the basement inside this house and these doors would rply lead towards the basement.
  7. Character Name: Glaz Timur Forum Name: SaltySavage Discord Name: SaltySavage Property ID: 205 Property Type (House/Business): House Current interior ID: 12 Number of Interior You Want on the List: 66: (O'Neil's Ranch) I'll explain my plan with this interior, so https://gyazo.com/1ec69939e79504ac11d97840a3735691 this what I'm wanting to do with the Interior as I can easily block out all the extra non-rp floor space and Obviously I'm not going to copy this exact design but I'll only be using the first floor for the house. The interior works really well with alot as your able to block off the nonrp floor space. Price of Interior: $50,000 Location of Property: https://gyazo.com/e694d2dd59400259fb585f0e103c86e5 Screenshot of the Exterior of your house: https://gyazo.com/62ca6c7790ba1a43577dad85059f9208 I, SaltySavage, have the cash on hand and I am ready to receive the property request change. I agree to all the rules and understand that I may be subject to denial/punishment if I disobey the rules.
  8. As you can see LSPD putting in work.
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