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  1. Conway

    a league gang also looking forward to hosting you on the 11th should be a good game
  2. I am looking to purchase high end housing in Mirror Park. It ideally meets the following criteria: - Two stories, well maintained - Vehicle garage - Nikola Ave cul-de-sac is preferred and I'll obviously be willing to pay more for one Not afraid to spend a large amount of money for something that checks all my boxes but I'm willing to explore more options and make some compromises. Please let me know if you've got a property with a price on it that meets my requirements by emailing me ((forum pm)). Thanks 🙂
  3. Conway

    After a Vapid Speedo for work purposes please hit me up if u got one for sale for a fair price insurance not an issue must start and run though
  4. Conway

    My character is a wealthy woman who essentially does her job as a hobby and runs the business as a safety net. To be totally honest with you this server is quite hostile towards people with wealthier characters and quite often I feel like I'm singled out as a bad person for having a lot of assets and trying to portray a wealthier character. I'd love a more elite club, such as the country club, where your average joe can't come and spoil it for the upper class individuals. I'm talking dress codes, etiquitte etc. Unfortunately we're never going to see this because rich person bhed. Dreams are free, though.
  5. Conway

    Tell me where in that car the turbo is (besides the name), and how the turbo operates in an electric vehicle please
  6. Conway

    Tbh it has the same effect Facebrowser in general does. A lot of times it's just a tool for the portion of sexually frustrated players to scratch their itch. That said I use menyoo myself and I'm in no way against it. What I am against is the general lack of common sense many people seem to have with it.
  7. Conway

    If you want to be a police officer you've got to learn how American police operate, and the laws we have on the server. Same goes for firefighters. A mechanic is not a "job" it is a profession just like these and while I agree that the RP shouldn't get too technical, people who want to roleplay in a workshop should learn a bit about how vehicles work and how they're serviced. It's not about going out and getting a qualification and obtaining skills, it's about learning the theoretical processes behind it. The same should go for any path your character takes.
  8. We're still looking for staff! Our application has been updated, with the scenario questions now being multiple choice. Does a career in the automotive industry interest you? If so, Octane Automotive could be the ideal way to get into the ever expanding industry!