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  1. We're still looking for staff! Our application has been updated, with the scenario questions now being multiple choice. Does a career in the automotive industry interest you? If so, Octane Automotive could be the ideal way to get into the ever expanding industry!
  2. Nope, I cringe when someone drops an IRL name brand in game. The lore really isn't hard to follow and it's diverse enough that most car enthusiasts can get behind it.
  3. Conway

    I live for welding TIG is for pussies anyway real men use oxyacetylene without flashback arrestors
  4. Conway

    TIG welding > a game
  5. Conway

    She's a fine southern belle, thank you
  6. Conway

    Starting a petition to get her an oppressor soon ?
  7. Conway

    Killing time and feeding an addictive passion
  8. Conway

    An issue that's always plagued GTA roleplay has always been people wanting to be the best. People often don't opt into a sensible option that suits their characters needs and income, instead preferring to go for something faster and more stylish that would normally only really suit a wealthier character. The pricing list I helped Ribsey and M43 with is a start however at the end of the day people are still going to buy faster cooler cars to boost their own e-peen despite only being lower/middle class. It would also appear that quite a lot of wealthier characters are not really portrayed that well. (e.g. millionaires visiting clubs in rancho, and not really having a good background story to them, just wealth without a cause) which overlaps with this. I do have quite a wealthy character, however I've put some effort into planning her back story so it makes sense for her to actually be wealthy. She has a hobby and a passion which she has turned into a method of earning income and I try to accurately portray everything I do with her, car related or not, as realistically as possible. My main point is if you character has Dewbauchee, Comet or Grotti money, be able to explain how. I have another car character that I would class as middle class at best. His enthusiast car is a clapped out Futo that regularly has problems with it. It's nowhere near the greatest car in the world but it works for him. Sure we can chuck a bunch of taxes onto the vehicles however the issue here is many of the jobs and business opportunities available on the server do not favour wealthy roleplayers. I recall it was once said by multiple members of staff even, that wealth is something that is portrayed, not necessarily held in actual IG income. The closest high income business move supported by the script is probably the hospitality scene (esp bars/nightclubs) which is already over saturated, and not for everyone. Quite frankly trying to roleplay a wealthy character on this server is rather difficult, there are steps in place to prevent widespread wealth, but the only real ways to earn currency are majorly through middle class jobs or illegal business (arms trade etc). Instead of focusing on the pricing and taxes we need to look more at the people. It's something tricky that no GTA RP server to my knowledge has ever perfected. There will always be morons who drive Schafter V12s without really having a reason to own one. If we tax out of the anus however we'll just end up making a sort of socialist simulator where everyone is poor unless you work for the government or you're a criminal mastermind. TLDR of it is basically repricing cars is a good start but at the end of the day it doesn't matter what we do to the script. It comes down to peoples roleplay quality and the choices they make. It sucks but it is what it is at this point.
  9. Conway

    I agree with what Gryffin is saying. While you don't need to be 100% accurate in your rp you still need to research into how it's done. If you can't take the time to learn basic tasks you're going to be doing a lot as a mechanic (e.g. how to strip and paint a vehicle, the principals of how to disassemble and rebuild an engine etc) why even bother in the first place? Me watching a mechanic essentially do /me mods the car is about as painful as watching some gang banger from Davis come up to me and address me as "mate." I'm not asking everyone to be like me and go get a qualification at trade school so they can do 1000 rp lines for a fluid change if they so desire. I understand not everyone shares the same passion/knowledge. BUT I'm asking them to look into it and understand it enough to at the very least make a few comprehensive rp lines so my character can be convinced that those characters actually know what the hell they're doing. A commonly monitored roleplay is military vets. If you're roleplaying as a vet that saw active service and yet you don't know squat about the US armed forces and how they work (essentially just picking the overused war hero story because it sounds cool) it's more than likely someone who does know will test you and then call you out for stolen valor IC. The same goes for rping as a mechanic. If you don't know the basics of working on a car and can't at the very least make it sound like your character is a professional automotive technician you're going to get called out on it. Again to reiterate: I'm not saying you need to be God's gift to automobile servicing. I'm saying you should do enough research to at least be able to do basic servicing on a vehicle, and to be able to convincingly rp the modifications available in the mod shop. It's a lot simpler than many people believe and honestly as you go you're likely to learn more which further increases confidence. The same goes for any type of roleplay. Job or not. Research it. Learn how it is/how it's done so you can portray it. Learn terms or slang so you can throw it into your RP and sound more authentic. It's the little things that make a big difference in RP experience. As for people getting bored of the roleplay look at it this way. The most common modification I do is vehicle paint. This is a process that generally takes several days for a full open door respray. I've simplified it into an rp that lasts about fifteen minutes max. That should give an idea of how I've adapted my roleplay to suit the server because nobody is going to want to hear "okay sure! Give me the keys to your car and it'll be done in four days" and that's completely understandable, quite frankly I don't want to sit through all that roleplay either. There is a balance between hardcore roleplay and weak unresearched roleplay. I'm just trying to put it into perspective that though it might seem like we're dragging it out some of us are generally conscious that interest is being lost and we adapt to that.