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  1. Conway

    Body types [Add-on]

    I need this to make my ERP more immersive
  2. Conway


    the person above me is very cool and nice
  3. Conway


    Within 48 hours of community transmission being confirmed the entire nation was put into complete lockdown. It's been four weeks now and next week the country is loosening restrictions so businesses can open to a limited capacity. Our new cases are down to almost zero and we've got quite a high recovery rate. Very proud of our government for acting as quickly as they did. When we do go back to business as usual it's looking like our borders will remain closed for two years.
  4. Please I was so disappointed to see the ones after 5 were removed
  5. I have one for sale. Looking for 45k obo
  6. 440ci Wedge V8 3 speed automatic column shift Here is your chance to own a true piece of vintage Americana. This vehicle has had a lot of money thrown at it and the performance reflects that. Classy and comfortable to drive but still moves when you put your foot down. Likes to drink gas but that's what you get when you buy a sixty year old big block modified for straight line performance. All rust has been treated and the underbody has been professionally sealed. Finished in a beautiful factory inspired orange that will make this classic stand out without the rice. Recent service less than one hundred miles ago (I really haven't had the chance to drive this much!) and near new Atomic tyres front and rear with excellent tread. Has an aftermarket stainless straight pipe that has a beautiful rumble to it. I've fitted a set of 6x9 speakers in the rear and 6 1/2 speakers in the doors, as well as an aftermarket retro style head unit so you can reap the benefits of a modern sound system without having a disgusting head unit ruining the look of the interior. I've owned this Impaler for several months now however it's not getting the love it deserves and I require space, otherwise I would absolutely keep it. I'd prefer this vehicle went to a genuine enthusiast that will look after it. Happy to provide more information if required. Will be sold with fresh insurance. Priced to sell, not interested in swaps. $106,000 TAKES IT
  7. Rusty Emperor (Has improvements for current Emperor) Declasse Merit Classic Albany Esperanto Maibatsu Vincent Tourer BF Furzen Vapid Sadler Retro Gallivanter Baller Classic Karin Rebel Sport Vapid Riata Classic Mammoth Patriot Classic
  8. Conway

    Buying Speed Boat

    Still searching!
  9. Conway

    Buying Speed Boat

    I'm interested in acquiring a speed boat. Specifically after a Wooden Speeder or a Jetmax but will consider all offers, seeing what's out there.
  10. Albany Hermes sought. Don't mind a project. Respond/Private Message if you've got one you're wanting to part with so pricing can be discussed.
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