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    Jevaun "Ras" Jones
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  1. DLimit

    Sonny "Sunrays" Rays undergoing his daily life within Ceres Valley:
  2. DLimit

    I'd sort of roleplay that we randomly encountered one another at the Taxi company, unless any other alternative interactive settings are realistic.
  3. DLimit

    "Yuh musta' had a good night, man'dem…" That was an enjoyable R.P. session from the distance, despite hardly speaking. Continue with the astonishing work!
  4. DLimit

    Amazing. Private message me on any ideas that you possess.
  5. DLimit

    I'm Abdi, good sir, haha.
  6. DLimit

    Greetings, One of the game developers of GTA leaked that GTA 6 might be stationed within Vice City. Thus, I am questioning, shall "GTA: World" expand into GTA 6 when it is released in 2020-2021?
  7. DLimit

    Brilliant faction, I'm heavily enjoying the roleplay.
  8. DLimit

    From my experience, just posting up in one neighborhood for a long period of time generally attracts attention to the region. My character often parks within Davis, usually after purchasing a meal or a cup of coffee, which then strikes conversations with individuals that travel pass his vehicle. Imagination should be expected through guidance. It is our duty, as heavy roleplayers, to guide one another through the developmental process of roleplaying. Otherwise, I would be the same person that I was when I had first joined the roleplaying community.
  9. DLimit

    Greetings. Is any one interested in forming a group of Muslim taxi drivers that heavily struggle to cope with Western lifestyle as either asylum seekers or migrant workers from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Somalia etc...? I am not attempting to produce a faction, just a group of individuals that struggle to cope with the Western world, developing storylines overtime. If so, please message me.
  10. DLimit

    I'd agree with the idea of forcing players to undergo a drunk animation, combined with a swerving vehicle, after consuming an X amount of alcohol, as it would increase roleplay situations on a realistic standard for both civilians and P.D. Finally, bartenders could refuse alcohol to a player if they're already extremely intoxicated. Otherwise, the business could be sued for failing to refuse an extremely intoxicated individual with alcohol. FOR THE SAKE OF R.P.!
  11. Appears to be a brilliant idea.
  12. DLimit

    As a person that plays this game/server more than any other game, they deserve my support through a donation every once in a while.
  13. Username: House_of_Voodoo Comment: @MsEzra, Thank you very much for removing the image of our deceased founder of The House of Voodoo. The Loas will guide you towards prosperity!
  14. DLimit

    Username: Ras_mon Comment: It nah look like yuh type in Oxford English, either, scunt!
  15. DLimit

    Username: Ras_Mon Comment: Fiyah 'Pon Nazi'Dem!