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  1. DLimit

    Individuals are capable of examining "Job Offers" through the "Job Offers" list in their "Inventory" button. I had found three jobs, on one character, through that mechanism. I've hired four people, on another character, as they drank a beer and requested for some work at the counter. The effort that was used to fulfill either of those tasks? Minimal... very minimal. I've even attained two jobs by asking people on Facebrowser on another character within a matter of a day. it's unnecessary when you have a multitude of mediums to attain work.
  2. DLimit

    I'd vouch for a well-functioning community center over a high-school, as it caters to every civilian within these lower-income neighborhoods.
  3. Primarily due to competition, as it'd be challenging to mass-migrate large amounts of members to a city when it's heavily infected and protected by La Eme and other criminal organizations that are well established within the region.
  4. I'm still awaiting a "Heaven's Gate"-style cult at The Altruist Camp.
  5. DLimit

    "Heaven's Gate" based on modern-day "Ancient Aliens" conspiracy theories, which exist interchangeably.
  6. DLimit

  7. Username: Rebel-Lion360 Comment: Yo, what's the name of the brother? I want to interview him for my newspaper, called "The Black Voice". Holla at me at [email protected] (Forum Name).
  8. DLimit

    Username: Rebel-Lion360 Comment: You don't really understand what I mean by "They Schools". The term refers to a Westernized indoctrination system that teaches half-sided truths about people. Just like you, I went to high school... I am currently a first-year student at U.L.S.A.... Anyway, I'm saying that these institutions will tell you that Christopher Colombus founded the Americas without mentioning genocide... they'll talk about Luther King Jr.'s "Non-Violent" approach while ignoring that the legend spoke about forming RIOTS against oppression. You're the one with the one-sided opinion, as King eventually vouched for Violence as a NECESSARY OPTION.
  9. DLimit

    Username: Rebel-Lion360 Comment: A bunch of white cracka lies taught to the youth within "They Schools"... They ALWAYS leave out the important parts. https://timeline.com/by-the-end-of-his-life-martin-luther-king-realized-the-validity-of-violence-4de177a8c87b
  10. DLimit

    Username: Rebel-Lion360 Comment: @Keyboardwarrior You're going to Overstand why we ain't vouching for support from the white man in our next article. In the end, we ain't looking for crackapinions when this content is targeted towards the Black Kings and Queens of the Earth,
  11. DLimit

    Username: Rebel-Lion360 Comment: I would like to address that the majority of the terrorism within the United States of AmeriKKKa are committed by white supremacist organizations. Yet, the crackkka-controlled media only talks about black-on-black violence, Muslim terrorists, and Latino migrants... get yo facts straight before ya run your mouths about racial-profiling, ignorant cracka-ass-Neanderthals. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was proving that he doesn't exist... these crackas trying to hide what they are.
  12. DLimit

    Wassapp (Wassup + Whatsapp)
  13. DLimit

    Username: Rebel_Lion360 Comment: Brother, Dr. Fred Hampton was right in certain cases. But, you gotta understand, cracka devils ain't ever going to stand by our side when it comes to our struggles. Our next article is gonna focus on that topic, refuting the claim that we gotta stand in solidarity with the white beast for our liberation. In the end, these devils are the ones pushin' fourth our genocide, family. We, as Black People, gotta stick for each other, without being dependent on some cracka or Uncle Tom to solve our problems. It's kind of why I recognize The original B.P.P. as the "FOUNDATION" for our cause. But, we gotta get with the times and Overstand that the whole "solidarity with white people" shit just doesn't work... It's kind of why The New-Black Panther Party strays away from holdin' the hand of the slave-master. Peace, G.
  14. The Black Voice: Article #1 Author: Rebel-Lion The first article shall prioritize on discussing the foundation and intention of the newspaper, alongside with presenting details on the founder of the news company. What is The Black Voice? “The Black Voice” was formed on January 1, 2020 by “Rebel-Lion” within his studio apartment in Vespucci for the purposes of raising awareness towards African-American issues within Los Santos, San Andreas, and the remainder of The United States of AmeriKKKa. It focuses on topics regarding the Black Family, Black History, Black Culture, Black Activism, Black Businesses, systematic racial discrimination, police brutality, Black on Black Crime, and numerous other issues that represent our struggle. The objective is to uplift the mind of our fellow African-American brothers and sisters within the island. It is the voice for the African-American community, ensuring that the Black Voice is heard by people, throughout the world. For over four-hundred years, the black man, woman, and child have been enslaved and colonized by the white devils of sub-humankind. Yet, after those four-hundred years, the black man, woman, and child still remain enslaved and colonized. This time, it is the enslavement and colonization of our minds. Our minds have remained shackled and chained to this very day, which is why “The Black Voice” intends to liberate those minds from their enslavement. Overtime, “The Black Voice” shall discuss a variety of topics that pertain to our struggle for self-determination, ensuring that our minds, bodies, and souls are emancipated from the white devils that have been stifling our development for centuries. It is time, black people, to wake up. About the Author “Rebel-Lion” was born and raised within Los Santos, specifically within the Vespucci region of the city. For political reasons, he desires to keep his name anonymous. He is a full-time pro-Black activist and first-year university student, majoring within “African-American Political Studies” within “The University of Los Santos” (U.S.L.A.). He was inspired by African-American figures such as Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton & The Original Black Panther Party, Dr. John Henrik Clark, Dr. Ashra Kwesi, Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochanan, King Samir Shabazz & The New Black Panther Party, and General Sara Suten Seti. During his spare time, he exercises in the gym, reads books, and writes poetry. Want a Voice? Are you a black man, woman, or child that wants your voice to be heard? Are you a black business owner seeking publicity? Please, comment below. E-mail the author, Rebel-Lion, at [email protected] (Forum Account: DLimit) or contact him at "753-2820". Comment Below: Username: Comment:
  15. DLimit

    Banned for metagaming that information.