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  1. DLimit

    I heavily vouch for the idea of transitioning any PK into a CK, as it enhances one's roleplay experience, ensuring that the highest standards of roleplay are maintained. If a character was randomly executed through Deathmatching or based on poor reasons, then it'll be argued as a forum report to determine whether the CK was legitimate. MANY disagree with me, proclaiming that their character will lose their assets etc... This won't be an issue if one is capable of attaining a FREE character name change after a CK. Finally, regarding the disruption of one's R.P. development? Well, you should've been secure with one's actions. Civilian-Bystander casualties, within itself, are just as horrific as the targeted victim's casualties... It should be treated as such. Majority of PKs should be "severely wounded", causing the player to undergo amnesia of the event rather than to be "deceased", allowing the R.P. to continue as the subject being severely wounded with the suspect undergoing attempted murder charges. Countless R.P. servers outside of GTA treat "PKs" as severe wounds with major consequences, as it doesn't interfere with any of the R.P. beyond the two parties. All bystanders, investigators, and judicial staff members will perceive it as a severe injury from an attempted murder charge.
  2. DLimit

    Why is this in the faction's section rather than the business section?
  3. DLimit

    Amazing high-quality roleplay, specifically when it involved blackmailing a Law enforcement officer. Continue with the astonishing work!
  4. DLimit

    I had examined countless reviews, on Google, on "The Top 5 Greatest Text-Based Servers", as I did not possess a microphone at the time. I would've either joined the Eclipse server or this server. However, I had randomly selected this server. I do not regret that decision, as I've spent half a year on this server. Within six months, this server has improved dramatically. I've never had a terrible experience on a server-wide scale. Continue with the astonishing work!
  5. DLimit

    If political R.P. is gradually manifesting itself within GTA: World, then it's time to re-birth Damien Malik, a character that has been used within ARMA servers for political campaigns. Continue with the astonishing work!
  6. DLimit

    I'm also preparing a black-oriented faction, as-well. However, we're only starting the foundation as a small clique. The faction thread won't be submitted until January. <--- This character might've been CKed, but others have replaced his ranking, haha
  7. DLimit

    Hello. I am hiring an interior designer to set up my restaurant and bar within a small piece of property in Davis. Please, message me at [email protected] (((Forum PM))) or 424-7262.
  8. DLimit

    My character just robbed a bank while I was O.O.C. labouring a twelve hour shift. When I logged on, the character was safe and secure within his household. I wonder why that's an issue? Ah, it did not happen within the server. It is powergaming if it did not happen within the server... simple. To completely control or manipulate any other P.C. or N.P.C. in an O.O.C. manner is classified as powergaming, as-well. I cannot even post a faction screenshot if a single sentence is not 100% similar to another player based on the sole notion that I am power-gaming their words.
  9. DLimit

    It is powergaming based on the notion that one is manipulating NPCs, when one should not be roleplaying as NPCs. Period. EDIT: The title of the video is "ConstructionWiriPARTY"... Not just a break.
  10. DLimit

  11. DLimit

    Greetings, I am interested in purchasing an abundance of overly-used "Vapid Stanier Taxis" for a very cheap price. I intend to purchase these taxis in bulk. Thus, I would prefer extremely used taxis. We may negotiate prices.
  12. DLimit

    I apologize for leading by example and providing examples of realistic characters that don't rob every single person on sight and expect to earn one million dollars from cocaine sales as-if they're Pablo Escobar or Al Pacino. We should instead, produce arguments with zero examples as arguments should be supported without case studies or evidence, correct?
  13. DLimit

    I'd like to address that the majority of criminals are not wealthy, as they commit crimes to simply survive. Unless one is roleplaying as a massive mob boss or a high-ranking member of an upper-level criminal organization, then you'll more than likely earn enough wealth to survive under the poverty line. In the end, the reward is the reputation, not the wealth. I've played at least ten criminals on this server... neither of them were wealthy. Jevaun "Ras" Jones would purchase marijuana for $200USD and sell it for $250USD for enough profit to pay off his rent and food bills. During times of desperation, he would scam people through firearms and narcotics scams. Teddy "Duppy" Brown breaks into household and vehicles to conduct theft on smaller items, such as jewelry, phones, figurines etc... Just to pay for rent, food, and maybe a couple grams of marijuana (R.P. wise, too)... He doesn't even commit these crimes for mechanical benefits, as it is all to roleplay justifying possessing $1000USD on the character to purchase items. I.E. Break into a home, steal around twenty pieces of jewelry, R.P. selling it, then justify why he'd have $1000USD in his bank account (the other 199000 is non-existent). Fidel Estrada would steal vehicles to scrap them for his set, only earning $500USD per vehicle. Small? Not at all, as he was a migrant attempting to survive in El Burro. Karl "Chaos" Brandt would break into vehicles, joyride them for a couple hours, then steal any small items and loose change to have a meal and pay for rent. He never desired to scrap the item as he preferred a minimalist life while undergoing major thrills. Dorion Gates would would buy a eight grams of marijuana, smoke four, then sell the rest... allowing him to smoke more purchase more marijuana. The rest of his life involved labouring as a cashier. All in all, most criminals remain poor while committing crimes, unless one is a wealthy mob boss or a high-ranking members of a high-level criminal organization. It's reality. Any person that is driving a "Lexus" after "Hustlin" had truthfully attained a loan for the vehicle, haha. Criminal roleplay is intended for those that can roleplay it properly, heavily investing their time for the experience, not just the mechanical wealth. I'll be honest, a lot of people cannot roleplay criminals properly... You actually have sets that rob every non-set member on site, rather than building relationships with their community.
  14. DLimit

    Username: Jujubadmon Comment: Yuh, meh buy dat, SOON-TIME, bredrin!