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  1. DLimit

    I would not mind heavily adding that illegal roleplayers should prioritize LESS on utilizing their firearms as a means towards resolving conflict, as the amount of homicides within Compton, in 2019, was 498. If twenty individuals are shot on a weekly basis, then it sort of displays that we are overdoing shoot-outs and heavily relying on firearms to resolve disputes.
  2. DLimit

    Security Guard while studying the Political Sciences at university.
  3. DLimit

    Personal beefs are common between Law enforcement officers and individual gang members within the street. At times, a Law enforcement officer will literally address a person, from the hood, by their full names in order to degrade them in front of their set. It's very common... it's often a personal relationship between repeat offenders and Law enforcement officers. Not arguing against this. In fact, illegal RPers should imitate other sets when it comes to 1vs1 fights etc... rather than complaining about increased police presence. Rather than fighting in the middle of the street, most gang members often produce statements like "Yo, bro, let's take it to the back!" etc... they should handle their business in a private location that is less likely to result in police involvement. EDIT: In the end, it'd be unintelligent to attract negative attention of Law enforcement officers. Hence, conduct the heavy stuff in private. It'd also be a major life-threatening risk for one to be respectful and compliant with Law enforcement officers in front of your set, as it indicates that you'll be compliant when it comes to snitching during interviews and interrogations. The smart gangsta does that... the stupid one fights in the middle of the street... I'm producing this statement as a former I.R.L. member. Any "older head" would portray these characteristics as "hot-headed" as it attracts too much negative attention to the hood. Good points.
  4. DLimit

    "it's always "fuck twelve" or whatever. I get that your characters might not like cops but as somebody who was a cop IRL, most of the people I interacted with didn't treat me with the disrespect I see on this server, even if they were going to jail. Most people wanted to be as nice as they could to me so that I'd leave and they could go back to their business. " I am very curious, but does one labour within high-crime rate and gang-infested regions of U.S.? As a former gang member, members of lower-tier street gangs would more than likely display major discontent and opposition towards Law enforcement officers, even within their presence. However, independent narcotics dealers and consumers were the ones that would play "nice guy" to evade undergoing charges. Major difference in responses between "gang members" and "independent criminals", as most lower-tier gangs promote anti-police statements to display that they are not a snitch. If one is observed "sweet-talking" a Law enforcement officer, then other members may perceive that person to be a weaker link that would eventually snitch on them in the future. Now, this is Toronto, Canada... Shower Posse mentality heavily promotes either A) Cursing out police or B) Remaining silent. I'm imagining that it's even worst with L.A., Chicago, and Detroit street gangs.
  5. DLimit

    What are you meaning?
  6. Greetings. Selling a nice 1-Bedroom trailer house in Sandy Shores. It comes with a nice kitchen, living room, bathroom, and outdoor porch w/ grill. It is near The Boat House [Club], a few active diners, Sandy Shore 24/7 Convenience Store, active tattoo parlour, and hair salon. I am selling it for $200,000. Biddings are accepted, starting at $130,000 with a $5,000 raise on each bid. E-mailing me at [email protected] for more information.
  7. DLimit

    [SOLD: L&A THIS]
  8. Man, needing a snack on my shift, some times. This place looks good... they are even delivering! Any menus?
  9. DLimit

    Still selling this.
  10. DLimit

    Um, it is pretty brand new... I did not do any customizing on the motorcycle.
  11. DLimit

  12. DLimit

    Selling my Cheval Surge for $40,000. Prices are negotiable. Only eighty miles and has not had any modifications since I bought it. Phone: 310-1777 E-Mail: [email protected]
  13. DLimit

    Hello. I am selling a Dinka Double-T for $50,000. It is nearly brand new with less than five miles on the bike. It has not been customized since I am purchasing it. Negotiating is fine. Phone number: 310-1777 E-Mail: [email protected] (((Forum account)))
  14. DLimit

    I cannot roleplay rapping as a fourteen year-old Asian wanna-be gang-banger effectively. Thus, I had used a random fourteen year-old's tracks to produce this video. As Thirteen had stated, it should be content as long as one alters the imagery of the video. Finally, it should be an unknown underground artist to ensure that relevant figures do not conflict with the character: I would, however, oppose resorting to using well-known figures. For example, long before this was a rule, I had used Guerrilla Black on a track: