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  1. Hello everyone! Welcome back to another Staff Update. We hope that everyone is staying in good spirits despite the end of Summer approaching very quickly. If you haven't seen yet, we're looking forward to a stable release of 1.1 that is expected to come soon after RageMP pushes a few more fixes. This update will come with a number of great sync changes and will provide us with much more freedom for features. Make sure to keep an eye out for any information regarding that! As for the staff team, we would like to thank Thirteen for all of his hard work that he's put into the team but unfortunately he has stepped down from his role and left the staff team earlier this month. @Bombie has been assigned as Head of Property Management, make sure to wish him good luck! We're all looking forward to seeing what Bombie can bring to the table. Furthermore, we would like to welcome @KV back to Staff Management! She will be assisting me with managing the Administrators. Elections will be coming at the end of this month! This is a huge step towards advancing our political roleplay scene and we hope that you out there are as excited as us. If you're interested in running as an independent candidate, make sure to check out the following: Admin Promotions Game Administrator Level 3 to Game Administrator Level 4 @FearnR (Head of Support) Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2 @Chey @Shanks @Sharvit Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1 @HaveADream @nateX Senior Support to Trial Administrator @Wirbelwind @Phiz @Invictus Support to Senior Support @Doosty @MrsHamster @Pillsbury @Griz @Connor @Gall Developer Promotions Game Developer to Senior Game Developer @St3fan[NL] @Static New Support Team Members @Anderson @effion With our new staff application system, if you were not given support you can check your application to see if it was marked as denied or reserved, accompanied with the reasoning and required improvement. Any denied applicants this month may not reapply until the staff applications open again in November for December 2020's staff update.
  2. Canadian

    Cops cars, part 2.

    The solution to a locked thread isn't to open another one. It's just beating a dead horse at this point. It's the same discussion over and over when it's been said already that there's no plans to change it. Locked.
  3. Hello everyone! July has been a very strong month for the server overall. Our server's activity is very similar to last month, and still remains near our record average. This month we peaked at 627 players online at one time. The server averaged 293.54 players throughout the month at all times. As for applications, we’re showing an increase from last month with a total of 3509 (>2070) received with a 27.75% acceptance rate. That means that we had 973 (>610) new players join the community! Welcome to all of you new players! We hope that you enjoy your stay. We've had quite a large workload on our administrative team this month with a total of 17990 reports being submitted in the month alone, with an average of 600 reports being submitted a day. We would like to thank our team of Admins and Support for their hard work on the applications and reports this month! We are still working to bring in new support and admins to continue assisting with our growing popularity and to be able to provide more rapid assistance to our players when in need. On another note, government elections are starting to be implemented into the server. Be sure to keep up to date with them, our latest update on them can be found below! https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/topic/30069-elections-update-party-leaders/ As for changes within the Staff team, we would like to announce the unfortunate news of @Keane stepping down from his position within Management to put some of his focus into other areas. Do not worry though, he will still be around as a regular admin! Make sure that you take the time to thank him for the work he's put in during his time in Management and wish him luck with everything. Our team is looking forward to August and hope that you all are as well. We wish everyone luck if they're returning to work, school, etc. And hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this pandemic. Finally, to conclude, we'd also like to congratulate those who are promoted and welcome the new Support members to the team! FearnR & FullyCanadian Many of you are either going in vacation or staying at home due to covid, I wish everyone good health and good luck through this non ending health crisis! I also wish a good Eid al-Adha to all our muslim friends who will be celebrating today, stay safe! As mentioned by FullyCanadian, Keane will be stepping down after almost a year being the most loyal and dedicated staff member I had the pleasure to work with in the management team. I've went through very difficult time managing the team thanks to his presence, and without his support during these small staff crisis, most of the difficult decisions couldn't have been taken. I'll welcome you back in the management team once you'll have taken some time to enjoy the server out of the constant stress and pressure that being in a management role requires! FullyCanadian will be promoted Head of Staff to replace Keane, I'm sure he'll do great in this role and his work is already very appreciated by both players and administrators you've been helping! Nervous Admin Promotions Game Administrator Level 4 to Management @FullyCanadian (Head of Staff) Game Administrator Level 2 to Game Administrator Level 3 @Groz (Assistant Head of Support) Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2 @Frezemis Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1 @Dios @Enko @Odin @Truffle Senior Support to Trial Administrator @Bash @HaveADream @nateX Support to Senior Support @Phiz @Invictus @Chiky New Support Team Members @MrsHamster @Pillsbury @AshenOne @Skent @Griz With our new staff application system, if you were not given support you will be able to check your application in the next 48 hours to see if it was marked as denied or reserved, accompanied with the reasoning and required improvement. Any denied applicants this month may not reapply until the staff applications open again in September for the staff update in October 2020.
  4. Hello everyone, This is an announcement in regards to the addition of sexual roleplay rules within the GTA:World community, as well as changes to the age limits of characters. We would also like to remind everyone that we do not and never have accepted pedophilia within the community. We punish any instances of this very harshly and will continue to do so. These rules are not an attempt to address a pattern of pedophilia in the community and they are simply to ensure that players on our server are being protected from predatory behaviour as well as to ensure that our heavy standards are being applied to all areas of the server. That being said, if you ever experience any instances of predatory behavior or pedophilia, you should contact an administrator with any evidence that you can gather. Even if you do not have evidence, it's recommended that you contact an administrator immediately so that it can be escalated and investigated. I ask that you please read through these new rule additions and familiarize yourself with them as they are going to be enforced at a high standard. I will attach a list of notable points that you should be made aware of: Characters are now no longer allowed to be under the age of 16, unless the character is made for the intentions of getting involved with gang roleplay and there is a reasonable justification for that character to be 12-15. Players who are OOCly under the age of 18 may NOT engage in any explicit sexual roleplay of any kind. They MUST take the responsibility to fade to black, which they have the OOC right to refuse to consent to. Players who are 18 or over the age of 18 should ensure that they do not willingly engage in explicit sexual roleplay with a minor. Characters who are under 18 may NOT participate in any explicit fully roleplayed sexual roleplay. If they engage with sexual roleplay with a character that is under 18, the roleplay must be skipped / faded to black. This does not apply to characters who are under 16 who may not fade to black nor roleplay it out. Characters who are under 18 may NOT be involved in any rape/sexual assault roleplay whatsoever, including fading to black. Characters who are under 18 may NOT be involved with sexual roleplay with a character who is 18 or over in any capacity, including fading to black. Character descriptions must be more neutral in nature. They should not be over sexualized and should properly describe the character in a neutral manner. PLEASE READ THE FULL CHANGELOG HERE: Why? These rules are being implemented to ensure that the GTA World staff team is properly protecting our players and that all of our players are not participating in any predatory fantasies. Although, I'd like to address that we have always been committed to protecting our players from predatory behaviour and will continue to do so; if you witness any predatory behaviour you are asked to please bring it up to a trusted Administrator. The reasoning that gang roleplayers are being given an opportunity to roleplay under 16 is for the simple reason that there's a justification and a realistic need for it. Other than gang roleplay, in the current climate of the server this is no justification to roleplay a character under 16 and we will not be allowing it to occur outside of gang roleplay. What Now? These new changes are being implemented immediately and should be adhered to by the entire community. Anyone who has any evidence of any predatory behaviour in the past may still contact any administrator in private. If you have a character that is affected by these new age limits: You must age your character up to fit the new server standards or remove the character within 48 hours Sincerely, FullyCanadian, on behalf of the GTA World Staff Team.
  5. 9) Offensive Roleplay The purpose of this rule is to find a balance between allowing players to be comfortable when playing while still allowing some freedom during roleplay. The roleplay that is restricted under this rule falls under the broad term of "Offensive Roleplay", but it does not mean that any roleplay that offends a player is not allowed. Offensive Roleplay includes the following; torture; dismemberment; other roleplay that may disgust another player, for example a graphic description of an injury. To do any of the roleplay listed above, it must be done with the OOC consent of all players involved prior to the roleplay being started. Offensive roleplay must be conducted away from other players and areas where players are likely to stumble across it. If an admin deems a location too public, it can be considered a breach of the rule. It is the responsibility of the players participating in the offensive roleplay to try to keep it away from players that may be uncomfortable with witnessing it. Players knowingly entering an area where offensive roleplay is occurring are assumed to have consented for the purposes of this rule. An example would be entering a strip club or a location where they know a character is being tortured. If a player is uncomfortable with the roleplay and they are a participant, they may request that it stops at any time. If a player witnesses offensive roleplay and they do not wish to see it, they may remove themselves from the scene. Examples: torturing a player without making sure they are fine with participating in that kind of roleplay; describing a gruesome injury in detail when someone arrives at a scene. The following types of roleplay are not allowed to happen on the server at all: cannibalism; bestiality; necrophilia; paedophilia. Sexual roleplay is covered in Rule 19. 19) Sexual Roleplay Rules The purpose of this rule is to restrict predatory behaviour and reduce sexualization within the community. "Player" refers to the person behind the screen. "Character" refers to the character created by the player that exists in-game. Character descriptions must describe the character's general demeanour and appearance for players involved with roleplay. Character descriptions should not intentionally sexualize the character and should be rather neutral in describing the character. For clarification, this covers the character description script that a player can set using /attributes and another player can view using /examine. Sexual roleplay is defined as any roleplay that can be considered to be sexual activity or can lead up to sexual activity. This includes sexual touching. Fade to Black is defined as choosing to skip a roleplay scene as opposed to roleplaying it out in detail. Typically, the involved parties agree on what would have happened between the involved characters and simply move on. Players who are under the age of 18 cannot participate in any form of sexual roleplay. If any characters or players under the age of 18 are involved in any form of sexual roleplay, they are required to fade to black. Characters under 16 may NOT fade to black and may NOT participate in sexual roleplay whatsoever. Characters that exist only for the purposes of engaging in sexual roleplay are forbidden. Every character needs to participate in roleplay outside of sexual activity in order to not be in breach of this rule. Sexual roleplay may only happen if every player that can see the roleplay consents to it. Players who do not want to participate in sexual roleplay may freely remove themselves from the location where it is occurring. Sexual roleplay must occur in a private setting to minimize the chances of other players stumbling across the roleplay. Players may be punished if they are discovered engaging in sexual acts in public if they are unable to prove they did their best to not be discovered. In summary, the following must all apply before sexual roleplay can occur: all involved players are 18 years old or older; all involved characters are 18 years old or older; each player has agreed to participate and understands that the roleplay must immediately stop if an involved player gets uncomfortable; all involved players are responsible for making sure players that have not consented cannot stumble across the roleplay (eg. roleplaying in a locked interior); players may not encourage other players to participate in sexual roleplay using OOC means. This may also extend to trying to convince a player to engage in sexual acts of any kind when the character is clearly unwilling to participate. Players are strongly encouraged to report any sexual roleplay that involves characters or players under the age of 18. Additional Notes: Sexual roleplay in a public location can be defined as anything from engaging in sexual activity in anywhere that isn't in an interior to engaging in sexual activity in an interior that is easily accessed by several other players (such as a business or property with lots of players renting). Businesses that have sexual roleplay occurring inside (such as a sex shop or a club with exotic dancers) should be clearly advertised as such in order to warn players of that type of roleplay occurring. 6) Character Rules When naming your character, you must consider the following; names cannot be famous or be similar to a famous person's name; names may not be the same as or similar to characters in video games, movies, TV shows or any other form of media; names should match the character's background; names should exist in the modern day and be reasonably common; names should not be comical or reference memes or pop culture; names may not contain any special characters, and they must match a Firstname Lastname format; names may not be nicknames and should be full names as they would be shown on a government-issued ID; gag names such as Ben Dover are not allowed either. Characters must be at least 16 years old. The only exception to this rule is if you make a character with the intent on getting involved with a gang faction. This is to allow more realistic recruitment for gangs as they typically target teenagers for recruitment. These characters are allowed to be no younger than 12 years old. Admins have the final say when it comes to a name being valid or not. Players instructed to find another name should do so. None of your characters should have any impact on anything your other characters are involved in. The metagaming rule goes into more detail about this. Each of your characters should be unique from your other characters. Making similar characters that have the same motivations, goals, objectives etc. is forbidden. This is to avoid players name changing to avoid consequences. Switching names between your characters is also forbidden. Should a character be CKed or name changed, the character that comes after should have no connection to the previous character. Any character in a faction that is name changed or CKed must follow Faction Management's regulations for returning to the same faction. If a faction has no written agreement with Faction Management, then a returning character should be discussed with Faction Management. The purpose of this rule is to make sure CKs have an impact on factions.
  6. Are you looking to potentially get charges expunged from your criminal record? Contact Brandon Walker, Attorney At Law, to discuss further! Email (Preferred): [email protected] (( FullyCanadian - Forum PMs )) Phone: 9614712 Fees: $4,000 for an in person consultation. Any further charges will be discussed.
  7. Hello everyone! June has been a very strong month for the server overall. Although there has been a very slight decrease in players due to re-openings across the world, we are still very proud of the activity we've seen. This month we peaked at 624 players online at one time. The server averaged 304.75 players throughout the month at all times. As for applications, we received 2,070 with a 29.46% acceptance rate. That means that we had 610 new players join the community. With this slight decrease in new waves of players, we will have the opportunity to re-focus on quality of current players instead of having to manage a huge wave of new players, and we hope to have a calm summer to keep increasing the quality of the community for everyone. Those who are new to the community, welcome! We hope that you enjoy your time here. We've had quite a large workload on our administrative team this month with a total of 19624 reports being submitted in the month alone, with an average of 701 reports being submitted a day. We are promoting a large number of admins so that we can help combat the large amount of reports we're receiving and so that there will be faster response times for reports. As well, we've had a few changes within Staff Management. I will be leaving Head of Support and passing it off to @FearnR with @Groz as Assistant Head of Support. With me stepping out of Head of Support, I'll be filling in as Assistant Head of Admins. I have full confidence in FearnR and Groz and wish them the best of luck in their new roles! Another notable event that we had this month was the use of clips recorded on GTA:W for a Kanye West video! Check it out here: Our team is looking forward to July and hope that you all are as well. We wish everyone luck if they're returning to work, school, etc. To conclude, I'd like to congratulate those who are promoted and welcome the new Support members to the team! FullyCanadian Admin Promotions Game Administrator Level 3 to Game Administrator Level 4 @FullyCanadian (Assistant Head of Admins) Game Administrator Level 2 to Game Administrator Level 3 @FearnR (Head of Support) @Bombie (Head of Property Requests) @lambchops (Head of Roleplay Quality Management) Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2 @Cheeezy Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1 @Chey @Sharvit @Shanks Senior Support to Trial Administrator @Enko @Dios @Odin @Truffle Support to Senior Support @nateX @HaveADream @Bash @Wirbelwind @Perky New Support Team Members @Phz @Invictus @Chiky If you were placed on reserved, you will be contacted with feedback. Otherwise, if you applied for the staff team and your name is not on this list, you have unfortunately been denied. You may contact @FearnR for feedback and the denial reason. Any denied applicants this month may not reapply until the staff applications open again in August for the staff update in September 2020.
  8. With Copacetic's point, I'm going to be locking this thread. @Max3 I do suggest you talk to Copacetic directly with your concerns and see what you can do to work with him. He's a very open-minded person and I'm sure that'll be more productive given the path this discussion has taken. Here is a topic for anyone interested in general PD concerns since that seems to be the bulk of the discussion. Locked!
  9. Whether I agree with your point or not, I could sit here all day and point out things that I didn't "see" anyone get punished for in regards to legal factions, illegal factions and even general players on the server. From criminal factions getting away with poor portrayal to legal faction members chasing each other with their lights on in the middle of the city and crashing into walls without RPing anything. Just because nobody went around waving a giant sign saying ">> LOOK WHAT WE DID TO THIS PERSON <<" does not mean that nothing happened to them. It doesn't contribute to the discussion at all just because you didn't SEE anything happen to those people doesn't mean nothing happened to them. Why would we go around waving a sign pointing out OOC punishments we take on players? Why would anyone?
  10. I've not seen it or many punishments for it at all so I'd be curious where this is coming from. I see a lot more punishments being issued towards illegal factions of 20 members compared to PD's like 180? And don't say that PD receives bias from Administration because that's simply not the case and they're just as subject to admin action as anyone else. Anyways.. this is off-topic. I suggest for the sake of the discussion it stays on the theme of warrants and police raids. There's other avenues if you want to fight about other topics.
  11. After reading through this thread I'm a little disappointed that a lot of the feedback has just come out of spite of being caught in-game, like that's PD's fault. Guns may be common in the United States but if you're flashing an automatic around on Social Media then expect your door to be kicked down. It happens all the time in real life. I can see the viewpoint of feeling disappointed that an investigation can only take a few days. A lot of points on this thread have been that you shouldn't have to spend your time contesting charges or situations in court and PD should just "get good". Why wouldn't illegal RPers just "get good" and stop handing investigators evidence of a crime on a silver platter? If you're not willing to go along with the story because something happened that wasn't in your favour then that's on you. Don't complain if you aren't going to take steps that we have to contest it within the court. That's roleplay. JSA is very objective and critical of PD/SD, which they should be. Go with the story and take your charges to court.
  12. As Brett said, this is a suggestion that can be taken to Copacetic. If you believe you're being unfairly charged, fight it ICly. That's part of roleplay. You can't expect everything to go right for your character all the time. Go with the story and figure it out. Suggestion closed as it is not relevant to the "game" and can be taken directly to JSA (or FM if you experience an actual issue), as Brett has suggested.
  13. PD on LSRP is not the same as PD on GTAW. In fact, the roleplay standards in general on LSRP are much lower than here. We do things differently so your past experience isn't relevant frankly. Unfortunately, this isn't real life so we have to make OOC sacrifices. As for the alts situation, let's look at the possibilities: Have STAFF Officers out on patrol not responding to any calls and doing nothing for the roleplay of the server. (Doesn't help anything, driving in circles does nothing to contribute to the server, the department. Useless.) Have STAFF Officers out on patrol and acting as a Watch Lieutenant/Captain overseeing the supervisors and patrol. (Unrealistic. Was done in the past, see Dakota Eastwood being kidnapped on a weekly basis out on patrol as Chief.) Have STAFF Officers not out on patrol at all with no alternate characters. (The higher you advance in the department the less you get to actually contribute?) Allow STAFF Officers alternate characters for patrol. (I don't see any downsides other than having multiple characters to maintain.) I've seen no reason to change our alts system. I've not seen you provide any reason to change it other than you don't like it despite never having any experience with it. Having realistic ranks out on patrol isn't an IC issue, it's a portrayal issue. The Heavy RP solution isn't to have 50-60 year old men out on patrol because we can't have alts and still like to enjoy our time on the server just as much as any other faction member. Realistically, my character would have paperwork to do and is almost simply a political character. There isn't that type of work to do in-game.
  14. Thing about NPCs is that they ruin RP scenarios. Say you crash into one, in the context of the server you should RP that but then.. by yourself? They're just gonna drive off. They do make the world feel alive though so it's a tough issue.
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