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  1. Your comments left a lot to be debated about, sorry if I misconstrued what you wrote, confused me. Anyways, na. I agree with a seperate license for high powered weaponry such as rifles but expect an influx of gun robberies. BTW, my shotgun comment was referring to the bad sync with shotguns that's why you can't compare a shotgun to a rifle in GTA W.
  2. You're looking at it in the context of IRL, but unfortunately GTA, especially with the current sync doesn't hold weight to your argument. Shotguns are way less useful than any rifle on the server, if not for what the gun is but the sync. I get the logic behind management not allowing legal rpers to buy assault rifles because one it'd create an influx of high powered weaponry, two it will go in improper hands. Weapon suppliers can be monitored on who they are supplied to. To get a PF license it's incredibly easy. Now, to offer a solution to your problem perhaps create a seperate license for people that want to own those rifles. Another issue with your argument is, irl a pistol is not going to run you 15-25k sooooo yeah.
  3. Just because it's happened before doesn't mean either side has to agree on it, it's not in the rules. This thread was made for the purpose of rule additions and or adjustments. And it makes no sense why a crip gang would be going to war with Italian OC or Russian OC, in what world? My purpose for saying people need to be active during a war is because you /may/ have people never logging in said character they're using for a war which creates an unfair advantage. And for your last point, I'm glad to see IFM does so already. EDIT:https://prnt.sc/v1xecb I noticed IFM already has a rule in place for it regarding how long war participants need to be alone.
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