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  1. pateuvasiliu

    Yeah let me just escort someone from Paleto to Los Santos' DMV so he can get his car insured. Come on bruh.
  2. pateuvasiliu

    I'm seeing people who say they have the latest drivers and they still get a stable 120 FPS. Admittedly it's on an RTX 2080 but if an RTX 2080 can pull ultra with NVR at 120 FPS I'd expect an RTX 2060S to have at least 90 and never drop under 60 ever.
  3. pateuvasiliu

    Source? Also the amount of women is less important. The amount of women who go to prison is important. And in my experience, it's males 90% of the time.
  4. pateuvasiliu

    And if GTAW's criminal pop was half female you'd have a point but if you segregate by gender female prison will just become Dead City AFKville.
  5. pateuvasiliu

    Breaking Bad uncontested #1 Better Call Saul, Game of Thrones, Spartacus also great.
  6. pateuvasiliu

    Text 722-32-722 or email [email protected] (( forum PM )) Car is insured until the start of February.
  7. pateuvasiliu

    It would mean I can't play RDR2 properly, nor any new games that will show up. Not willing to do it. The last NVidia driver improved the game's performance by 10-15% on my PC. You're asking me to downgrade to drivers from before RDR2 even launched, which I assume would make it unplayable.
  8. pateuvasiliu

    Because this isn't helping. Expecting people to switch back to drivers from months ago for a single game is unrealistic. Also
  9. pateuvasiliu

    It's not really a driver issue, because GTAO doesn't have 222 players. Sounds like a RAGE issue. Even if it was the former, I'm not going to go back half a year of graphic drivers just for GTAW. I wouldn't be able to play other games properly.
  10. pateuvasiliu

    I believe I identified the issue. I played today and had an average 120 FPS around Pillbox Hill with 100 people on. As of right now, 3 hours later, there's 220 and my FPS went down to 90. Which... doesn't really make sense to me, as the extra 100 players aren't rendered on my screen at all times. But I didn't change anything in those 3 hours.
  11. pateuvasiliu

    Upgraded to max
  12. Text 72232722 or E-mail at [email protected] (( forum PM ))
  13. pateuvasiliu

    My game doesn't crash, the FPS is poor compared to weeks ago. I don't even think I installed a new driver since.
  14. pateuvasiliu

    I use optimised for RDR2 and it runs 60+ just fine but without MSAA it looks pretty bad. And in GTA 5 it doesn't seem to make a difference. It's pretty clear that my FPS is not an issue of my computer because if I raise/lower the settings nothing changes.
  15. pateuvasiliu

    RDR2 already runs like crap, without Nvidia's drivers made for it it'll be worse. I'm not downgrading drivers.