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  1. You're missing the point. The issue isn't with my CPU hitting 69it's with my CPU only hitting those temps when other games are fine. GTAW is literally making my PC run hotter. The issue isn't with my PC.
  2. Not a chance. I play with temp monitors daily. In RDR2 it doesn't go past 64. And yet it happens. Other players in my faction have complained as well. This isn't a hardware issue. My temps are far lower in literally anything else including GTA 5 SP. NVidia Control Panel. And RTX 2060S / Ryzen 5 2600 @4GHz / 16 GB RAM at 2933
  3. It's not a matter of FPS. If I limit it to 60 it's the same temps. Also I have an 144 MHz monitor and the FPS isn't going over 144 anyway so pointless to use Vsync.
  4. If Vsync was the reason it's so hot it would've been hot in the bottom picture too, which is also from GTAW. GTAW just became less optimised/more demanding as time went by.
  5. Taken today 11 APR I've only ever gone over 70C when I was rendering videos. My CPU normally stays at low 60 temperatures. GTAW is the only game in which it goes this high. Compare to this ( RDR2 ) or this ( GTAW months ago ) The performance and thermals have become way worse in the last few weeks. We're talking a 7C temperature increase.
  6. Vapid Dominator Classic is a must have. It looks amazing. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/dinka-thrust-police-bike-add-on-sounds
  7. There's no bottlenecking. This is a 2014 game dude.
  8. I'm using an SSD and a god tier one at that and I'm still seeing sub 60 FPS and high frametime in Forum when 250+ people are on
  9. Turn everything on max and your GPU usage will be 99%. MSAA x8 alone does that for me.
  10. pateuvasiliu

    GTA V - FPS

    That's not much of a solution sadly, DX 10 looks like crap. The game without MSAA is incredibly aliased. The truth here is that if I can run 90+ FPS maxed out but on GTAW I fail to hit 60 on Forum Drive the issue is with the mods or Rage. The game genuinely looks better on DX11 Medium + MSAA x2 than it does on Ultra without MSAA. Look how jagged distant textures look.
  11. Your GPU is meant to be at ~99%
  12. Officers don't get to decide how the law works. They just apply it. The Penal Code ( which you can read freely, it's on this forum ) does not make a difference between adults and underaged people.
  13. Evading is a felony. Even if they wanted to let you go there's literally rules that stop them from doing that. The GTAW Penal Code does not differentiate between underaged and adults.
  14. + They should be banned altogether because depicting actual child violence is illegal in a lot of places and some people sexualise their underage characters. Just disturbing ( and probably illegal IRL ) stuff that should not be allowed here. Most RP servers I've been on ( I've RPed for almost 10 years in various communities and games ) BAN or VERY HEAVILY FROWN upon underage characters. I don't know why GTAW insists on keeping them around. Also Evading isn't a petty crime, it's a felony.
  15. Who the hell cares where it is? I don't want to have to write about shooting down a 15 year old. Minor characters should not be playable.
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