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  1. pateuvasiliu

    And? Your beef with them is over. And I've RPed for 7 years now. I'm no stranger to permakills, but they need to come for a reason, not just " This guy dissed me ", or else we'd permakill each other daily.
  2. pateuvasiliu

    It finalises your vendetta without actually offing a character and potentially making someone leave the server. Honestly, CKs should be rare, unless you're targeting the head of a faction/group to seriously destabilise them I can't think of any situation in which you NEED to CK someone. From your point of view you killed that character and they can no longer trouble you. Why do you care if they're permadead? Your personal reasons have been fulfilled. Wanting more just seems like you legitimately want to aggravate that player. Again, this does not apply to faction leaders. If you want X faction to stop rivaling you or causing trouble, killing their leader makes perfect sense.
  3. pateuvasiliu

    I went from Bronze to Plat 4 this season, OTP-ing Lee Sin and then switching to Kayn and then to Pantheon Top. But they nerfed my Spartan boii and now the game is sad. All the champs I enjoy are in a pretty bleh spot to climb soloq.
  4. pateuvasiliu

    What does unprofesionally mean in this context? If anything, as a PD member I noticed that a lot of cops are very nice. Now I play mine courteous because he doesn't want to antagonise people and make himself a target, but legitimately most are very by the book and rarely display any rude behavior to the ones they arrest. Never saw any suspect rudely shoved or hit in return to slight resistance during arrest. So I'm really surprised by this claim, if not entirely skeptical.
  5. pateuvasiliu

    It's very much illegal to have fictional children engaging in sexual acts Except there are rules in place against extreme torture or rape that allow you to NOT roleplay it if you don't want it so give me a break with that. It's a game not a psycho funhouse.
  6. pateuvasiliu

    What kind? Is it teenagers getting punched, or them getting shot 10 times? Because the latter happens on this server and I've never heard of any game allowing that to happen.
  7. pateuvasiliu

    I didn't play Bully. Again, does that game show kids having sex or murdering people or getting shot?
  8. pateuvasiliu

    Does that game have kids murdering people? Getting shot? Having sex? I somehow doubt it. As far as I know games aren't allowed to show child violence which is why in games like Skyrim or Fallout they literally made it so you can't hurt kids. I don't know why anyone would support this.
  9. pateuvasiliu

    It's a RP server not real life. I am uncomfortable with that shit OOC and any sane person should be as well. Child characters should be nowhere near murder and sex. The latter is literally illegal.
  10. As someone that works in Law Enforcement I do not feel comfortable having to shoot, hit, search or even strip search a character that is a minor. This is NOT done in any game ( pretty sure it's illegal too ), kids and teenagers are not killable and any violence happens on adult characters. It also opens up some really fucked up avenues for people to engage in Pedophilia on this server.
  11. pateuvasiliu

    Where might one do this? I've sent something to player management a few days ago but it hasn't been read yet.
  12. pateuvasiliu

    Considering it's fully tuned and registered, I'm looking for ~80,000$.
  13. pateuvasiliu

    Still selling this
  14. pateuvasiliu

    Disallowing political speeches on your platform isn't censorship. This server would ban you from the discord if you started posting propaganda, too. No one wants to see that shit. The player knew to keep politics out of it and he did it anyway. He made his own bed.
  15. pateuvasiliu

    SOLD, L&A please