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  1. Character name: Katrina Martalez UCP name: Ellix (Discord name?): Ellix #1596 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 928 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): 3478 Carson Avenue Screenshot of teleport entrance: https://imgur.com/cmPXYYW Screenshot of teleport exit: https://i.imgur.com/y32Jdv0 Teleport type (balcony,backdoor, business TP, etc): Balcony
  2. Ellix

    Sold, L&A
  3. Ellix

    112 Fudge Ln. Nice 2 bedroom house on a quiet street Back door leads to covered patio areas Large property includes two garage buildings Email (forum message) or Text: 5891 Please start offers at market price: $150,000 Exterior: Interior:
  4. 7712 Mountain View Drive, Sandy Shores, San Andreas Cozy 2 bedroom 1 bath trailer on a corner lot Large, fenced-in yard Several interior renovations and updates Close to the shops and medical center Email (forum PM) or Text 5891 for a viewing, or to make an offer. Interior: Exterior:
  5. Ellix

    San Chianski House
  6. Ellix

  7. What I'm saying is that would make the ability to despawn your vehicle close-by and convenient for some, while requiring others to drive all the way across the map to be able to do it. A small amount of money is nothing really, all this would do is give some people easier/quicker access to despawning their vehicles than others.
  8. You would need a lot of parking lots. It wouldn't really be fair for some people to be able to park right near their house, but others have to drive all the way across the map to be able to park their cars safely. While I agree that people abuse vpark, I think this solution would be more hassle than benefit.
  9. Ellix

    Are there... two toilets sitting across from each other in the bathroom?
  10. Ellix

  11. I started trying my hand at mapping a few months ago, and have really enjoyed it so far! Every place I've done so far has been completely from scratch, and only using GTAW's furniture system. I'll be posting them in chronological order. Peckerwood Tobacco Lounge in Paleto Bay Sandy Tattoo Parlor Back Room Sandy Shores Trailer Sandy Pawn Shop Peckerwood Tobacco Store in Sandy Shores Harmony House
  12. Ellix

  13. Ellix

    LOL Riley with the balls scratch.