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  1. Freweini looks at the website, tapping her chin with a finger. She lets out a "hmmm..." As she grabs her cell and sends a short text. ((In case that jig is still running, I've sent an IG sms. Feel free to reply there or with a forum PM))
  2. I do have to surface every 25 seconds... Missed that mark a couple times though... ^^,
  3. Update with more diary/portfolio entries, Updated relationships part
  4. Except that you actually crash and die when the game client crashes or timeouts?
  5. Crowded night yesterday at the Vault...
  6. Updated with plenty of stuff, namely: Portfolio and diary and... updated story and more tiny bits and that...
  7. We didn't save the world but that was fun...
  8. Quick memorabilia from the Vault's May 18th opening.
  9. Please, please! Tell me recruitment is open! I beg of you!!!!
  10. Portfolio & diary entries: May 13th, 2018: Arrived in Los Santos and managed to find employment in a restaurant for a certain Johnny. May 14th, 2018: Met Johnny again, he had that guy Andreas in charge of the restaurant. opening was real messy though. Only me doing service, plenty of customers... Few of them ended up being satisfied and I was apparently the only one realizing this was bad business... Money... You just mention it and people start acting stupid. They want money so hard they'd settle for getting small amount now rather than getting big money over time... May 15th, 2018: So apparently people think Vespucci area is the new black. Mkay! Why not people... So they all went to buy their ugly houses. Ten bucks they'll get bored of that before the end of the week... Eventually had a chat with Andy... Not sure I liked it. It's disturbing how he put misunderstand everything one say and twist it to feel his own depressive self. I wonder if I can get him to see that? Get him better? May 16th, 2018: Situation with Andreas gone out of control and crashed. Took only an evening and he's gone out of my life. Situation with Johnny also crashed for reasons I won't tell or write in here. On a positive note, I hit work as bartender in the Vault. It was a quiet opening but pay was good. John who's managing the club for its unknown owner did good. Seems more serious and commited than Johnny and Andy... May 17th, 2018: Not much to do today so I did what I do best... May 18th, 2018: What a day! What a long and eventful day! Met with Austin of SAAR in Paleto, had an interesting chat and run a quick errand in the wilderness. Nothing world changing but quite good and funny to do! Then I met Horatio who answered my taxi request by coming on a plane. Sounds silly but it was very fun and the man seemed nice despite his tatooes and Hell's Angels look. What else we had a Vault opening and John says he wants me to become part of his company. Not sure yet. May 19th, 2018: Usual stuff... Diving and vaulting. May 20th, 2018: Sunday long day? This one certainly was! Morning weather was pretty good so I spent most of it diving near... Catfish cape... I think it was at least. Someone called for an afternoon beach party. I won't pretend I care about parties but beaches? Fuck yeah! Saw John and Simon doing their usual stuff and trying to get more contracts for future events like this. Saw Horatio and we actually had a long chat about me, him and his business plans. And then there was another Vault opening. I don't know who had the idea, John or our extremely shaddy overboss, but they began offering VIP access. Customer pays three grands and gets full access to the club and free drinks... That means lots of work or, more to the point, lots of free work. That certainly brings customers to the club but that means far, far less money in my pocket. I eventually raised the point with John at the end of the shift. Dunno what he'll make of it. I also broke the news to him that I won't be bartending around here forever, that I had other plans and all that. I'm not sure he took it well. And then... Long chat with El! I like her a real lot. I'd be rude to say she ain't smart but there is an underlaying naivety to her that is both touch and scarry. For example she said she wanted to move on to "adult entertainment"... Not a good idea, El'! Who knows who's going to screw you in front of TV. All my bets are on shaddy characters that won't ask your permission to do what shit they want. I've always been convinced only weirdos and gangsters do that shit... I dearly hope she'll listen to me, unlike that weirdo, crybaby, emo-kid Andy. May 21st, 2018: Strong wind this morning so I followed my guts and didn't go for a dive. Drove downtown and was welcomed with a sudden storm. That probably count as avoiding death... Spent most of the afternoon looking through petty details over the net, my business plans are starting to shape up in my mind and I can't wait to put them into action. Gonna have to be patient though... Day off for the Vault team but El and I met up to head to some beachside restaurant. We were promised a dinner of crab that didn't ever happened but that wasn't the worst of it... Freaks! Freaks and creeps everywhere and especially overboss, his drunkard cousin, John and Simon. Just like the Vault this felt like another of their money-laundering operation. Service was shit, customer satisfaction inexistant... A fuckin' tourist trap... Except that we were the fuckin' tourist. Car show at the garage under the highway. El' won five grands along with that weirdo in Pink Panto and fancy clothes... We bailed out only to be followed around by some weird-ass stalker freak... So we headed to Mirror Park and bim! Once again we found John and Simon. El's pretty sure they been following us... I dearly hope they're not gonna try and threaten me into not living their club... Well if they do, they're in for quite the surprise... El and I "drove" (more technically raced) all the way to Catfish lighthouse. Angry sea, long chat... El's going to Spain in a few weeks for a few weeks. I'm still surprised of how badly I took the news. I mean... I know her for what? Three days? Four tops! She's grown to be a pretty serious point of anchor in my social life. I like her a real lot. Then we "drove" to Sandy Shore airstrip to meet Horatio. Introduced both of them in hope to show El a couple alternatives for her future career. I really don't want her to go to Spain but I'm really curious to see what ideas and decisions she takes after these vacations of hers. Her return from Spain will be my deadline for my own business start. More to come on that later on...
  11. Identity: First name: Freweini (Erythrean origin, means Seed of a Berry) Last name: Torrente Nicknames: Fre, Mermaid Date of birth: 31st May 1991 (26 years old) Place of birth: Marin General Hospital, 250 Bon Air Rd, Greenbrae, CA, USA Nationality: US Citizen, by birth right Current address: 605 Cascabel Avenue, Paleto Bay, San Andreas, USA Previous address: 1036 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA, USA Grandparents father’s side: Merhawi Torrente (grandfather; first generation migrant born in Massawa, Eritrea; sailor and fisherman) Birikti Afewerki, spouse Torrente (grandmother; born in Massawa, Eritrea; drowned in Mediterranean Sea when ship sunk, leaving Merhawi with his six years old son; housewife) Grandparents mother’s side: James Willams (Grandfather; Afro-American, born in San Francisco; sailor and fisherman) Josephine McCarthy, spouse Williams (grandmother, Afro-American, born in Oakland, housewife) Parents: Dahlak Torrente (Father; second generation migrant; born in San Francisco, USA; delivery driver) Janyce Williams, spouse Torrente (Mother; Afro-American, born in San Francisco, USA; housewife) Siblings: Only child Husband: None Children: Fnan Torrente (daughter; born on December 25th, 2016, in Marin General Hospital, CA, USA, unknown father; died on April 12th, 2018, in Marin General Hospital, CA, USA) Email: [email protected] Relationships: ((Relations will apear in order of meeting and only reflect Fre's opinions on people, not the player's.)) Johnny: Andreas "Andy": George "Geo": John: Simon "Sir": Austin Daniels: Horatio "Plane-dude": Elektra "El": Ismael "Overboss" Dobroshi: "Champagne Lady": Ardit "Overboss-cousin": Background information: Part I: Across the sea... Story starts with one Merhawi Torrente, descendant of an Italian occupant whose blood had been diluted with local inbreeding. Merhawi was a simple man as there are many across the world. This one man in particular had a small shack on the coast of the red sea and an even smaller boat which he used to sail and fish. Around age sixteen, Merhawi was introduced to a younger Birikti Afewerki and their marriage was arranged by their parents as was the custom. Within a few months, Birikti was pregnant and gave birth to healthy son named Dahlak in 1974. Nineteen seventy-four also marks drastic political changes in Eritrea with the fall of Emperor Haïlé Sélassié Ist and his replacement by a military junta known as the Derg. As is often the case during revolutions a vicious and ruthless purge was then enacted. With his Italian last name, Merhawi quickly found himself targeted. Next year, he eventually decided to take his boat, wife and child and sailed toward Europe. Caught in a storm, Merhawi’s tub sank within seconds. Unable to save both child and wife, the young man was forced to watch his wife drown and die. Later recovered by Fast Attack craft HS-Pezopoulos, from the Hellenic Navy, father and son were brought back to Salamis Naval Base, in Greece. From there they were granted political asylum in Greece and, later on, in the USA where the Torrente settled in early 1980s. A lone father with a rather turbulent child, Merhawi had a hard time trying to adjust to American life for, like most people of third-world countries, he had been given a dream version of the US that clearly wasn't any close to the truth of it. Merhawi worked hard in all kind of tedious jobs to earn what money he needed to raise his son. He eventually found alternative childcare and returned to the hard and ungrateful work of a sailor. This eventually led to tense relations between father and son for one had sea as a wife and the other had lost her mother to it. Merhawi eventually associated with fellow sailor James Williams to buy their own boat, open their business and, in the end, marry their son and daughter. From that union was born on May 31st, 1991 a healthy little girl named: Freweini Torrente... Part II: The sailors, the father... and their mermaid Freweini had a pretty peaceful childhood even though she found herself caught inbetween her sea-farring grandfathers and sea-hating father. As is often the case, these tensions escalated to a climax that coincided with Fre's teenage. Dahlak eventually understood that his daughter was much more like his father than as him and there was no forbidding her from answering the call of the sea. For her sixteen's birthday, he offered her a complete scuba gear that she's still using nowadays and protects as her most precious treasure. School-wise, Freweini had marks below the average not because she was stupid but because she spent most of her time daydreaming and looking through the windows. She quickly dropped of school, took part-time works on the land and part-time with her grandpas' fishing on the coast. As both men grew older though, they were forced to stay more and more away from the sea. Fre had to find herself a more serious job and she applied to become a full-time commercial diver and underwater welder. It took her a lot of effort but once Fre has something in her mind, she can become an extremely hard-working and commited woman. <missing content, reason: WIP>
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