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  1. Naru


    Well, let me remove it then 😂 The search function never shows me what I'm looking for
  2. $600,000 Lower bid in case no appropriate buyers are selected. Raising bid to $750,000.
  3. Username: mpeters Comment: can't blame him, seen the two a couple times, she's hot
  4. is this some new mc? looks cool
  5. +1 Bring it that far that a select number of qualified players are allowed to use an animal skin.
  6. great boss, great colleagues, great customers, great bar, best friends. place i want to grow old - melvin
  7. Belgium is full of it. There's nothing that's unrealistic.
  8. My game won't load when I add Menyoo to the folder, anyone else having this problem and what to do?
  9. Naru

    /ad queue

    Sure, but everyone will spam the queue then, it's just moving the situation. The easiest solution is that you can put yourself up in the single line queue after an ad popped up. Also, when I'm last in queue, it's possible that I'm not online anymore and running ads for American players.
  10. Naru

    /ad queue

    There will be a moment you'll be the 600th in queue, I'm afraid it's not that a good idea
  11. Short description: Typing label will ignore non-RP related input Detailed description: So you're in the middle of roleplay and your opponent is having a chat with a friend in /pm or is looking up his /stats. After your character did something and you're suspecting a reaction, all you see is the typing label pop up to stuff which aren't related to the RP. I think it's more important for you to know that your opponent is replying on the live situation instead answering his PM. Commands to add: Items to add: How would your suggestion improve the server? Ignoring several commands will improve roleplay quality and be less time-consuming. Additional information:
  12. I'm guilty on doing that twice? I think. I was new and saw someone do that, so I thought it was the common way to describe someone. Won't be doing that again. ?
  13. She looks scary, but cute scary
  14. It's not realistic calling a cab on a bugged car, but how realistic is /vparking your car when you don't have a garage, or go to a business, ...?
  15. Hi Since the last update today, I start seeing these red dots on my map, they represent businesses but which are not open.
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