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  1. naito

    Yeah, when I meant the korean mob, I was legit going for the kkangpae style.
  2. naito

    I managed to create an underground street illegal drifting group in-game, we usually communicate through a private group in Facebrowser. Everybody drives legit jdm/oem types of car with a few modifications, everyone involved in the group actually did the whole work on the vehicles, I even engine swapped my vehicle completely. We usually meet up after midnight to do some doridore and touge runs on a few parts of the mountain, if anyone spins or crashes, we tow it back to the garage and work on it. If the car dies, we're usually mechanics so we pretty much try to fix it on the fly, if the player doesn't want a quick fix, we take it back to the garage. We have an illegal street racing group on the server, you guys probably never heard of it 'cause we try to keep it really on the down low because of the cops. Only thing I would really love to see is a korean mafia with north-korean or chinese weapons connection that utilizes the LS Docks to contraband the crates in. Little Seoul is literally a small town that can be controlled if done right. Yakuza small family affiliated with another family that is afilliated with a Kai, something that starts from the ground up. Also, that korean branch off the Inagawa-Kai would be an awesome role play aswell.
  3. naito

    It's nice to see Little Seoul coming back to life. I've been role playing on that part of town for some time now and I have seen little to no Koreans around. Keep this alive, please.
  4. naito

    This is amazing! Keep up with the rp guys, don't let it die.
  5. naito

    It would be lovely if someone could make a video detailing it while showing how it's done. I've read this thread over and over again but I can't wrap my head around it 'cause of a.d.d. Please.
  6. naito

    this will definetly help me get started, I appreciate it
  7. naito

    Great job on the list, this helped me a lot when I first started, still does actually. Merry Christmas, buddy.