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  1. Sup fool? You here too I quite notice. I am Highjack from PRRP, and we use to role together sometime in LSPD I think.

    1. -Andreas


      Yeah I remember you (-:

  2. -Andreas

    Update 1.3.2 Additions The server is now compatible with the last update: 1.46! New clothes from 1.46 have been added! New /fires command for FD Added return message for confirmation on /movemenu Preventing someone from rekilling another player right after they've been killed You will not pay the entrance fee multiple times after a crash anymore Added performance mods to /vstats Changes Fires will only randomly spawn if there's at least two FD members onduty /gps is nolonger case sensitive when typing the address Lowered the radius of both FD labels Tutorial is now temporarely disabled Renamed "Construction" menu to "Manage property furniture" Siren script is now compatible for 0.3.7 Increased /melow, /mylow and /dolow range Modified the ajail system Fixes A big improvement to the way fires are handled upon death which should prevent it from bugging out entirely Better cleanup of fires client side The ":" char will nolonger print on /pm and /fonline The Furore GT will now spawn properly, instead of being a BMX Fixed /dme and /dshout Fixed camera initial rotation Fixed a bug where the XM Radio would sometime remain in properties where it was changed "Manage business" menu will now be visible for tattoo parlors owners
  3. -Andreas

    The radius of both FD labels have been lowered quite a lot now. Will go live on next server update. Locked and archived.
  4. -Andreas

    Try to delete your entire client folder for GTA:World. Rejoin the server again and once you come to the black screen wait about 2-5 minutes for it to download the DLC. Go back into the client resource folder for GTA:World and make sure the size of the DLC folder is at 72MB. Once it's at 72MB quit the game and join the server again, it should work.
  5. -Andreas

    Yes it's possible.
  6. -Andreas

    Have fun!
  7. -Andreas

    Congratulations everyone! Good luck Dominykas.
  8. -Andreas

    Team Fortress 2 was a great game until it was all about hats, but yup we'll see how this turns out..
  9. -Andreas

    We'd love to change up the icons if there's other ones that makes more sense! Here's a list of blips if you wish to browse through them and find new ones for the factory and brewery. It's highly appreciated. EDIT: Woops here's the link https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Blips
  10. -Andreas

    Wait what.. It's actually free to play now. Valve also did this with Team Fortress 2, it's a bit of an odd move I guess.. And battleroyale? Will be exciting to see how that's going to affect the professional scene.
  11. -Andreas

    Congratulations everyone!
  12. -Andreas

    Eh was just about to say that was a great guide and how easy it is! But then I realise you're getting the mp3 files of the songs through a converter? That does not seem legit in any way, and if that's the case this guide needs to get removed I'm afraid..
  13. -Andreas

    Have fun!
  14. -Andreas

    This wont be added in I'm afraid, and there's multiple reasons why. Something like this would require CEF to display pictures, and that means you'd have to download those when you connect the first time. Ontop of that a developer is required to browse through the animations and get a picture for each of them which in the end wont tell much of what it does as most are not static without movement. Not to mention there's far more important CEF features we rather focus on than displaying animations in this fashion. You'll have to get used to the animations and when to use them use which one in a scenario I'm afraid. I hope thats a sufficient answer to your suggestion. Denied and archived.
  15. Suggestion has been implemented as of update version 1.3.1. Moved to implemented and locked.