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  1. -Andreas

    Had a few games, it's actually more fun than I expected seeing as I don't like these futuristic games.
  2. -Andreas

    Looks like the average is broken on the 'All time' and 'Last month'?
  3. -Andreas

    Best of luck!
  4. -Andreas

    Congratulations to everyone!
  5. -Andreas

    That issue was fixed, so I'm guessing someone might have broken into your safe if you're missing items. If you still believe that's not what happened, please provide more information in a bug report. You'll need to go all the way around if you missed a pin. If you attempt to go slightly back you'll get the messed up message and get a reset.
  6. -Andreas

    @Wallaby007 Are any of the 9 pin values 1 apart from each other? An example would be; 53, 59, 90, 12, 65, 33, 42, 43, 87 as this could cause issues. It's something I'm aware of but haven't pushed a fix for yet. I'd suggest you to just replace the safe if it's the case.
  7. -Andreas

    Yes it's possible to do it codewise, but there's no sync of windows with Rage right now. We could do it, but there would definitely be times where some would see it down while others see it being up. Often when you enter a vehicle you'll end up smashing the window, or hitting any object can also cause a window to get smashed etc. This was not a problem back on SA:MP as the windows couldn't get destroyed anyway. Only bend in or something along those lines.
  8. -Andreas

    As M52B28 already mentioned this would most definitely cause issues with every single clothing component. I doubt that the creator of such a mod would adjust all of that and ontop of that keep it updated with new DLC and so forth. It's not possible, but thanks for your suggestion nonetheless. Worth a shot. Locked and trashed.
  9. -Andreas

    Update 1.4.2 Additions New alarms for your property. Read about it here New safe system to store your valuables in. Read about it here New system to break into properties and businesses. Read about it here : There will be NO HOUSE ROBBERY ACCEPTED before the 03/FEB/2019 to give time to each house owners to use /stashinfo, add house alarms etc. You can rob a safe If you find one. Property alarms have been added to the hardware stores Safes have been added to the hardware stores Added /stashinfo for your properties - Describes where you're placing your valuable items to make sure robbers will have to search there to find them, or not! Added three new tornado models Changes Business bonuses and entrance fees will now go to the safe if it exists inside the business Added GPS and tint value to /vstats /vpark is now disabled again, you may use /vrespawn and /vflip near your properties. The range was expanded to allow its usage for apartments too. Fixes Fixed /sniffgun not detecting equipped weapons
  10. -Andreas

    Feature Showcase: House & Business Robbery Information Thanks to the alarm system and safe lockpick, you may now attempt to rob businesses or houses! You can sneakily go into the property and lockpick the safe, or go the hard way by breaking a window and entering into a house. The property breakin system is an admin based request that will spectate you during your breakin roleplay to make sure that you are properly roleplaying the breakin. Once the roleplay is done, the administrator will approve the request which will unlock the entrance of the property. While you're inside, you may start searching for a safe, or for any items. Roleplay searching everywhere, as the administrators will be able to see where each items are stored. If you search where one of the items was located, the administrator will notify you that an item X was found. As for business robbery, nightclubs, bars, restaurants will store their cashbox into a safe. Breaking into the property or going to the safe during an opening will allow you to try & lockpick it! The goal of robberies being admin-monitored is to avoid chain robberies, poor roleplay and metagaming. Commands /stashinfo - Sets information about where the items inside your house are located. You are expected to roleplay this location at any time you'll want to access your stored items. For example, you can have a stash info with the following description: 1) All the drugs are hidden under the sink. 2) All my ammo are under the bed. /breakin - Starts a robbery request, you may perform this command before roleplaying any attempt, and wait for an administrator confirm he's handling your request. Once it's confirmed, start roleplaying and you'll receive a notification once you can enter the property, as the administrator will be spectating. Credits to Nervous and the staff team for making the video
  11. -Andreas

    Decided to just do it now. Implemented and ready. Moved to implemented.
  12. -Andreas

    Sure thing. Already did the /checktint for PD, so its just copy paste anyway. Approved and forwarded. Locked.
  13. -Andreas

    Feature Showcase: Safe Information Safes gives you the chance to store your belongings out of sight. Be aware though. A combination of too few pins and an undisturbed criminal could mean your safe got broken into. If you got extra cash it's worth spending them on a more expensive safe of higher quality that provides you more pins that needs to get craked before the safe opens. At the moment there's four different safes. Safe #1 (3 pins) - Safe #2 (5 pins) - Safe #3 (7 pins) - Safe #4 (9 pins) A safe can be placed anywhere on the map, but you're only able to have one placed down at any time. Besides giving you the freedom to use the entire map you're also able to set them down inside an interior. It's only the owner of a property who can place down a safe inside his real estate. Incase a robber breaks into your property, it's worth putting your safe aside somewhere out of sight. Inventory & Commands The safe is making use of the very same inventory system you're already accustomed with when playing on GTA:World. You can access the inventory of a safe by pressing Y and select the inventory using the nativemenu. It will obviously need to be unlocked before you can access the inventory. To place items inside the safe you can choose between using your personal inventory menu by pressing I or use commands. The following commands are used to put and take items. /safeputitem (/sputitem,/spitem) to place items inside a safe. /safetakeitem (/stitem,/stakeitem) to take items from a safe. /safedeposit (/sdeposit) to deposit money inside a safe. /safewithdraw (/swithdraw) to withdraw money from a safe. /safewithdrawall (/swithdrawall) to withdraw all the money from a safe. /placesafe to place down a safe onto the ground. How to open a safe? We're very lucky that GTA:V provides some execellent images we can use to create the immersion of actually opening a safe. To ensure things stay fun a minigame was made based on research on real safes. First walk up to a safe and press Y to open the menu. Select the option to open the safe. After that you'll be presented with a new HUD representing a safe dial and locks. Example of a safe with 3 pins You can dial left and right using the left and right arrow key on your keyboard. To unlock the first pin you'll have to move right, and as you get closer the HUD will start to shake ever so slightly depending on how close you are. Once you're at the correct pin number wait for a moment. Shortly after you'll see the pin unlock, and a sound will play. Now you have to dial the opposite direction until you hit the next pin. The direction you need to go will switch everytime you unlock a pin. Repeat until all pins are unlocked. If you go the wrong direction all unlocked pins will lock again and you're required to start over. You can always cancel by clicking your right mouse button.
  14. -Andreas

    Feature Showcase: Property alarms Information A property alarm is a must have when you're a proud owner of real estate. To avoid the usual approach on roleplay servers when it comes to alarms we tried something else. Usually there's some sort of level system, where the higher level is always the best to have. You'll be given multiple choices to choose from where each alarm is produced by its own company according to the GTA lore. At the time of writing this there's four different alarm brands and each has its own pros and cons. This eleminates your typical level system, and requires you to actually give it a thought on which alarm will suit your property and needs the best. You'll find a description of each alarm listed below to provide a better overview of their differences. All alarms will have an alarm sound that starts after the delay. Commands Purchase your alarm at any Tool store! /installalarm - Installs the alarm at your house /stopalarm - Stops the alarm /removealarm - Removes the alarm and puts it back into your inventory Alarm specifications Brand: Wiwang Delay: 60 seconds Alerts the owner over SMS: No Delay before alerting the owner: N/A Alarm radius: 55 meters Flashing red light at the entrance: Yes Alerts the LSPD with a message: No Displays blip to the LSPD: Yes Delay before alerting the LSPD: 30 seconds Brand: Tenshun Delay: 90 seconds Alerts the owner over SMS: Yes Delay before alerting the owner: 30 seconds Alarm radius: 70 meters Flashing red light at the entrance: No Alerts the LSPD with a message: No Displays blip to the LSPD: No Delay before alerting the LSPD: N/A Brand: Toshi Delay: 30 seconds Alerts the owner over SMS: No Delay before alerting the owner: N/A Alarm radius: 60 meters Flashing red light at the entrance: Yes Alerts the LSPD with a message: Yes Displays blip to the LSPD: No Delay before alerting the LSPD: 45 seconds Brand: ThriftEX Delay: 100 seconds Alerts the owner over SMS: Yes Delay before alerting the owner: 10 seconds Alarm radius: 70 meters Flashing red light at the entrance: Yes Alerts the LSPD with a message: No Displays blip to the LSPD: Yes Delay before alerting the LSPD: 50 seconds Adjustments? We'd love to provide even more options, tune the already exisiting alarms to balance things out and add more alarm brands. If you got ideas on how we can implement other variables that makes each alarm differ from each other, please head to the suggestion section.
  15. Might have been on Discord then.