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  1. -Andreas

    It's related to the bag system yes.
  2. -Andreas

    Could you try moving all your aluminium into your vehicle to clear some space, then relog to see if the shotgun gets readded to your inventory?
  3. -Andreas

    RageMP does support mods, but only server-side mods, and we're already using mods on hairs at the moment. But.. There are known issues with mods on this version of the client unfortunately, so we will not be adding more until the new moddownloader gets released sometime later. This means we can provide server-wide mods so everyone is using them, and you wont be able to download any yourself. @CheezyTheNerd
  4. You’re the man, Roxer! Glad to see you here

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. -Andreas


      South Korea? Very nice. Do you even have time to go on GTA:World then 🙂

    3. Nick:)


      Yeah I have the time for sure, my downfall would be the timezone.. but I have a lot of downtime for sure, it’d be nice to hop on and get involved with the community again. Honestly nothing like it anywhere else 

    4. -Andreas


      Great idea! 

  5. -Andreas

    Yes all items that are giveable, that includes weapons and drugs yes.
  6. -Andreas

    But items are already dropped upon /acceptdeath though?
  7. -Andreas

    Resolved. Items were found in the inventory. Locked and archived.
  8. -Andreas

    Hi Shang, There's indeed logs of you placing a Shotgun + 1 shell + 19 shells inside the inventory of the property you rent at. However. 40 minutes later you took the exact same shotgun from the property while wearing a mask. The shotgun and 20 shells are all inside your player inventory of Shang Takashi at the moment. So the shotgun isn't gone.
  9. -Andreas

    Update 1.5.3a Changes /sniffcar can now be used to check for either drugs or guns. (/sniffcar [guns/drugs]) Added /fixinvi to be used when you're inside interiors and you see invisible players Reduced chat lag when driving around the map or loading in a new location, the full fix will be deployed with RageMP 0.3.8 Slightly increased the range of K-9 tracking Changed some backend stuff for the keypad system to prepare for a larger implementation coming later
  10. -Andreas

    Congratulations everyone, welcome to the team!
  11. -Andreas

    No issue, was a misunderstanding. Locked and archived.
  12. -Andreas

    1) You equipped a pistol with 32 bullets using: /equip or through the inventory menu? (Will need to know) 2) You crashed WHILE having the pistol and 32 bullets equipped. 3) You relogged. 4) You had the pistol and 32 bullets back in your inventory on /inventory or the inventory menu. 5) You equipped the pistol and 32 bullets again using: /equip or through the inventory menu? (Will need to know) 6) Upon equipping the pistol and 32 bullets got removed from your visible inventory on /inventory, and you received 64 bullets instead? 7) You disconnected WHILE having the pistol equipped and the next time you logged in you only had the pistol but no ammo in your inventory?
  13. -Andreas

    Doesn't it kinda look like one of those games that is just going to be a flop? You either love the genre so much that you choose to ignore the flaws, or you just don't buy it. Maybe I'm wrong..
  14. -Andreas

    Only server I ever properly roleplayed on was Project Reality! Westcoast Roleplay, was that the gamemode by Jstylezzz?
  15. -Andreas

    A new unique key system is already planned and noted down for development. It has already been suggested and approved. Locked and moved to archive.