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  1. -Andreas

    Congratulations !
  2. -Andreas

    The black screen is the first time when you're getting the soupiest hair mod, or is that not what you're talking about?
  3. -Andreas

    You're a lucky man to have experienced such leadership! Maybe I recall the name, but there were really a lot of officers back then. Was a lot of fun..
  4. -Andreas

    Implemented.. Locked and archived.
  5. -Andreas

    I would indeed as Vash says try and delete your client folder for GTA:World and redownload the files. If that doesn't solve it, try and reinstall RAGE:MP.
  6. -Andreas

    Makes sense. I see the problem. Forwarded.
  7. -Andreas

    Yep it was my plan to implement it, but other things were more urgent and then I had to take some time off. Maybe one of the other developers did it while I was absent.
  8. -Andreas

    Not that I know of, haven't heard of that being implemented.
  9. -Andreas

    Definitely. It will most likely be brought back again sometime later.
  10. -Andreas

    Yes it's possible, but the hunting script was entirely server-sided which Rage does not support. So to bring back the hunting system we'd need to rewrite the system, which is not a high priority at the moment. It has been brought up though.
  11. -Andreas

    RageMP does support mods, but only server-side mods, and we're already using mods on hairs at the moment. But.. There are known issues with mods on this version of the client unfortunately, so we will not be adding more until the new moddownloader gets released sometime later. This means we can provide server-wide mods so everyone is using them, and you wont be able to download any yourself. @CheezyTheNerd
  12. -Andreas

    Yes all items that are giveable, that includes weapons and drugs yes.
  13. -Andreas

    But items are already dropped upon /acceptdeath though?
  14. -Andreas

    We already have an animation system if that's what you're referring to, but it takes time to browse through the animations to find suitable ones to add.
  15. -Andreas

    Update 1.5.3a Changes /sniffcar can now be used to check for either drugs or guns. (/sniffcar [guns/drugs]) Added /fixinvi to be used when you're inside interiors and you see invisible players Reduced chat lag when driving around the map or loading in a new location, the full fix will be deployed with RageMP 0.3.8 Slightly increased the range of K-9 tracking Changed some backend stuff for the keypad system to prepare for a larger implementation coming later