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  1. Not too shabby, @Sharvit! Congratulations everyone ?
  2. ....You retired......
    I miss you already, fam!


    1. -Andreas


      Heh yeah, I'll be back one day ? 

    2. Bash


      I'll be here waiting for you buddy!

  3. -Andreas

    Inventory bug.

    Hmm haven't experienced it myself, and I'm not sure what's causing it be honest.
  4. -Andreas

    Inventory bug.

    Does any of you have a controller connected?
  5. His roof is leaking .. ?
  6. A great job by everyone involved, and a nice addition to the server ?
  7. Yep I definitely remember. (-: Welcome!
  8. Hmm your forum name is the same as my characters first name.


    Cool coincidence.

  9. -Andreas

    Game crashes

    The black screen is the first time when you're getting the soupiest hair mod, or is that not what you're talking about?
  10. You're a lucky man to have experienced such leadership! Maybe I recall the name, but there were really a lot of officers back then. Was a lot of fun..
  11. Implemented.. Locked and archived.
  12. -Andreas

    Game crashes

    I would indeed as Vash says try and delete your client folder for GTA:World and redownload the files. If that doesn't solve it, try and reinstall RAGE:MP.
  13. Makes sense. I see the problem. Forwarded.
  14. Yep it was my plan to implement it, but other things were more urgent and then I had to take some time off. Maybe one of the other developers did it while I was absent.
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