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  1. So I want to add some more. I've just gone through San Andreas Boulevard, Palomino Boulevard, Eclipse and Tinsel Towers with someone I decided to room mate with. These are arguably some of the most expensive apartments on the market, 200k, 240k, 300k, 325k. They're all the same apartment. In a 125k bracket, where the majority of available UCP buildings for high class homes are apartments. They are: All the Same apartment style. All 'Multi-Interior Interiors'. What I want to know is why? Why is their no deviation in the apartments and why offer the service to renovate when a huge chunk of them are illedgible for a reason that isn't publicized ANYWHERE? I dug into the refund requests and while hindsight is 20/20, a lot of the refunds are because of this bullshit. Why?
  2. So I didn't really know what to do with this. Since the discord states not to pester Admins and I wouldn't count this as emergency. Last night I made an Interior Request which was promptly denied, the reason given was simply what the title is: We do not change multi-interior interiors. Now I'd be fine with this if not for a few issues. I'm going to work off the assumption that Multi-Interior Interiors is to mean apartment complexes. Such as mine 'Ocean Walk - Floor X, Room X'. Taking this into account I can understand why you would want to keep all the apartments similar for thematic reasons. However I find it kind of redundant because we don't have access to all those apartment blocks. This isn't a solid building made up of 10, 20 apartments all looking the exact same that we can enter. They're each individually generated and loaded in, it wouldn't be possible to see these glaring differences, nor would it affect anyone. As well as this. There are certain buildings that are apartment / flat in nature. Such as a portion in Alta Street (I believe it's 205,206,207). That are stacked atop each other, and the only reason for having this numbering system is the doors you can enter from, which is through a stairwell at the front, however at the back of the building there is also what looks to be a main door, making it apartment style in nature. But because you decided to set it up as the main door uses the ladder way, they are now separate entities. My other complaint is the prevalence of the flat I'm trying to replace. ID6. Pushing aside my personal distaste for the building. I spent a day riding around different apartments and looking around. I found ID6 in use at Ginger Street for 85k, Sunshine Apartments for 100k, my own, ocean walk for 120k, next door are a set of far higher class apartments for 140k, and directly on the opposite side of what the UCP map currently shows for sale, 135k at Powerstreet. This leads me to assume that the apartment ID, 6. Is the default for any 'Middle Class Apartment / studio'. I don't understand the huge disparity of regions for this apartment to be so commonplace. I could understand it being used in some cheaper areas. But it's cramped, wholly impossible to renovate due to how finicky it's interior manager is. (Floating lamps, porno mags stuck to a wall, coffee table deleted, remotes floating above it, side doors to cabinets just gone, leaving a poorly rendered empty cupboard) and dosen't fit with an aesthetic in a lot of areas. Additional While Writing this up: I went and checked a building, the 111* Row of buildings at Palomino Avenue. This is for all intent and purpose a flat block. Would this count as 'Multi Interior Interiors?' it's an apartment block, surely it should fall under the same pretense as Ocean Walk, it's a multi-interior interior. Except I'm guessing it's classed otherwise because I can individually enter each room. I also checked inside, this is ID 11, the one I requested the change too. This is 150k, so only 10k more expensive then a building using ID 6, and for myself would only be 5k more to purchase than the combine building cost and renovation cost (120k+25k) However, this is still counted as Middle Class. As well as this. After looking through the main portions of the forum reference interior changes, which is mostly just the document to fill out, as well as the information stating the 3 Rules of changing your interior, there is No Mention what so ever of this in play. In fact the only stated forum rules are: No where is We do not change multi-interior interiors. Which is an issue. I followed these and applied, thinking it was fine. Anyone else making an application to change their appartment is likely to be met with the same comment and either shrug it off or just live with it. But I don't think that's fair. So for a TL;DR - Why can't I change my apartment interior?