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  1. lonex

    50k is not that much, people can earn it back with some effort. Can also push you into minus if you don't have enough, but still it's not something that's going to set you back for a long time but will still make you reconsider your choices. That's still better than losing everything, all character development and assets. And I think most of us here agree that forced CKs are not the way.
  2. lonex

    Not a percentage but I think something like 50k is acceptable. Or just be more strict with people not rping fear.
  3. lonex

    Simple. Take away what people care most for on this server. In game Money. Lots of it. Effective way to combat people not rping fear of losing something and another way of dealing with the inflation.
  4. lonex

    Because PK's exist. Isn't that the point of what people have been getting at? People would rather PK and spawn again, rinse and repeat. You answered your own question. Wrong. But you as Faction Management are there to guide these people away from doing senseless things. You can always intervene, make people apply for CKs if they so wish to cause a massive bloodshed, because apparently they have a good reason to. The whole community wouldn't suffer. I gave an example of why PK's have become a problem in my eyes the very same way you feel CK's are problematic. I mention a solo patrol and you swoop in with 15 armed cops? Chill your LEO brain out for a minute. This is why I said I don't see it happening, there are far too many variables. Anyway, I'll just re-emphasize that I don't see it happening anytime soon because we could never agree rules around it.  I was just making an example, same way you did about a solo LEO in a gang neighbourhood. And the community would suffer because there are far too many variables as you said yourself. I shouldn't lose something I worked so hard for just to some random dumb scene. If I got killed by someone I roleplayed with for a very long time and the person was part of my character story or progression, I would have no problem CKing. But I should still have a choice in that. People shouldn't be forced to spend money on this game in order to play.
  5. lonex

    If they had reasons to go on a violent killing massacre, why didn't they just apply for CKs? Faction management is there to handle these things. The whole community should not suffer because of the select few, because every tree has a bad apple. I for sure am not losing a character with nearly 1k hours of development poured into it, to some random gang member that decided to go pull a gun and go rambo shooting at 15 armed cops that are aiming at him, because.. hey, he'll lose his character anyway to long prison time, might as well go with a bang.
  6. lonex

    https://www.ajc.com/news/man-shot-death-over-xbox-sale-gone-wrong-wife-says/1M5jjWPdP6olXOrmoQqVUL/ This is a common thing in the States. People die over trivial shit and it's a part of every day life. Not going to bother fleshing out a massive post because it'll be ignored anyway. Accept the fact that life (the thing you are roleplaying) has consequences, many of them unfair. There are no protective bubbles around you in real life, they shouldn't be around you here neither.  As for the below quote, this isn't even a problem. Most of us would happily enforce this. In real life I won't be shot for calling someone a thot on Facebook, whereas here it's so common to end up like that. With CKs a thing, people will be even more on the edge and will be even more trigger happy. Sure there would be more fear but there would also be more DM because of it. Not everyone is a good roleplayer, some are even young kids, but they'd be entrusted with the ability to just end my character over a reason they thought was fitting? It will demotivate people to really put any effort in characters they make. People die over trivial things and you hear of them only every once in a while, in a country like the US where there's more than 330 million people. Chances of anything bad happening to you on the street are very small. Here if you just take a walk from one side of LS to another, even while avoiding gang zones, you will most likely end up robbed and possibly shot or stabbed because the person flipped out. On a server where the ratio of criminals is just so much bigger, with a small population, it's never going to work. If we want to talk IC consequences, would you also be fine with your character being arrested for actual months if not years for some trivial things as well? This is a game, not a real life simulator.
  7. lonex

    Well i should have emphasized on should. If a person does not involve themselves in criminal activity or jobs that require your life on the line such as LEO's for example.. the standard person should be safe from harms way when it involves death.. unless again.. it's self induced. I also haven't really came across any factions that specifically target civilians or anyone that would do that for that matter unless they're role playing a sadistic murderer but usually gangs, cartels and anything related generally try to target the enemy not the regular odd 9 to 5 working civilian. There can of course be certain restrictions.. it doesn't have to come without restrictions alongside measures in place to prevent some of the cause for concern that is mentioned.. I believe with well thought ideas and proper administration and management that i find your last statement to not have to be true at all.. there are rules here for a reason.. Ah yes, because people usually don't kill someone after having something as a mere vocal argument, or physical encounter. Not to mention the situations you can get yourself into, just for offering to help somebody as just a civilian. You do not have to involve yourself in any criminal activity to be a victim of one.
  8. lonex

    No? Every illegal faction or character is going to target civilians obviously, high profit with little risk. And in these situations it's very likely to become a victim of unfortunate circumstances. Again, the victim could be someone who has put a lot of effort and thought into the character, whereas the criminal can just be in it for the thrill, alternative character without a care in the world. What you are proposing could work on a closed community of about 20 friends who all trust each other not to do dumb things, but not here.
  9. lonex

    I don't see how having people CK left and right is going to promote actual character development, if any Joe can just take a gun out and kill you and end a character you put an enormous amount of effort into. Plus there's going to be others that for OOC reasons target someone they want to mess with and look for reasons how to get them killed legitimately, while using alternative characters they do not care about. It's far too inconvenient to moderate, because no body is just going to accept their character being gone without trying to appeal it. And this would also mean putting trust into any new comer on the server, to not ruin someone's roleplay that has been developed for months, if not years. There's good reasons why no body implements this system.
  10. Character Name: Garrett Benrhardt Forum Name: lonex (Discord Name?): lonex#6161 Property ID (of your house): ID 757 Interior ID you would like to have(from the list): ID 26 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): Screenshot of the exterior of your house/garage:
  11. lonex

  12. lonex

    Should have left her with Ron to be honest.
  13. lonex

    Story of Julia Daemonas. Chapter III. If you want to see more about Garry, check this out: