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  1. Pascal

    @Nervous' ban, no ban reason listed.
  2. Pascal

    @Nervous' ban:
  3. Pascal

    @owlbeardboy As stated in the ban reason, you were banned due to not being here to roleplay/trolling. While you mention this is your first ever server offense, you were banned due to overall behaviour, which we'll go over in this appeal. You yourself know full well what your mindset and approach is to this server - you are not here to take the server seriously. While we do not expect everyone to be serious, sweaty roleplayers with squeaky clean behaviour/records at all times, there is a line between occasionally goofing around with others and having little regard for how you should act at all. Let's go into a bit more detail as to why you were banned. We'll start with your reason to log into the server - as you said yourself, in your own words, you were only logging in when there was a "kill mission". This speaks volumes about your approach to the server - and indicates that you aren't interested in roleplaying, but rather only logging in for some quick action/shootouts. We're not looking for 'action-packed' DM-y activity on the server - which better belongs in GTA:O. Besides the reason to login, let's look at some of the things you frequently shared with others in separate Discords. The images here speak for themselves - I don't even need to go into much detail of how this demonstrates your approach and mindset to the server: This mindset is something that most people do not get out of overnight. While it is perfectly possible to understand what you have done wrong and apologise for it, there's a big difference between owning up to this behaviour and growing from it. It's often a low-effort, gratifying reward for reactions off other players + knowing that you are "getting away with it", and people you know will further reinforce this behaviour by lapping it up and laughing at the things you send across. To call it an addictive behaviour might be a stretch but it isn't too far off the truth - most players who act like this keep acting like this, as seen time and time again in both this community and others. Turning this behaviour back round takes a considerable amount of effort in both distance from what encourages players to do it and finding something else to focus on. As with most of these type of bans, I'm concerned of the opportunity you will revert to your previous ways, surrounded by the same (or similar) people encouraging that behaviour. You also did not builded barcelonia stadium minecraft, but instead downloaded an existing one. I'm thoroughly disappointed. You can re-appeal next month.
  4. Pascal

  5. This feature is now in-game for early availability and will be fully available in 1.5! We're not accepting any requests for the new nightclub interiors just yet. We will have more information after 1.5 has released about how they are acquired!
  6. Feature Showcase: Interior Variants Commands /pvariants (/pinteriorprops, /pips) - allows you to enable + disable different interior variants. Information Some vanilla GTA 5 interiors have different customisation options for how they may appear. These variants are a fixed part of their interiors and cannot be moved, unlike furniture. You are able to customise these in properties you own by opening the interior variants menu, which is accessible on your personal menu ('i' button) or through the command '/pvariants'. This menu allows you to enable + disable various interior variants, including missing objects/furniture from existing interiors (such as the sofas/beds from Floyd's apartment + Michael's house). Examples After Hours Nightclub Floyd's Apartment List of Supported Interiors The following interiors now offer Interior Variants support: Houses Michael's House (ID 5) Floyd's Apartment (ID 6) Franklin's Aunt's House (ID 12) Trevor's Trailer Trashed (ID 34) Trevor's Trailer Clean (ID 56) Businesses Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club (ID 25) Ammunation Shooting Range (ID 37) Ammunation Office (ID 38) Regular Ammunation (no firing range) (ID 190) Premium Deluxe Motorsport (ID 194) Lester's Sweatshop (ID 244) GTA Online Biker DLC Meth Lab Warehouse (ID 17/48/169) Weed Farm (ID 18/49/170) Cocaine Lockup (ID 19/50/171) Counterfeit Cash Factory (ID 20/51/172) Document Forgery Office (ID 21/173) Clubhouse 1 (ID 47/167) Clubhouse 2 (ID 168) GTA Online CEO Interiors GTA Online Import/Export Vehicle Warehouse (ID 177) Arena War DLC Arena (ID 240) Arena Modshop (ID 241) Arena Vehicle Garage (ID 242) Arena Bar (ID 243) Gunrunning DLC Bunker Interior (ID 249) After Hours After Hours Nightclub (ID 253) After Hours Warehouse (ID 254)
  7. Pascal

    Just to address this - the amount of existing houses isn't the reason we're not adding new houses. We're not adding houses currently as we're both fairly busy at the moment and due to get several new systems + tweaks to existing systems in the next few weeks that will require testing + us to get familiarised with. A side effect of these systems however is that we will have considerably more freetime as they provide tools to do what we currently do much faster.
  8. Pascal

  9. Pascal

    This was cancelled, as Nervous said this before the 1.4 RP jobs patch. I came to him to explain that while the entrance fee system is far from perfect, the RP jobs won't be (and aren't currently) in the best state in terms of payout and won't be an adequate replacement to entrance fees yet, which the economy is largely dependent on. I am not a fan of the entrance fee system however I believe we'll need a solid solution to transition stably too, otherwise we'll see potentially severe effects to the economy. We'll be revisiting and tweaking RP jobs, altering payouts and looking for new, useful and attractive jobs for players to do (rather than just sitting behind a counter all day), implementing a way for Property Management to track average job earnings so we can study and better improve how the jobs work, and once they're in a functional enough state where they become competitive enough to act as a replacement to current ways of getting money, then we can look into how to address both RPG jobs and entrance fees differently. That's not an immediate/short-term thing, as we're pushing to make all of Property Management's main tasks as easy and intuitive as possible for both staff handling the requests, and straightforward for players requesting them, only needing simply forms and cutting out many steps involved.
  10. Pascal

    The player who owns this car in question was rewarded it based solely on the merit of effort. On February the 20th, they approached us explaining several aspects surrounding their character and their development, explaining that they were working on improving this car, providing roleplay screenshots and an explanation on why they believe they deserved the vehicle. To the best of my knowledge, this was the first time a player has approached us in this way with a full plan laid out for the reason they want the car. I personally expressed my concern internally within Property Management that by accepting this, we would open floodgates to more requests of this type as every player would immediately want to request whatever car in the game they desired. Based on the PMs I woke up to in the morning, I certainly wasn’t wrong in predicting this. Special cases have occurred in the past and will continue to, for both properties and vehicles. Players have approached us with high-effort roleplay projects over PM and we’ve provided additional support - be it providing an energy company with access to vans and helicopters not available in dealerships, an aviation company with access to a plane, to providing unavailable houses in certain special cases. There have been many cases we’ve sorted in the past similar, the difference in this case is this car is more of a “personal vehicle”. And if we're talking about @Hani and special cases, you likely know yourself @Hani was subject to a special case where he received an entirely new house location in Vespucci Canals that wasn't scripted prior, due to Property Management miscommunication when it came to him going inactive. I agree with you, and I'd go even further to explain the whole idea of auctions is not well-suited for purpose currently. I wasn't a fan of how the traditional auction system worked as it opened the doors for characters who didn't fit the bill to win anything purely on the basis of script-wise cash and not fitting portrayal, and as such developed the idea of "pitches" as a system. The intention was to phase out the idea of traditional auctions with a system that matches assets to suitable characters - and I recall not being huge on the idea of the name "pitch auctions", but keeping "pitches" separate to them. Pitch Auctions, in practice, saw several issues. First of all, demand for them was severely limited, with only a very small number of players that you could barely even count on one hand openly asking for them to take place. Second of which was timing. We would have players approach us to ask how to acquire a certain asset - a garage for example - and then next week a garage Pitch Auction was launched, with little-to-no applications being sent in. Third of all was overall quality of applications often being both bare minimum and not lining up well with the property in question (mainly a property thing, as there's a lot less to match with vehicles). Pitch Auctions will continue to not be posted for some time and there is a good chance you may not see one at all in the future. The concept of pitching is good and some pitch auctions have been great matches, but the auction part of it doesn't really scale to match needs of the playerbase well. I tend to agree with you on this, which is why we do put effort into supporting special cases when they come up, however not all go through due to lack of available time/script support. With the system you've mentioned in your post in place, we will have considerably more free time and I'm interested in figuring out how we can get more involved in not just the distribution of properties, but support for high effort and creative ideas. That is something we're stretched thin on at the moment, as nearly all our time is completely consumed by handling requests/leasing, and balancing this with general admin responsibilities and personal life. As we already spoke about privately over DMs, I explained to you that construction was not shut down due to "squealers" or that "you were the only construction firm dominating the market". In fact, I'll go as far to share what I said in the discussion about construction monopolies several weeks back: That was my last message of the 7 message discussion before it shortly ended. I didn't care much for the idea of monopolies, it was something easy enough to solve by a rival group of players. The issue with construction went much wider, and I went into this when there was some backlash after the announcement from workers in your firm: The second point is one of the most notable ones. We've seen huge issues with construction and maintaining it that have existed for months on end (before you even had a firm), which for the most part stem for how structured and focused Property Management is around handling requests and leases on a constant daily basis. This, mixed in with much more demanding personal lives recently (there was a phase where the majority of Property Team were at university/work and we had to pull through with very little coverage). I could go into detail on the numerous problems it had with both regulation of firm activity, execution (process of collection of ores, time it took normal players to get in touch with firms etc.) and maintenance (lack of interest, required propping up in the past with announcements). A one-off monopoly simply doesn't cover it, and I care very little for something that can easily be resolved through a very small number of players getting together and creating competition ICly. Construction as a system had numerous issues, Property Management has a severe lack of time, and we've got a new system up-and-coming. On to that next: While it's not been placed on a huge public announcement, saying there's not even a slight odor of it is far off the truth: I went into huge detail regarding how the new process would work in the Property Discord some weeks ago, and last night I closed a thread regarding changing the leasing system with this response: Why is this new system not here yet? It's not a forum system which is just a matter of re-writing an application format. It's a UCP system. To achieve this, we've had to coordinate development efforts to synchronize any external changes to the Property Database so that they register and refresh in-game live. Once that was achieved, we laid out a plan for how the new system would work on the UCP, drafted an entire specification for it, approached the web development team for approval, and then had the system started on the web development side of things. The initial draft of the system has been developed, we're now waiting to be able to host the test version of it so we can experiment with it and make any changes before launch. That's currently being held up due to the current Facebrowser server migration, which takes up a large portion of the web-dev team's time. Seeing this system in reality isn't far off, as we have all the specifications planned for it, and are simply waiting in line to be able to test it while the recent Facebrowser host migration is resolved. In summary, this was done out of a special case of a player approaching us with a well-thought out roleplay project. We were concerned that approving this would open the doors for a wave of similar attempts that would likely be much more low effort. However, ultimately the quality, thought and evidence provided led us to reward the player in this case with a vehicle they produced through roleplay. I am all for supporting roleplay efforts, and the lease team decided to take on this request and track it with our internal system that we use to track vehicle leasing. As has been explained above, we do listen to players when they come to us with unique, well-thought out projects that match characters and how they have been portrayal well. Pitch auctions are not the only way to acquire vehicles outside of dealerships as mentioned above - as we’ve already handed out vehicles for specific roleplay projects in the past. Consequently, players are able to come to us (as they have always been) with their ideas, however this does not mean that these will be accepted as this one has. I am still not huge on this idea of allowing these sort of requests, however the lease team was open to supporting them - and the decision to continuing accepting these sort of requests relies on them, as they track vehicle distribution. They can be contacted for these sort of projects directly, however I suspect the demand will become too much without a full system in place for it.
  11. Pascal

    Hi @Spenser, Your request has been put on pending for the following reason: The LSPD have already contacted us in the past regarding ownership of this property. You'll need to choose another location before continuing. If you'd like help finding a new location, feel free to join the Property Management Discord.
  12. Pascal

    All applications (both requests and leasing) are getting changed to an entirely new system at the moment.
  13. Pascal

    Your request has been denied for the following reason:
  14. Pascal

    Was discussed and forwarded last month. Unlikely to happen for a while, as we've got a lot on our plate with game + web development in Property Management.