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  1. Pascal

    Updated the OP with more details - permanent mapping outside houses won't be request-able for now, however you can request temporary mapping for events. We'll be adding something later for this as there's a limit on object amount (similar to SAMP), so we need a system that keeps this in mind.
  2. Hello bizarre roleplay.

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    Congrats all! @Maca @eyebrows
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    Approved. I've transferred your properties IG.
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    Has been setup IG. Archiving.
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    Has been setup IG. Archiving.
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  9. This post essentially comes from a misconception of the problem. This becomes evident only two sentences in and continues throughout. The problem is not wealth itself, nor is it players being rich in any form. Players being rich or roleplaying rich roles is not a problem we are attempting to tackle in any form. The problem is portrayal of wealth. Portrayal is a key aspect of being a good roleplayer in a heavy roleplaying environment, and understanding how to portray a character well and performing research on how to portray certain backgrounds is one of the core parts of what makes an excellent roleplayer. During my time here I've noticed many people are aware of concepts like character development and well-written/presented emotes to improve their overall roleplay quality, however, there is a general lack of awareness around the concept of character portrayal. Firstly, we must understand player wealth vs wealth portrayal. Roleplaying servers never have perfect, realistic economies, due to their nature of working off a game script that cannot fully replicate real economical systems. If I were to start a character who lives in the ghetto, I would still gain the $200K starter bonus, yet from a roleplay perspective, my character would be poor. Although this new character technically has the "same wealth" as my other characters, it is my responsibility to roleplay the character in realistic means - by making choices on what my character is to own. I can purchase a low-class vehicle and a home in South Los Santos, and chances are I'll still have a considerable amount of money left. So, to other players on the outside I have a basic car and a low-end apartment, so I appear poor, but on my side I have considerable wealth left over. As such, money is to be understood as a resource that can be used for portraying your character. It will never be a perfect reflective value of the character's wealth - instead, a tool to be used to portray the status of your character. Let's get into the opposite of above's example: portraying riches. If I want to roleplay rich, I can purchase a more high-end house and an expensive vehicle. Once I have acquired these, I now have the means to portray my character, and what I own paints a picture of my character's "overall wealth" to the outside. My actual wealth may be near 0, around 100K, several 100K, or over a million, yet this does not change what vehicle/property choices have been initially made to portray the character from the outside. I could accrue more money over time, yet the overall picture of the character remains the same to the outside (I could of course purchase more properties/vehicles, but at this point the 'picture' of the character has been established). Even though I may become "richer" from a script perspective, the image I paint largely is the same. A large majority of your post hinges on that certain systems are in place to act as "anti-wealth" measures. This is where the misunderstanding comes in: these measures are here to control portrayal, not control wealth. I'll explain each aspect: As I've been rambling on about in my post: this is a portrayal issue, not a wealth one. The issue those staff members had was that it is incredibly poor portrayal of lifestyle and wealth: if there was a group of eight players living in the ghetto with high-class sports cars that looked straight out of a racing game, it would be dreadful portrayal. Is it possible IRL to own sports cars and live in the ghetto - sure! How likely is it, though? Average wealth of residents there is way below means to afford it, and crime would put these vehicles at constant risk. The server does not replicate this 1-for-1, as you could easily roleplay a ghetto character but decide to grind mining for hours straight, and there is no real levels of crime similar to IRL with a low server pop/gang presence. It's bad portrayal - not a wealth issue. Here you refer to pitch auctions, the system I designed, which was specifically designed to address the character portrayal issues traditional auctions presented. With traditional auctions, simply anyone could grind for money and win them, and the winner would be whoever could bid the highest, regardless of if it matches my character background. I could roleplay a hobo character but spend 9 hours mining each day and win supercar auctions, simply because I have the script-wise money to win them, regardless if it fits my character background. Pitch auctions directly address this background mismatch issue by ensuring characters have somewhat of a relevant background to own something. The price barrier for entry is much lower than what a traditional auction would become inflated to - sure. When we had this discussion a few months ago about economical balance, your concern was that players could buy properties for cheap on this system and sell them for a much higher value ("enriching people easily"). However, from as early on as the first auctions we discussed this very issue internally: pitch auctions are intended to distribute assets to characters that match it. As such, a player winning the pitch and redistributing it to someone else would defeat the very purpose of matching the asset to that player as it may place it in the hands of someone who doesn't match the asset. That's why every pitch auction that has taken place lately has had restrictions on resale/transferring: These measures used on vehicles govern portrayal by discouraging players to own these vehicles. Before this system was in place, people were free to drive whatever they desired once they could afford it. This led to many people with a lack of portrayal skills purchasing "cool vehicles" not because it matched their character in any form, but because they could easily purchase them. Do I agree that vehicle taxes are the best solution? No - it's a bandaid solution, and I'd rather see several vehicles removed from the vehicle list. Does it achieve an impact, even if not full-scale? Yes - whilst some players still use the cars, the rate of these cars being seen around has declined significantly. Is this the permanent answer? Definitely not, and I have some ideas as an alternative that can coincide with the design vision of the upcoming script jobs. That's an issue for later. I can run a UCP search on every character on the server right now for bank/wallet cash, and the reality is far from "nobody on the server still has 600k cash". Looking at the data, I fail to see how players cannot afford to buy homes. I personally saw to setting the house inactivity kick timer back to 1-month (used to be 3 months), which has led to a wide availability of properties on https://map.gta.world/. Each new character starts off with $200K, and there is a HUGE body of housing options available for less than 200K. Many mid-range houses in Alta/Hawick only price slightly over 100K, and most areas outside of that have houses way below 100K. Could you name those few people who increasingly hold the wealth? I'm looking at the UCP search right now and not seeing it. There are rich people there, yet it remains fairly the same as it has been for the past few months, with a few new people entering the higher levels of wealth every so often. As it stands this point comes of more of a 'perceived issue', an assumption that the economy is functioning this way, rather than the reality of the economy. It's essentially a claim with no evidence - what leads you to believe this? Do you know people who hold far more money? Are they suddenly reducing in number and it's suddenly becoming harder for them to earn money? We have not made major changes to the way money is earned, simply a small change to how money is used pertaining to vehicles to control the portrayal of them. Let's approach the second issue, outside of portrayal. Playerbase, and number of people filling certain roles. This, I think, is where your main issue lies, and can be seen towards the end of your original post + how you mentioned in Discord there is "no other business to RP with". You frequently referred to needing players to RP with on Discord + in this post. This is where the actual problem is: there's a lack of other players roleplaying what you intend to roleplay. You can't strike business deals without the business partners, and as the playerbase is much lower, there are less business partners to choose from. The market for house buyers is also considerably smaller with less players, and most players already have a basic home where they need due to availability vs playercount - making it hard to resell. You also mentioned on this thread and in Discord that admins have removed ways of earning money and that no one can afford anything, yet what exactly has been removed? Look through the changelogs. What income sources have been removed? These are simply claims, but being here actively for several months, I can't name something significant that has been removed. In summary: several changes have been brought in to control character portrayal. Acquisition of wealth has not changed significantly. When admins are complaining about grinders in Discord, they're often referring to poor portrayalists, who spend time grinding for cash and then execute awfully portrayed characters. All-in-all, nothing has been changed majorly for the actual acquisition of wealth, instead controls have been placed on spending, to attempt to enforce better overall portrayal. Several parts of this post + Discord messages show the misconception that we are trying to prevent players from becoming rich. Instead, we are trying to place measures on what players can portray with the wealth they have. The admin team does not "hate rich players". Many of us dislike players who mindlessly acquire wealth and then use said wealth to misportray their character, so we have measures in place to control how gained wealth is spent. Acquisition has not changed, and is in fact about to be expanded greatly now we can introduce entirely new systems that add paid roleplaying jobs, and new things will be introduced for players to spend on (such as a new system that will allow us to implement multi-interior apartment/hotels similar to how GTA O's apartments work, with one entrance that has a menu that leads to multiple interiors).
  10. Pascal

    Right click GTA 5 on your steam game list, go to properties, "Local Files", and 'verify integrity of game files'.
  11. GTA V has just released a brand new update which is incompatible with the current version of Rage. In order to play, you'll need to downgrade your game to the old version. If you are running the Steam version, download these files and drop them into your GTA V Steam folder: https://mega.nz/#!BnImCS4T!hhbJjtIMlhRUCcGeDThhizKW6laxDroOvCM6pNTEVV0 (^ the above file might not work for the Rockstar version - if it doesn't, we'll post another file for it when we can) RageMP should be releasing a new update soon in order to make Rage compatible with GTA V again.