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  1. Pascal

    Please use the format for teleport requests found here:
  2. Pascal

    [gangsta accent] Archived.
  3. Pascal

    easy style
  4. invalid, rukka is still considered a staff member on the forums staff page besides his name being yellow: victory denied
  5. Pascal

    Group threads must be approved by FM before being posted:
  6. Pascal

    As the person who wrote this originally, it's far from "the biggest lie written on the forums". Out of the 4 devs who are above junior rank, 3 of 4 of us have zero experience with working with CEF. It doesn't matter how difficult HTML is (because it isn't), the problem is designing good looking interfaces in the first place. Regardless of our web devs being capable of making interfaces, they do not have access to our gamemode code and hence do not make CEF code for us. This operating system script was implemented by JoeWarner, and seeing some of the code from behind the scenes (i.e. Cinema script) I'm not surprised it's buggy, laggy and unusable. I think it's less of a Rage CEF issue and more of a how it was wrote issue. There's numerous examples of CEF being implemented perfectly fine elsewhere. There are literally hundreds of examples of good CEF scripts displayed in RageMP's Discord, and there are servers with mainly CEF interfaces that work perfectly fine. Here are some basic examples:
  7. Pascal

    It's not currently on the agenda for the development team, it's a decision that would be first made by Legal Faction Management before being put forward for development.
  8. Feature is now released and new apartments are available for purchase.
  9. Pascal

    It's not that we're intentionally "trying/forcing" to stay using commands, it's that UI programming (using CEF) is a skill most of us in the development team simply do not have. It relies on web (HTML/JS/CSS knowledge) and ability to make nice looking UI, most of the development team have near-zero experience in doing this and as such we've been unable to make a lot of systems UI-based. There is however an internal focus to eventually work on UI, we have several systems we'd like to make more UI-based, and I believe one of the devs with CEF experience intends to make a system that makes it considerably easier for us non-UI devs to produce functional UI we can interact with with little CEF knowledge. It's not intentionally done like this, it's simply a product of us lacking skills in CEF UI. Once we have the people/systems in place to put more CEF in, we'll do so.
  10. Pascal

    I currently have my forum PMs disabled as I'm working fulltime and have a lot of upcoming development projects to work on in the evening time, @Taliban pepe however can join the Property Discord to reach the entire Property team for support: https://discord.gg/RuAyYPn
  11. Feature Showcase: Multi-Interiors Information Multi-Interior is a new type of marker that allows us to create completely new property structures that can consist of a dynamic number of floors and rooms. With this system, we can create markers that lead to many properties, which enables us to create things like apartment complexes, hotels, motels, & elevators that allow players to TP between multiple floors and multiple rooms within those floors using a completely menu UI-based system. With this update, we are also able to reach entirely new, untouched housing areas such as Little Seoul, Pillbox and Downtown, as we can enable them with this system early without requiring unique interior mapping for each. This allows us to create over a thousand new housing spaces in areas we've been unable to reach, which is crucial timing as we've been rapidly running out of our remaining houses, with very little potential locations to spawn properties left.
  12. Pascal

    (( There's a bug currently where your objects you placed in your club have started appearing in several other Bahama Mamas interiors. This isn't the first case it's been happening, I was trying to fix them appearing in another club last night.))
  13. Pascal

    24/7 has been set to be owned by you. The gas pumps have been spawned in, however will require a restart before we can set them to your character.
  14. The inflation has largely been caused by a lack of supply, which we'll be remedying in the next few days with the additional of a new script that allows us to add huge, multi-interior properties (apartments/hotels/motels etc.). Will leave this open for now, however I believe what we've got coming will reverse the inflation.