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  1. Pascal

    Hi @Taunky, Please fill out a request over on our automated UCP system here: https://ucp.gta.world/property-requests/request-a-interior-change 🏄🤙
  2. Pascal

    Taxes, paychecks etc. It's part of the circular economy:
  3. Pascal

    PD & FD are already paid out of the Government's budget - no money is spawned in for paychecks.
  4. Pascal

    I've spent a fair bit of time learning how clothes behave on the RageMP programming side, here's some relevant information as to why it's like this currently: TL;DR - setting clothes above 255 doesn't work properly - as RageMP doesn't properly support them on the server side. George has said he'll put out a fix for this at some point - not sure what the ETA is though.
  5. Keep on topic - this is a recruitment thread, not a thread to debate how to make drugs/GTA:W's faction system. You're more than welcome to make a thread on those topics in general discussions if you'd like.
  6. Samsung Smart Switch

    1. Pascal


      Tesco Sandwich

  7. Pascal

    Press 'i', go to the second page and customise the interior variants:
  8. Pascal

    @Maca is very interested and would love to try out this RP with you.
  9. Pascal

    Please use the format for teleport requests found here:
  10. Pascal

    [gangsta accent] Archived.
  11. invalid, rukka is still considered a staff member on the forums staff page besides his name being yellow: victory denied
  12. Pascal

    Group threads must be approved by FM before being posted:
  13. Pascal

    As the person who wrote this originally, it's far from "the biggest lie written on the forums". Out of the 4 devs who are above junior rank, 3 of 4 of us have zero experience with working with CEF. It doesn't matter how difficult HTML is (because it isn't), the problem is designing good looking interfaces in the first place. Regardless of our web devs being capable of making interfaces, they do not have access to our gamemode code and hence do not make CEF code for us. This operating system script was implemented by JoeWarner, and seeing some of the code from behind the scenes (i.e. Cinema script) I'm not surprised it's buggy, laggy and unusable. I think it's less of a Rage CEF issue and more of a how it was wrote issue. There's numerous examples of CEF being implemented perfectly fine elsewhere. There are literally hundreds of examples of good CEF scripts displayed in RageMP's Discord, and there are servers with mainly CEF interfaces that work perfectly fine. Here are some basic examples:
  14. Pascal

    It's not currently on the agenda for the development team, it's a decision that would be first made by Legal Faction Management before being put forward for development.