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  1. xanx

    Seems your source within the PD is just as ill-informed as you are. From previous experience on my illegal alt characters, not ONCE have I been EVER traced solely based on a pursuit or similar reasons, they always occurred if and when life was at risk or danger, or situations of similar magnitudes. Regarding our "overpowered MDC", let us see what the MDC holds on any new character that I just created. Want the police department to not feel over-powering as you claim? Try playing a smart(er) criminal. Here are some quick tips: The first rule of any crime: Don't get caught. (Once you're in the system and you've been processed, fingerprints, DNA, mugshots, et cetera, you're more susceptible to being caught again in the future.) Use PAYG (Pay As You Go) phones for shady business. Do not use registered vehicles to perform the crime. Do not use social media to blag your guns, narcotics, show your likeness, or properties such as residences, vehicles, garages. I mean, the list really does go on, you just have to do your research. Do you believe that the LSPD cannot conduct themselves in a realistic manner? You really need to see how 90% of the "criminals" we arrest on a day to day are plain stupid and how they do their crime without second-thought. They are not upheld to the same policies, standards, protocols set out by the department in both IC and OOC means. Most of the time why you get caught is because you haven't done your research. Simply put, you're not a successful criminal. The process of getting INTO the LSPD in the first place is a filter of its own to eradicate poor roleplayers. Let us not mention the fact of the application process you must go through at first to even set foot in this server. I'd like to just add on top of the conversation and mention that it's not only emergency vehicles which do not possess insurance or that are not required to, the following vehicle classes are exempt from insurance as well, many of which can and are player-owned. Cycles, Boats, Helicopters, Planes, Service, Emergency, Military, Trains. You'll notice a pattern, most of these being public service-related to just plainly too expensive for this economy, rather than based on what is realistic and not. You need to remember that at the end of the day, although we are trying to be a realistic server, there are going to be limitations, obstacles, and factors at play which get in the way of achieving 100% simulation or realism. This is especially true for how things work with scripts, more so than what others in the LSPD roleplay.
  2. xanx

  3. xanx

    Oversaturation of nightclubs is not an issue. Competition in this field, like many other, leads to innovation and weeds out what simply doesn't work. If a nightclub is not successful, there is a reason for it. It might be because they have recently just started up and those are some of the realistic hardships that come with being a business owner, not only in roleplay but the real world as well. What you need to realise is that if there are more nightclubs and more people trying to outdo their competition, it is bound to be beneficial not only for the night club owners as they put in a lot more effort into their roleplay and business, but the clients at the end of the day who are receiving these benefits through the experience they get provided by the business owners, whether it is live DJs, great looking venues, or other attractions to bring in customers. Variety in the choice is great, although you may put a counter-argument down of it splitting the community and sparsely separating the players, that is just the reality of having an X amount of players on each day. Not much can be done about it, however, I do not see why others should miss out on the opportunity to roleplay whatever it is they want. As for the company behind almost all the nightclubs, this is a system that is not only smart but also beneficial as organisation is that much easier. Want someone else to be running the nightclub scene? Be the change you want, but do not limit others through OOC means or some IC regulations because you don't like it or don't see the bigger picture in it.
  4. xanx

    Los Santos Police Department - MRCAD - Caffeine Club
  5. xanx

    LAPD to LSPD Logo Remake
  6. Lockpicks are not illegal, so long they follow the penal code: "Any person(s) having upon him or her in his or her possession a picklock...[clipped]...with intent to breach a lock without possession of proper licensing." Essentially, it's illegal to have so long you can prove that they were used or intended to be used in a manner such as to break a lock without proper licensing. There is no official licensing, however, if you can get a business approved in this specific craft / profession then you are exempt from this if used accordingly. Although I do agree it's such a bait/easy way to sell lock picks for something that should be roleplayed illegally for the most part. As for the main topic, my issue with escort services is that they hide behind the name "escort" yet they offer sexual services like no tomorrow in their advertisements despite the main reason why it is called an "escort" in the first place is to hide the fact you're getting paid or you're paying for strictly sexual intercourse. With how many of these advertisements get written and posted, a lot of them could potentially be charged with either prostitution, pimping, or pandering. There has to be regulation on these types of advertisements as they offer illegal services and hide behind the word "escort" without even attempting to hide that it is just about sex/money that they're after.
  7. xanx

    Smart Loans Changelog Update Smart Loans Changelog Update for 21st November 2019. Front page has been revamped to a much cleaner and easy to use interface. Logo has been updated.
  8. I lost this thread back in the day when a forum backup was reinstated. So with my latest episode coming out today, decided to remake the thread. Hope you enjoy the laughs! x)