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  1. I explained it specifically to you as it happened so that you are aware of why that stop took the time it did, you're rejecting actual events which actually happened because you're attempting to push your narrative that "something is wrong", as if I'm hiding something? This is not a sales pitch, it's facts, you're not here to buy anything. I specifically spoke in normal text in-game, so that you saw every bit of the roleplay/banter/interaction I had in the unit, you were literally there witnessing it, so why are you struggling to grasp this simple concept that this is what happened when you saw everything yourself? lol So what is it that you do when you go to jail? What do you roleplay? Should jail not be a real thing because you can't do the time or for example roleplay something because you're not doing the thing you wanted to be doing? You're going to have situations in your life where you are just waiting. A queue at the bank, a job meeting, in a traffic jam when driving. This is part of roleplay just as much it is in real life. Sure, it's mundane, of course situations like this are going to be, but it just shows your impatience with how much of a problem you've got with waiting. As I said previously, whilst not actively roleplaying typing, you're actively writing up a report on a second screen for example, just because it's silent in the game chat, doesn't mean nothing is happening, it's justified with a single /me that this is what is occurring right now. If you're not asking for skipping roleplay, what is the issue with me roleplaying typing? Do something about it IC. If it's so hard for you to fathom how they take so long, then it's once again out of my scope to be able to explain a very simple concept to you without having to repeat what was already said previously in my replies. That's literally part of the actions you committed. Don't like it? Don't do it. Surely after you've had so many traffic stops the laws are the bread and butter of a responsible citizen. Don't need to push for reform, I already dropped your charges from reckless driving to two citations of $250 each.
  2. That is just the luck of the draw, we have a lot of Police Officer I's right now who are still learning everything there is to do with the faction, so most of the time, you'll be pulled over by them statistically speaking. They're in the process of improving, they require time, that is just something you have to accept as they can't just magically speed up. I won't explain why it took so long all over again, no point repeating, if you didn't read it entirely, you didn't read it entirely, that's just the reality of it. And if you did in fact read it all the way through and didn't understand why it took so long, that is beyond my ability to help you any further to understand the events. If someone turns away from these sorts of interactions, clearly this sort of text-based roleplay server is not for them if they can't spare the time to roleplay scenarios which come their way, either good or bad. You can't always just be on a high and roleplay only the things that you absolutely love doing, that make you happy, that is just not realistic roleplay at that point, that's roleplaying a fantasy. Sure, you can do that to a certain degree, but if an interaction comes your way and it is a negative outcome for you, you're expected to go with it all the way through and put in just as much effort for something you may not enjoy just because it is an inconvenience. Otherwise, that's just a win:win mentality and there are no drawbacks, faults, or anything of the sort to the character you're roleplaying, which is once again, a false fantasy and failure to roleplay someone realistic. Once again, you're making points that are completely out of the question, no one is dragging it out on purpose. No one is saying it's essential, that is simply my character's decision when they make that report, they're in no rush whatsoever, it's also none of their concern if you have somewhere to be, shouldn't have been doing what you were doing to get pulled over in the first place. I'd understand your argument, only if the pullover reason was complete bullshit, which most of the time, it isn't the case. It's a two way street, don't want to waste your own time? Don't waste mine by having to attend to your character's mistakes to try and attempt to educate them about the road laws and how they should be conducting themselves on the street, which lets be real, probably won't lead to anything unless you're roleplaying a realistic character. You're extremely bias that your time is the most important time and that is the end of it, that is what is selfish and not the fact that I'm keeping you at a stop to write up my report. Just to add a little more for your prior discussion: What constantly bugs me is the fact you also compare real life stops to in-game stops. Don't forget, in real life, you don't drive like a maniac and get air 2 seconds air time in your $200,000 sports vehicle whilst you blow an intersection showing red right next to a police station. Your 5 MPH over the speed limit ticket in real life doesn't compare to the situation that happens in-game, no matter if it is a game at the end of the day, it's meant to be realistic as much as possible and if you were to do something comparable in real life, it'd be much, much, longer I can guarantee. I'd like to also highlight the fact that just because your crime doesn't send you to jail, doesn't mean it's not as any little bit less serious, what you are in-game is an endangerment to public road users. Actually consider what would have happened if you collided with someone over that blind hill whilst mid-air, that's another whole scene you probably wouldn't want to deal with, just because it was an inconvenience.
  3. What's wrong is your basis and assumption that all my traffic stops take upwards of 20 minutes or more, no, this was a one case scenario of what happened that night with the OP where it took 26 minutes. Normally? I don't keep people longer than 10 minutes on my stops, which is why your response may be opposed to what I was saying. Based on the fact they usually don't take longer than 10 minutes, I'm assuming you'd have given a different answer, should have clarified that. I can agree that a stop shouldn't take as long as possible and keep people as prisoners if people cannot do traffic stop in efficient amounts of time, but considering I was doing the best I possibly could with all that was going on, not much else can be changed about it. In SHORT, I'll continue to do my traffic reports during the stop, cause not all my t-stops last that long. ?
  4. Personally, I signed up for the roleplay from this side of the law, no one signs up to do be doing paperwork lets be real here right, that is just the trade-off you have to make and accept to engage yourself in order to keep your place, following the regulations. I don't mind the paperwork, if I did I wouldn't be in the faction, but it is not the reason for me roleplaying an officer. I didn't explain it clearly in the previous post. The reason why it can take longer if you were to do traffic reports after letting someone go can be any of the multitude listed here and more which I didn't think of at the time of writing this: The person's file is already open with the knowledge of their actions still fresh in your head. (If you don't involve yourself in new situations, you don't have someone else's file open among the other 20 tabs you may have for other situations you're dealing with on your patrol, etc.) There is no need to go back on Shadowplay footage if you captured it, incase you forgot any of the key details: (Person's name, vehicle, vehicle plates, road names/district names, offences, ability to recall what they did specifically to get such a citation in the first place etc.) Considering you're still in a traffic stop and are busy, you won't be called in to new situations which pull you away from that paperwork which is what causes the back-log and having to go back through multiple traffic stops you did earlier in the day. It spreads the workload so that there is a balance between fun and work. What I mean by this is it goes like this: Roleplay->Report->Roleplay->Report->Roleplay->Report instead of Roleplay->Roleplay->Roleplay->Report->Report->Report Just bare in mind that doing reports at the end of the shift or anything that follows the latter workload flow, is a real burner for your head, especially when it's later at night. Since you're doing the report there and then, it can be pumped out faster and therefore make you available sooner for any situations which may occurr. Everyone wants to engage in fun situations sooner, just as much as you're in the car waiting to roleplay something else, we also wanted to get our paperwork done so we can move onto something else. I completely get what you're saying, but that is just the cold hard truth. If I have to be there, so do you, this isn't fun for either of the parties at times, but those are just the consequences that come whenever you engage yourself in activities which may lead to any sort of more in-depth roleplay that involves the PD, SD, FD, here's a couple of examples: Driving Recklessly? Traffic stop, answering any queries, getting educated regarding the laws to prevent these from happening again, waiting for the procedure to finish. Shooting and injuries? Suspect apprehensions, medical roleplay, investigation, arrests. Kidnapping? Roleplaying fear, taken against your will, going through literal torture, reporting such an occurrence when let go, going through mental/physical scaring - potentially long-term. Traffic Collisions? Securing the scene, medical roleplay, traffic collision investigations, contacting involved parties, conclusion of investigation, conducting arrests/citations. @RoryR
  5. If your character decides to break the law to the degree where it requires for it to be noted on your file in the form of a citation along a traffic report then it is up to the officer whether or not they write up a traffic report during the stop itself, at that point it is an IC decision. If someone has an issue with this on an OOC standpoint, perhaps someone is not here to roleplay. Whilst the continuous act of roleplay is not there when such a report is being written, there is no need to justify it any further than a simple /me saying that the officer is typing on the laptop. A traffic stop is a form of detainment, meaning the officer is allowed to keep the driver at the stop for a period of time so long as it is reasonable to perform their duties accordingly. There is no stated time limit for which I can keep you at the stop, however, it is more than reasonable to write up a traffic report during the traffic stop itself. If you want to avoid 20 minutes or so of roleplay at a traffic stop, don't get pulled over. Don't perform actions which lead up to such a stop in the first place, don't engage in any sort of activities related to vehicles if you truly believe this is an unreasonable time to write up a report and if you believe this is a waste of time. That is a risk you should expect no matter what and to be prepared for it when your character does stupid shit on the streets. What is a waste of time, is if I have to do it -after- the traffic stop, as there are other situations going on which I now cannot respond to or will be back-logged with multiple reports I have to write up at a later time because I decided not to do it there and then. Consider the amount of time that police officers put into these reports and you'll start to notice that your "20 minutes of boredom" simply doesn't compare to the amount of extra effort we are obligated to put in beyond -any- roleplay scene that ends. This is the part you do not ever see but it is certainly there, paperwork, investigations, compiling footage, et cetera. To be quite frank with you, Officers also want to have fun and play the game, since it is a game at the end of the day, however paperwork is paperwork and there is no denying that it is not fun for anyone once you do it a couple hundred of times over the course of your career with this sort of roleplay. Don't blame the officer for doing their work if you're the one who caused them to do the work in the first place. At the end of the day, whilst you're sitting in your car, being "bored", I'm typing up an essay on the situation, something which I'd have to be doing whether or not I do let you go before or after.
  6. Whenever an officer is sitting in a cruiser and you see no roleplay, this is the part where they're looking up your information on the MDC. Checking through your vehicles to search outstanding fines, looking whether or not the vehicle is insured, looking at whether or not you were previously processed or arrested, going through your criminal record to base their next decisions in the traffic stop. Certain charges have what we call "offences", which is the count of how many times you committed a particular charge, with each offence, different actions can be done in-game such as higher fine amounts, impounding of vehicle, license suspensions, et cetera. Another great factor is the traffic report itself, most police officers will do the traffic report during the traffic stop itself as that is when all the information is available to you and you don't forget any key details. Also, checking back on their dashboard camera footage. Here is a fake example of what a traffic report may look like, if gone into depth. (These MUST be written out each time you cite someone)
  7. Well, if it weren't the sole reason, it was a contributing factor for you to post it now rather than later. I see what you mean about your business now, I get what you were trying to do, however there is a difference of being in a rush and then also flying through the city. The traffic stop wasn't dragged out on purpose, from the list of situations I mentioned in my previous post, those were all contributing factors to the reason as to why the traffic stop took as long as it did. I did not plan on these things to play out and to take this long, this is just how the situation unfolded and I went with it. I conduct around 10-30 traffic stops per each patrol, among other situations or emergencies I have to attend to, believe me despite what happened last night, I also don't want to be stuck in traffic stops for upwards of 30 minutes if they don't have to be that long. The only reason why I was fine with this traffic stop taking this long is because it was all roleplayed out, had a couple of laughs with the banter that was being cracked in-game, and there was no purpose of making it any longer just to spite you. Whilst it may not have been a long interruption, it is still a valid point to add for why the traffic stop took so long, it all adds up to that 26 minutes you timed. Note how I didn't have much to say on it other than just stating what happened, just for the context of this particular traffic stop. + From the screenshot I posted in the reply, it's seen that the situation was rather brief in comparrison to the rest. The complaining comes with you going into /B, going: "..........................", that is a complaint. You're complaining about a situation which just happened, in a non-verbal way. Any /b comments do interrupt, of course they do, it's just that you do not see that layer of it as we're in OOC channels on TS. Whenever you made your comments, it takes time to read it, then, comments are made on it too on an OOC level, so it takes away the focus from thinking about what you're typing. I for example have difficulties multi-tasking when it comes to speaking to someone and then also typing or constructing your next sentence in-game, I cannot do both at the same time, I either focus on one or the other, but that's just me. As for the inconvenience? I didn't notice the first time you mentioned you have work in the morning during that traffic stop generally because I blind myself out for /B comments to avoid any OOC beef/drama/ or interruptions. I only picked up on it whilst writing my reply to this thread and watching my footage back. You can have your assumptions whether or not I did drag out this situation but in truth? I did not do it on purpose, the only time I can think of I did on purpose was to simply crack a joke at the very end when I went to check if my shoe lace was undone, I roleplayed it being done up, in the hopes that it can light up the situation considering I was very aware how long that traffic stop took. If the joke was not in taste, not much I can do about it as comedy is very subjective and people find different things funny. If you wish for other people to mindful of your time if it is limited, please try another approach in a calmer non-complaining way. Cause asking in a nicer way can go a long way. Example: /B Hey guys, I'm sorry but I really have to go as I have work in the morning, could we just speed the roleplay a little more please? Is all it takes, the way you word it is important. If you were to have said that and I actually noticed that you said it in the first place, I would have attempted to eliminate most of the other roleplay that was just banter in the unit. @RoryR
  8. Officer Ezekiel Wolf here, the cop that pulled you over alongside @goddessoflife Officer Delany. I'd like to just start off with saying that I'm genuinely shocked you have turned this into a discussion, of course, that is entirely up to you and nothing is stopping you, however, just the fact that this is specifically the reason why you've actually posted this in the first place. As other comments already pointed out, this is a text-based roleplay and something you should be already prepared for where roleplay will take longer for interactions to take place, considering they have to be typed out rather than just performed like in real life. Aside the obvious, regarding the traffic stop itself which happened, there were multiple reasons as to why it may have taken so long, here's a quick breakdown for you in case you weren't paying attention and engaging in the roleplay that occurred simply because you were inconvenienced on an OOC standpoint: Upon initially pulling you over, as my ALPR scanner scanned in your vehicle at first but shortly after rescanned another vehicle instead, leading to the mistake that I called out the incorrect vehicle from an IC standpoint. I roleplayed this as a glitch with the ALPR scanner and had to repeat the process of calling out the traffic stop with the correct information this time along, whilst accompanying it with the roleplay that you may or may not have seen in the vehicle. There was an in-game argument between myself and Officer Delany as to who would be approaching the vehicle, speaking with the driver in the pulled over vehicle, as well as doing the paperwork which comes with conducting traffic stops, something which a lot of people do not realise that actually happens (Whilst you've already left the traffic stop and going to do other things, I'm left with the next 5 minutes, if not longer, occupied having to type up a report for your actions). During this argument, you went into /B telling us to speed up the situation, mentioning you have work. I just want to straight up tell you that this is an excuse I hear over and over and over... and I honestly have a -very- set of simple questions for you to consider: If you have to go? Why don't you just log off when you can? Aka, before you start speeding, your character does not need to be at home for you to log off if you -really- have to go because you've got work in the morning, prioritise it correctly OOCly as that is none of my concern if you get yourself involved in a situation like you did yesterday. Why are you still driving around the city at 100+ MPH asking to be pulled over whilst you're blowing intersections right next to the Vespucci Police Headquarters? During the traffic stop you mentioned that you were going to look at a business to purchase, and of course, considering the time of the pullover, my character inquried regarding that as they were curious on an ICly level. However, this simply goes against your comments saying you have got work in the morning, further either proving you don't priortise your life OOCly, or were simply lying to us. Having followed all of this, the actual traffic stop can actually begin, the first contact where you introduce yourself, requesting the documents, and providing the pullover reason aswell. I also throughout this engaged in some other roleplay which included educating your character on an IC standpoint regarding the speed limits. Then, as already written about, interacting with you regarding the business. As for what you said OOCly in /B, my character interprets words the way he wants to in-game. During this conversation, a vehicle desynced right into the traffic stop, slamming both into my unit and your vehicle at the same time, so that had to be figured out, with the eventuality of it being skipped over and ignored as all players agreed. This is where you continued to complain further in /B. Upon all the information having been collected, I went back into the unit and interacted with my partner, explaining why I was at the window longer than usual. Speaking about the "business" you were going to purchase at around 23:00. The actual traffic report itself. Whilst as I was writing it up, I also had to engage in the roleplay around me in the unit. The actual report itself didn't take longer than 4 minutes for me, despite this you continued to go OOC. Having finished all that, I approached the vehicle once more with the citations which were printed out. This went further into the roleplay, explaining the citations, what you were cited for and for how much, how to dispute, et cetera. Which, you only got cited for $250 for each one. Despite all of this, there was another thing I didn't pick up on during the traffic stop itself and therefore it was too late, I explained that your tints were too dark and asked you to get them replaced. Lastly once the documents were handed over, and as we were driving away, there was one last final cherry on top from your side. Make of this as you will, but from my perspective? You couldn't care less about this engagement whatsoever, it was an inconvenience to you, however, because of this your attitude was annoying to be quite frank as you kept going OOCly. Moral of the story? Don't drive like this if you really have to go to work in the morning: https://streamable.com/w9o4xf
  9. For those that missed the premiere, the video is now up! Enjoy the memeary : )
  10. Going to be premiering the latest episode of GTA:V Roleplay Memes on the 18/JUN/2020, 19:00 BST (GMT +1) Make sure to subscribe and set a reminder to not miss it! ? Lets get to 100 subs so I can get a custom URL, cheers.
  11. I've already added the point-based system into my paperwork generators tho.. ;-; I ain't undoing this hard work
  12. Reserved (( Also posted some other examples in the above post. ))
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