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  1. Not sure what happens but if we're to talk this way, you should not be allowed to recruit IC faction members through OOC ways. Also, try thinking with your head first and tell me what will happen if everyone had his own illegal faction?
  2. Yeah, management is not accepting factions at the moment.
  3. ZgazenaMacka

    Thank you! (( ))
  4. ZgazenaMacka

    We're Hiring! Check the home page for the application, or call 5160364.
  5. If you don't find a buyer I can offer you $50,000. Higher than you get when you sell it.
  6. ZgazenaMacka

    $1000 in real life and $1000 on the GTA world do not have the same VALUE and because of that, you can not compare them.
  7. ZgazenaMacka

    Roleplay the money as it is. Imagine how a 24/7 store would earn if some of the items were priced like in real life($2, $5...). In real life a lot more people buy consumables from 24/7 than on this server or any other server and that's how real life stores earn, on quantity. As we don't have such a quantity items' prices are different, to fit the server's economy. source: @Nervous wanna explain it for 1001st time?
  8. ZgazenaMacka

    What about creating multiple notes of the same name and content? /useitem worked on first note in the stack, other were not showing anything.
  9. ZgazenaMacka

    ((Yeah I know, I started it with the suggestion. Thanks :D))