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  1. ZgazenaMacka

    $1000 in real life and $1000 on the GTA world do not have the same VALUE and because of that, you can not compare them.
  2. ZgazenaMacka

    Roleplay the money as it is. Imagine how a 24/7 store would earn if some of the items were priced like in real life($2, $5...). In real life a lot more people buy consumables from 24/7 than on this server or any other server and that's how real life stores earn, on quantity. As we don't have such a quantity items' prices are different, to fit the server's economy. source: @Nervous wanna explain it for 1001st time?
  3. ZgazenaMacka

    What about creating multiple notes of the same name and content? /useitem worked on first note in the stack, other were not showing anything.
  4. ZgazenaMacka

    ((Yeah I know, I started it with the suggestion. Thanks :D))
  5. ZgazenaMacka

    It can be done that way already but I don't want to force players to note every earning. Maybe script can note taximeter's price and deduct money off player's hands once /pay is received, like 1-2min? if no /pay command has been done then script restarts and waits for next Taximeter value. Once Taximeter stop and /pay is done script also restarts. I'm speaking laic.
  6. ZgazenaMacka

    I didn't think of that problem... Got nothing in my mind at the moment.
  7. ZgazenaMacka

    I spoke to @Atiku, he had almost the same opinion.
  8. ZgazenaMacka

    Short description: A Taxi Business Type would allow Taxi companies to charge 10% off of their employees in exchange for using Business Vehicles. Something like Trucking Script. If anyone has any other idea to give Taxi Businesses some money through script feel free to suggest. Commands to add: / /bjoin. Players can join the business themselves if allowed by the owner, like with 24/7, Ammunation etc. Items to add: / How would your suggestion improve the server? It can bring more players into Taxi Job, offering them a job at businesses that own more Taxi Vehicles. That way players don't have to buy a Taxi to work that job. Current way of doing this is to have a Blank Business which brings no money other than what you earn driving. Additional information:
  9. ZgazenaMacka

    Hello. I'm looking to buy a Western Bagger. Please email your photos and condition(Forum PM) Thank you!
  10. ZgazenaMacka

    ((You can join our WIP Discord Server HERE. Remember, Discord is for OOC communication only. I will make it more interactive and informational through the time of learning Discord))