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  1. Jak

    Noobs need to stop pk wars and man the fuck up !!
  2. Not needed. I urge anyone who wants to roleplay having a real chain to buy the item from jewellers and then roleplay it being a real one. Anything else you can roleplay as fake or cheap no support
  3. Jak

    I'd prefer a whole overhaul of the ad system but this works yes.
  4. Jak

    werent there that chinese geeza who got it, beat it then got it again
  5. Jak

    when you do /fixloc you can enter and exit through them
  6. From what it can bring to what it will cause, I don’t support this. Same as what friendlyman said
  7. Jak

    No thanks 🙂 nice idea tho
  8. Jak

    Only clown here is u
  9. Jak

    thread looks top notch love the updated first post
  10. Jak

    Sheer laziness but I guess it can be done
  11. Jak

    wtf ?