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  1. Robbing people who have no money actually makes no sense, yes licks are those that are known to have money. And people driving a Massacro do, but they are not as targeted as people wandering into a gang turf, why? Cause said people do socialize in their own world. Gangsters rarely go outside they comfort zone to get something done, that's why it's called a turf, cause they operate there. An example would be me again. I got jumped few blocks behind Davis LTD, cause I gave them a reason, but as soon as they realized I actually have nothing they left me be. People go on robbing spree or randomly decide to rob someone, that's not as realistic as they think it is. They should be reported indeed. But if peope actually roleplayed something? IRL you know, that there are Crips cause it was either on the news or said street is mark on the map accessible on internet. Yes you can see it, in the game there is no such thing, but there are graffitis and tags, if you walk around a wall with some gang tag, doesn't matter which gang it is, you are on their turf and ofc people usually judge others by their looks, if they see fancy clothing, you are marked usually. Higher chance you will get robbed somewhere. Vespucci Canals however have expensive houses yes, but maybe people confuse the beach housing with and alley not far from the pier, where actual expensive housing is located with closed off parts of the beach, that's also where the GTAV intro is taking place. Its not on the main beach. Lorewise the blocks and streets in question are Vagos turf. Now we do not play in GTA universe to that extent, but the streets around the main beach are gang populated and always were on GTAW. That's nothing new, now you may think it is new, cause there are more gangs there lately then before. But they always were there.
  2. That's pretty normal of course, I am not accusing anyone, this is not tied just to Vespucci, people hang out outside from dusk til dawn and then again. Yeah that's all cool, but sometimes Davis and Vespucci feel like occupied zones. I have a character who lives there and have no troubles mostly, but as he bikes around sometimes I see stuff like from Atomic Blonde Berlin mission movie. But maybe that's because USA is that big of a country, that they have gangs, we don't have those here. People tried in 90s, were promtly shut by our intelligence service.
  3. Nobody is upset they are there. But why do they patrol the Vespucci like Soviet infantry did around Kremlin? They see someone on the otherside of the street they are bored and they "Hey bro you from here, gimme those sneakers."
  4. It never is an IC issue if people are just bored and come up with whatever reasons they may, to harrass people on the beach or on the street and yes these decisions are done OOCly cause people are just bored and maybe want rp, any rp and the best rp for them is if they can feel good about it. Which is what drives majority of gang roleplayers. Not everyone, but majority so it's not entirely IC issue.
  5. I'd enjoy an Afganistan or Iraq server. Cause at this point certain parts of LS are not so different, oh wait there are no IEDs, yet. That aside, I am not necessarily against that, I like to watch people in such areas, even to the extent of risking my own character.
  6. Some of us are chill there indeed. But not many. There has been an influx of new faces lately all of them saying the same question. "You new here, never seen you around." I am tired of always telling them, no you ARE new here. I live here and you didn't until last saturday maybe.
  7. I am not sure about GTA 6, if Everywher3 comes out sooner. Which is unlikely.
  8. I don't feel about it all. Show me one civilian organization that uses the radio regularly aside from security companies, taxis or logistics? Like ever seen anyone on the street talking to a radio, seriously stop that. That just doesn't happen in real life. You want to talk to someone? Call them maybe?
  9. Yes and no, I watch most of threads and videos and it is apparent that in most of shootings, people always go for the headshot. That's kind of an encoded habit of a gamer.
  10. I personally would love to see different time period, maybe early 90s or 80s where Vice City is situated
  11. I agree, plus you cannot really report people for it. It's how the game behaves technically. You can just use hipfire though, if you want to.
  12. Now I know I am mostly using the forums to rant, but where else should I possibly say it if not here? I seen countless of videos of this and I imagine it is possible, but is it really realistic, when gangster treats pistol like a a sniper rifle? Or better yet, I know animations are like that and not the other way around and it is quite easy to learn to shoot properly today, but do you think it is good to have every gangster acting like trained SWAT officer? Cause that's what I see when someone discharges a gun in the game. You know we all can kill a man from a roof or from any other point as long as we only see the silhouette with just a pistol. Yeah but that is not realistic right?
  13. A good roleplayer should never consider their characters being themselves. Cause that's where line between IC and OOC gets blurry, which shouldn't happen. I'd word it like this. A good roleplayer plays realistically according to their character. And takes every factor into consideration. Which is not so common. It's all about details rather than the whole picture.
  14. Okay let's be brutally honest here. First I'd kinda like having gang roleplayers to lay off GTA Online for good. Honestly, you think that when a guy or a gal is standing at the block or just idling, they belong to a gang? Ever crossed your mind, that they might just live there? You know tha majority of project inhabitants are actually people with no affiliation, from lower class? Yep cause they are. Plus you know in 21st century once you discharge a gun there is a solid chance you will be caught that very same night or day. Then gangs lately do not fly their colors or sport gang tattoos on visible places, yes they do not, many gangbangers are encouraged by their own shotcallers to refrain from that tradition. So just because they don't fly their colors and they don't have xxx gang tattooed on their face, you will just assume they are in a gang? Next..."Oh I see someone on a street, rob'em blood." Fuck off, you are just doing that, cause you are bored, as your character actually does not generate any roleplay whatsoever, cause it's beef character only, yeah? 65% will not admit it, but they are roleplaying throwaway characters. You know each individual in a gang actually has a life, they joined a gang for their own purposes and reason, which the one most common is, their family. Now why would they risk their family losing whatever small income they make, over a stupid random robbery, which as we know, can put you away for a loooong time, if your gang affiliation is known. Cops do not hate gangbangers, they wanna help them, if it means locking them away for life. I know, I know it all happens in real life quite often, but honestly so does stopping at red light, which....nobody does, So stop waving the realism flag only when you win. Wave it every time.
  15. Oh yeah regarding the exploration, I plan to roleplay a character that logs the life on the less flashy side of Los Santos. People only see the illusion beyond the highway. But Los Santos isn't all about celebrities and overpriced porn. Gangs, poverty, drugs...despair.
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