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  1. No it cannot, plus NPCs take player slots.
  2. Yes it usually does, that goes double for characters created before the new interface, simply because sometimes it just doesn't work properly. The workaround usually is, to copy the face attributes, go to clothing shop, buy new advanced skin and redo the face again. One of my characters for example had wrinkles and freckles which I considered bad lighting, until someone told me, that it's actually a bug.
  3. Engelbert

    This is lit keep going!
  4. I guess this depends on a country, bars do not have them mostly, but bigger clubs, least in my country one bouncer on duty usually is strapped, but not visibly.
  5. Which is exactly what I wanted to say just now. There is quite an issue with PF abuse, cause many people who get it, actually want to use the gun and yes it is an easy way, not just to get one, but also to arm your friend.
  6. It may seem like an issue, but you might take the variety of people visiting such establishment into consideration. Cause in 8 out of 10 cases, someone in a club or outside a club will start something and in 6 out of 10 cases there's a gun involved. Then I am not sure where you live, but in my small european country least one bouncer on duty has a gun. What I see issues with is, that...they patrol the bar or club, I never seen any security doing that. Patrolling around guests dancing or drinking.
  7. Engelbert

    Username: wH0r3 Comment: U are missing the point here. I merely hinted, okay maybe I wasn't clear on that, I merely hinted that majority of those complaining here are those unemployed you mentioned, those strapped, people who usually hang out in places, people are actually scared to even drive through. IE tax evader = criminal. Gangs complaining about even bigger gang, least PD isn't yelling at ya on teh street to come over and beating you when you refuse!
  8. Engelbert

    Username:wH0r3 Comment: Oh rlly, U have water in ya house? Ya watch TV? Nah lets go further. Ya wanna open a bness? Sure u can, but gangs will still ask u for a tax. Its same, you drink water, you watch TV those are not free cause they are not yours! So you pay tax.
  9. Engelbert

    Username: wH0r3 Comment: Why's that? Their vote is nothing cause they are felons? They not human? They fukken R.
  10. Engelbert

    Username: wH0r3 Comments: Funny how only tax evaders comment here and complain.
  11. Engelbert

    Aiii this will go places!
  12. That way we'd actually see more traffic.
  13. Engelbert

    I am only a craaaack in the castle of glaaaaass. That popped up in my head when going through this.👍
  14. Engelbert

    Yes, cause they actually do. Not everyone but in cities like LA you can imagine an escort can charge 20K+$ per night cause...tada that actually is real. And porn sells suprisingly too.
  15. Engelbert

    1st, guns are lucrative business, but mostly on legal side where big stores have suppliers from the factories where guns are assembled. Blackmarket? Nobody pulled millions over that so far. Plus 20 guns I think is okay, do you wanna see influx of guns? There are sooo many guns around already, plus people also sell stolen guns so wth. 2nd Baseball bat is common tool for sports so not really an illegal thing and its more common on the streets than a gun. 3rd I agree with this one, it's hilarious. 4th Crime does pay, but only if you do it at large, small dealers are never rich and never will be. 5th Only benefit a drug ever had for a dealer is that it's addictive, it gets people hooked up on it's high so no idea what you talking about. they don't sell much cause roleplaying an addict isn't really popular. 6th Gangs here are born and gone daily, each one claiming to have history in area they want to be. No, there's a thing called server lore and this thing should be consistent. You cannot be a damn XYZ Trece deeply rooted in Forum Drive when for example this Bloods gang faction was created before yours and they rp there. You push them away yes, you can, but don't claim it's your turf when it isn't.