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  1. pr aree pee can you please un ban him??
  2. IDK but I'll tell you the weather cannot be based off the west coast of the US because it's much colder IG than any tropical area.
  3. In relations to people talking about their character having anything to do with military experience, it's not as simple as just putting it down on the application you have that experience. During the recruitment process later on, you are questioned about it and asked to elaborate more. Not anyone can just put down military experience. You OOC and IC need to have a decent amount of knowledge and background on how you want to RP your development around prior military experience without looking goofy or clueless.
  4. Very true. GTA World should be the change and implement different areas for genders or something. IDK who's idea that was on LSRP's but I don't think this idea should be carried on here.
  5. Sadly one of the reasons I stepped away from this amazing concept of a server is the lack of quality illegal roleplayers and factions. Before anyone suggests I create one doesn't know the extensive work and time it takes to be a high quality successful leader. You would have to find people that understand what quality roleplay is and what RPing in prison is like or have had prior RP experience doing so. Also, I think it would be hard to start that here at the current time because jumping back to my first remark in this post, most people here are from other communities and engaged in typical civilian roleplay such as going to nightclubs, hitting up the mall, suburb roleplay - and have carried on that tradition here. Check in another time it'll be possible later, the playerbase is rapidly climbing and I'm sure your idea will strike interest. Just not right now.
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