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  1. exlrouter

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    Like to test drive the FlashGT number is 97041793.
  4. exlrouter

  5. exlrouter

    Working as a taxi driver wasn't really cutting it... long hours of just sitting in the car, and then when a call does come in someone just takes it.. one quick interview later Ardit gets a job as a van driver. Sorry that the text isn't in order, crashed like 3 times during this scene!
  6. exlrouter

    Ardits first few days in Los Santos was just working working working, first he started out in a rented taxi. Making very little money because of the high rent price of a taxi and low rent prices of vehicles at the airport. However during this time he met a few cool people which helped him get a job a another taxi company called Habeeb taxi. However working for a taxi company wasn't the end goal of moving to Los Santos. Knowing that he decides to work two jobs, one of the clients in his taxi told him about a bar that was hiring.
  7. exlrouter

    Ardit "the hurt" Miftari. Born in 1990, Ardit had an uneventful upbringing. Nobody his family has had so much as a car crash... Growing up in an extremely neighborhood however, led to poor life decisions — He was known by Albanian law enforcement as a troublemaker, mostly partaking in petty crimes. Back in Albania, he found himself frequenting a special girl, who meant something to him. That girl gave him something to look forward to every day; they'd hang out every day, and smoking weed was part of their daily ritual. The weed wasn't always of good quality, but it didn't matter. Once Ardit turned eighteen, his life took an unexpected turn. A car swerved into him during a road trip in the Albanian mountains. Ardit entered a fit of rage and as he rushed to the opposing car, he saw his girlfriend in the passenger seat along with the reckless driver. He had been cheated on. Ardit took out his gun, and fired. Game over for her. Ardit had to flee Albania after the murder, and ended up in Los Santos, a distant fugitive. In the dead of night, he manages to find a roof to sleep under.
  8. exlrouter

    @BigDoubleOG https://imgur.com/a/q71aCsU
  9. exlrouter

    Market price is $300,000 wont be sold for less than this. https://imgur.com/a/tUZIwi5
  10. exlrouter

    looking good brother
  11. exlrouter

    You can already do this with the stuff we have available now, all you need to do is make an advert, meet up and then give them food. There are various items you can buy in the 24/7, such as donuts/burgers etc.
  12. Can't wait to get back in game! Much love to the dev team <3
  13. exlrouter

    I'd like this, would be a cool way to travel. Can the blimps be player controlled?
  14. exlrouter

    They recently increased it to two properties before you get taxed, doubt it'll be changed to three anytime soon.
  15. exlrouter

    Character Name: Luigi Segato Forum Name: exlrouter (Discord Name?): exlrouter Property ID (of your house): 1104 procopio drive Interior ID you would like to have(from the list): 27 or 39 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): Screenshot of the exterior of your house/garage: