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  1. Aim assist should be breaking rules. It just enforces the fact that some people are only here to win. Plus it makes their chars look like robots with super aim... Which isn't the case for most characters as they don't have any IC'ly training or anything. How'd they get super aim? Divine intervention? Yeah... Nope.
  2. ban for that profile pic/gif of a cat which in reality dogs are better
  3. Everything is good the way it is right now. And they won't watch every single person, they only need to watch the ones who have no common sense on how to roleplay a realistic character. 🙂 It's still a big nope for me, the current system is good.
  4. Big nope, have admins enforce rules, if people can't play their characters properly and go on crime sprees, that's something that admins should handle.
  5. i cant get the mechanics lol been playing the closed beta, too weird for me but 100% gonna buy it, hope we get a perisno in it too
  6. If this happens, means I get a break for a day until the trolling is over.
  7. best security group out there ya'll liiiiiiiiiit
  8. aDIOS, you're banned for no reason.
  9. Dope, I stole one.
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