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  1. Arnzeal

    Jag vill leva jag vill dö i norden!
  2. UPDATE - 21/05/2020 DEALERSHIP OPEN (9.30 PM - 10.30 PM) Ocelot Jackal - [SOLD] Karin Kuruma - [SOLD] Ocelot Lynx - [SOLD] Albany Manana - [SOLD]
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  4. UPDATE - 19/05/2020 DEALERSHIP OPEN (9 PM - 10 PM) Karin BeeJay XL - [NEW] Albany Manana - [NEW]
  5. UPDATE - 18/05/2020 DEALERSHIP OPEN (9 PM - 10 PM) Annis Kawaii - [NEW] Willard Faction - [NEW] Burgerfahrze Furzen - [NEW] Benefactor Dubsta Sport - [SOLD] Benefactor Schwartzer - [SOLD] Gallivanter Baller LE - [SOLD] Ubermacht Oracle XS - [SOLD]
  6. UPDATE - 17/05/2020 DEALERSHIP OPEN (9 PM - 10 PM) Karin Kuruma - [NEW] Vapid Ellie - [NEW] Ocelot Lynx - [NEW] Vapid Ellie - [SOLD]
  7. UPDATE - 16/05/2020 Vapid Guardian - [NEW] Vapid Torrence SSO - [NEW] Obey Tailgater - [NEW] Cheval Surge - [NEW] ((PC no longer broken, we can resume selling))
  8. Arnzeal

    You are right when you say their games tend to be a shell at first. But over time they will build upon it and one day before you know it, you start to really enjoy yourself. Imperator was a bit of a mess, but I have faith in their Crusader Kings series. I enjoyed HOIV and EUIV during their releases so that is good enough for me I suppose.
  9. That eye needs some serious surgery
  10. Arnzeal

    Crusader Kings III is an upcoming grand strategy game set in the Middle Ages, by Paradox Interactive as a sequel to Crusader Kings and Crusader Kings II. The game has just now been given a final release date in September 1 2020. I am extremely hyped for this title, being a long time fan of Paradox games and true devotée to Crusader Kings II since its release in 2012. I can't wait to impregnate my daught.... I mean my wife, yes my wife from a completely different family alltogether! Anyone else hyped for this game?
  11. Arnzeal

    I would rather not dig up the past, you never know what they’ll find... 🤥 But yes you be right, they do deserve a shoutout for old times sake. @Maca can get a shoutout too... that I have not forgiven him for this. And not you neither @DjoleK for setting me up.
  12. Arnzeal

    I never got around to playing Mafia 1 despite hearing how good it was. Just too old of a game for me. Mafia 2 was an all time favorite of mine when I played it years ago and its far better than that abomination they dare call Mafia 3. Hyped about being able to re-experience Mafia 2 and experiencing Mafia 1 as so many others did when it came out.
  13. Arnzeal

    @Bjork for dealing with my one request so long he went from Admin Level 3 to Community Manager @Bombie for being a good sport and sharing the burden that is me with Bjork after he couldn't stand me anymore. @Thirteen for going out of your way to help me find a dealership property that I wasn't bitc**** about. @Cara & @Dashing for being repeatedly told my trash PC breaks down every other week and as reliable like a french car..... sorry @Nervous but I pay you every month plz don't ban me 🙏
  14. I can confirm this, you do nag an aweful lot. But that is because you're a sensitive flower 🌻
  15. Arnzeal