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  1. Vehicle has been sold for buyout.
  2. Will be in contact shortly.
  3. Current leading bid. (( @GrizzlyBear1969 @Shang_Takashi ))
  4. FOR SALE Benefactor Streiter (()) Coming in with a wealth of upgrades to security systems and performance, this Streiter is now for sale. Bidding details are found below; Starting Bid: $70,000 Bid Incriment's: $5,000 Buyout Price: $100,000 Please leave name and contact information with your bid.
  5. No longer required.
  6. CONGRATULATIONS! Are in order for Joseph Ciotti! You held this weeks winning ticket! We will contact the winner for collection. (( ))
  7. LAST DAY OFFER! For the last minute better, the cheap-punter or just for those who say, 'Why not?' - for the last day of the raffle we now have availabe an Inverto Coquette Classic! Truly a spectacular machine with strong bones, and a solid history - this vehicle is sure to turn heads whether by its looks or by its roaring engine. With top spec performance (( 4/4 Engine, 3/3 Transmission, 3/3 Brakes and Turbo )) including engine modifications, transmission upgrades, better brakes and turbo fittings - you can be sure to get where you need to be in a minute. (Or less) Tickets are $1,500 per, or $7,000 for five! Entry taken either by SMS to Ph: 2929 or via email to [email protected] (( Forum PM Bursy )) WIN the vehicle + $20,000 CASH in hand!
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