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  1. On the italian part I gotta agree, I live in Milan and I am romanian, lived in Rome for 2 years and I still can’t pick up most of the dialect words there. I even have a cousin that’s in Venice, if she speaks in dialect guess what I cannot understand a single word of what she is saying. Common italian is a thing though, you’re bond to find someone that speaks fluently and explain to you dialects or anything you might need. The more you go south though the harder it is to understand the locals, most of them don’t know ‘common’ italian and just speak their own gibberish which is like a sub-language. So it’s even more complex than knowing a language.
  2. Have it be applied to an admin ig or when making the character, there’d be an issue when waiting for an admin during not peak hours but that’s how I’d go about it. Either that or set it to a minimum of a few languages, 3 for example.
  3. While I personally like the current system for languages, the brackets being an easy way to say your character is speaking a foreign language I would love for the addition of a language system on the server, where you choose languages your character knows icly and in the chat to be shown as a translation of what he is saying or just simply something that is not english so it cannot be metagamed in. This addition would still require everyone to communicate in english but would prevent metagaming like this from happening.
  4. Preach, just found it it's amazing keep it up love it bye bye
  5. WatchingEye

    Cujo's Mods

    Has anyone used this mod? Is it good does it clip well with torso’s and the clothes replaced? I already got it but i cant tell with the mods ofc. I wanna hear some thoughts
  6. Now we talking, might get back here soon.
  7. Petition for glasses and face mod to be added to the server ( also wondering if someone can help me to import them into single-player cause you know... facebrowser thot )
  8. This is why I love the roleplay community, it's so creative, this is amazing!
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