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  1. stompkins

    I don't really care to edit screenshots. Don't have the skill set for it... EDIT: Someone showed me some basics, improvement will follow.
  2. stompkins

    Having lived the life and damn near been killed by it I can say with some certainty that this is one of the very few factions in the community that understands what they're roleplaying. They're not afraid to ask questions to become more realistic and authentic. They didn't just watch Sons of Anarchy and thing 'Oh we should copy this', unlike many of the MC factions that have come into GTAW over the last year and half. If you want to learn about what it means to be an Outlaw, and properly put that into writing. Sinful Kings is the place to go. Having lived the life as a patchholder for a handful of years, I told myself I'd never get involved with an MC RP simply due to most of them were a giant joke. But Sinful Kings has surprised me. They legitimately want a life like and authentic experience for the faction and for each member.
  3. stompkins

    Heavy support, I rarely am looking at the characters as I await responses and miss these all of the time.
  4. stompkins

    Amazing work, sets the bar and makes me feel like writing a story now! Well done Luna!
  5. stompkins

    Making it optional doesn't appear to have any downsides. My hope is that it might prevent some of the insanity that comes up from conflict rp, such as the gangland shootings. If you see someone roll up and start to react perhaps now they won't just blast you into next week with no RP whatsoever.
  6. stompkins

    I appreciate knowing when people are typing, I'd rather it stay personally.
  7. stompkins

    Likewise. Love it.
  8. stompkins

    Journal Entry - 2 - 2nd of Feburary, 2019 Fuck Luke.. That is all Journal.
  9. stompkins

    Journal Entry - 1 - 28th of January, 2019 I've been in Los Santos for about four days, I'm used to the big city life clearly but I wasn't prepared for this place even with that being said. First person I meet off the bus? Kaori... Five minutes in I'm learning about all of the inner-workings to becoming a camgirl and I did not wake up whatsoever prepared for such a situation. Haha... Fast forward to the evening and I'm just lucky enough to meet Luke one of the managers of Exotic Auto! I must've impressed him with my bubbly personality or something cause I got a job as a Mechanic and I'm making REAL money for once! He even said I was making the business some serious money with all of the paint jobs I've done since I started too! It has been a good experience thus far but I'm not sure if I could ever focus on cars they just don't get my love like the bikes do! Anyways.. Next day comes around and I meet Ron, he's a cop and happens to be my new landlord! Serious flirt, pretty sure he wants to take me for a ride and not the kind I'm generally down for! But I'd rather he like me and wanna' see me safe rather then anything else. From there.. Lets see, went to a party at the 'Dungeon Crawler' and I went a little wild. But I got Caleb's attention it would seem, and he's been awesome so far. So we'll see if it was worth it to get out of my shell a bit. That's all for now, maybe someday I'll reread this and laugh but probably not ?
  10. stompkins

    VITALS Player: STompkins Character Full Name: Elizabeth Claire Redford (A-liz-a-beth // Ca-lair // Re-da-ferd) Character In-Game Name: Elizabeth Redford Nickname(s): Ellie, Eliza, Liz, Lizzie, Beth, Red Sex: Female Association(s): Los Santos Community College Employment: Motorcycle Mechanic Race: Caucasian Languages: English Religion: Orthodox Christian Note-worthy Traits: N/A Lackluster Traits: N/A Age: 21 Age Appearance: Elizabeth is an athletic woman in her twenties, with medium length brown hair that generally rests about shoulder level. Date of Birth: 11-JUL-1997 Hair: Brunette (Natural: brunette) Eyes: Blue-grey eyes, Small pupil Weight: 125 lbs Height: 5'7 Physique: Toned and lean, athletic and healthy. Measurements: 35B-25-35 RELATIONSHIP(s) LOVE - LIKE - NEUTRAL - DISLIKE - HATE Caleb Bradford - "He's cute, sweet and a true gentlemen. Laid out some huge hints just to see how he'd react and either he isn't interested or he's just one of the good ones. Either way, I think we'll be good friends." Ronald Hayden - "He's my landlord, and a huge flirt. But overall he seems like a nice guy, plus he's a cop? Can't get mad at that. ? " Elizabeth Walker - "Nice enough girl, and she's also a Lizzie so that's goin' for her LOL" Kaori (Tsuji) - "This girl is open as hell about herself, admirable but definitely a little odd to encounter in the first five minutes of meeting." ((OOC Note; I do not have an issue with anyone from the relationships list, in fact if they landed on this list I'm a fan of their RP and hope to enjoy much more! If you're not on the list, I apologize it'll constantly be updated! Come RP with me and lets build a story!)) PERSONALITY SYNOPSIS Elizabeth is an adventurous free spirited young woman. Despite her seemingly carefree nature Elizabeth is at heart a kind and gentle person with a good heart. She generally cares deeply for the people in her life as well. HISTORY WIP Journal Entries Entry 1 Photo(s):
  11. stompkins

    Sadly the bike was stolen right before Christmas. I may be hanging up my leathers for a while. Been through enough from the life style for a bit.
  12. stompkins

    Locked & Archived as requested...
  13. stompkins

    I'll remind everyone posting, this is a topic in regards to bikes you ride. Not your collection of vehicles. Keep the topic narrow, please.
  14. stompkins

    For the bikers out there, what do you ride? 76 Ironhead is my main ride right now.
  15. stompkins

    I don't like the idea of making the walk styles completely open, but this compromise is a solid suggestion in my opinion. I'd support it. Also helps identify those publicly intoxicated :D