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  1. Jauss

    I have a Bodhi for sale! Brand new. Only got some nice bodywork done. Contact info: [email protected] ((ForumPM)) 555-4969 OFFER OFFER
  2. Jauss

    A huge congratulations to all staff members mentioned!
  3. Jauss

    Looking for a top floor apartment. Preferably Eclipse Towers or something similar. Let me know what you got.
  4. Jauss

    After months away - We're now back in business.
  5. I think it should only be promoted through a bureau name if it were to be an /ad. Such as "You're bored tonight? Visit "bureau name/website" for a good time." for example. Make a business topic on forums etc. Or work through Facebrowser. Lots of opportunities. ERP should definitely be allowed. If people don't like it, then don't do it. Same goes for gore/torture/rape RP. Always ask the other part for consent. People should be old enough to know when enough is enough and when they don't want to participate in the roleplaying session that is about to evolve.
  6. Jauss

    Business is still for sale. Currently at the price of the total MP. 1.1mil
  7. Jauss

    Looking for a Lampadati Novak. Text me @ 555-4969 Email: [email protected]ntos.com ((Forum PM))
  8. Jauss

    Last buyer retreated. Still up for sale. BO lowered 100 grand.
  9. Jauss

    @DjoleK Sure. If they're reasonable.
  10. Jauss

    Still up for sale. Last buyer never responded.
  11. Jauss

    Buyer jumped off the sale - due to no response. Business is still for sale.
  12. Jauss

    High profits low risk. - Contact me now before someone else grabs it!
  13. Jauss

    This is a rare opportunity. Are you the guy who likes to earn a good amount of money & looking to settle for the sweet life? This real estate company is definitely for you! We can exclude the website and name and just sell the apartment complex, if that is what you are interested in! Get in touch!
  14. Jauss

    This is a very unique business opportunity. Do you wish to earn good money and become a landlord? Contact me now!