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  1. Jauss

    @Famous FRUIT If you're still interested, I got one. Its been fully tuned. Matte Black with black rims. Turbo installed as well. It has driven less than 500 miles. Let me know if you're still looking.
  2. Jauss

    This is lovely actually. - I remember back when I started. We peaked at 30 players. And yet people got together to RP as much as they could! We had Mirror Park being the hub for a good while as the playerbase simply wasn't there for the rest of the city yet. I never forget the times where we started peaking at 60 players. It felt nice not knowing everyone anymore. It made the roleplay much more interesting. When I joined around new year 2017/2018, we didn't even have businesses. RP was very restricted, scriptwise, but people kept up their activity because I think all of us at the time, could see the larger picture. If we kept going, we'd hit 100 players average at some point. To see these numbers and finally being able to take a stroll through Los Santos, seeing players on every corner, really is a sight I have been waiting for, for a long time. And scriptwise the server has blown me away. The work that's been put into making GTA:W an immersive RP experience, is incredible. I am so glad I choose to stick around with this community, through ups and downs. It's been a wonderful journey!
  3. One apartment left. Contact us ASAP if you want to live at Vespucci Canals for a reasonable price! - Check out our website for more info!
  4. Jauss

    If you love PvP in wow and always wondered "What if?" when it came to have certain skills as other classes etc. This is worth a try!
  5. I am curious to see how many players here are playing or have been playing Project Ascension - Classless WoW. Project Ascension Project Ascension offers a classless wow, where you can pick between all skills and talents from the game up until level 60 (currently). A TBC realm hitting at anytime. Currently roaming the Classic version of wow, with WotLK talent trees, this is super Pvp minded. All raids are 10-25 man. There are Random Enchants to all your gear to buff all your talents etc. - But the coolest of this is the world pvp system. - In the High Risk version, If you kill a player, you can grab 1-3 pieces of his gear, depending on how well geared he is compared to yourself. - The better gear you got equipped, the better gear you can find in the open world from killing mobs. The highest being Naxxramas gear. - 2 types of gear. Normal (PvE power) and Bloody (PvP power). All gear you get from players will be turned bloody. You can also turn PvE gear into PvP gear, however not the other way around. - Draft seasonal realm: A realm where you get to pick between 3 completely random skills every 2nd level, until you hit 60. This is a seasonal realm, which means it will start over every couple of months. But its a super fun and interesting to make different builds and see how they turn out. Raiding is a thing on this server, however for me, PvP is the way. 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 Arena. High Risk arena, where if you win, you get a piece of your opponents equipped gear. You can make the most fun combinations of skills if you get a great build. + You can draft your spells when you hit level 60, with cards that gives you chances of changing out certain spells with other spells. Super fun system. I figured I'd put a small introduction here, in case people find this interesting. I'd love to know if we got more Ascension players scattered around GTA:W!
  6. The apartments are going fast - If you want to experience the luxury of living around the Vespucci Canals for a low price, make sure to contact us as soon as possible. We might be fully occupied by tomorrow!
  7. If you're looking for a nice place to rent, do not hesitate to check out our website for our Blue Lagoon Apartment Complex down @ Vespucci Canals. Just click the Property tab and see the pictures + read the information about the area!
  8. Jauss

    Someone's been busy. - Very nice work my friend!
  9. Tenants Choice still over nice apartments down at Vespucci Canals. - Please feel free to check out our website for more information! - Thank you
  10. Jauss

    Back in business - If you got any interesting projects and want it done to perfection. Run it by me @ JB Architecture
  11. Still interested in getting in contact with whoever own one of the two top floor apartments.
  12. Looking for a top floor Eclipse apartment.
  13. Looking for one of the top floor apartments in Eclipse towers. Contact me asap. Im willing to pay 75 grand over market price.
  14. Jauss

    I am having a hard time believing anything on Hawick Avenue is a skyscraper? If it is tho, please contact me on 555-4969 or my email. [email protected] ((Forum PM))