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  1. eTaylor

    The county has the best gangs
  2. A lot of benched for Nvidia hardware. AMD statistically runs equivalent but their overall quality is inconsistent. Their cards are riddled with ridiculously cheap hardware solutions that break down or significantly hamper performance. An AMD card almost never performs as listed for much longer than a month and the fans are terrible for consistent usage. That’s why AMD is cheaper. You get what you pay for.
  3. Honestly you’re better off just buying Nvidia and cheaping out elsewhere, then upgrade when you have the money to throw at it. It’ll pay off in the long run, AMD is absolutely trash
  4. eTaylor

    Well like I said, adult education is different. Especially when modeled in a way where you can jump in and out at will. LS-RP’s problem was an overly convoluted system with unrealistic infrastructure mandating that people literally spend 3 to 6 hours confined within a rather uneventful and inappropriately hypersexualized environment. Having a minimalistic organization behind the education center along with people who can sign up at will to host classes they are interested in followed by those who can pay a small fee to attend classes they are interested in will just offer another avenue of roleplay. Regardless of it being a niche, by taking away the dependency on persistent engagement you don’t have the same challenges. You simply have the facilitation of roleplay, something worth trying. It’s even better if companies actually recognize courses and generate further demand for them.
  5. Administrators don’t have to intervene with every facet of life. If the club owners consciously demand for better security companies you have self-regulation and the market would adjust itself accordingly. At least, that’s how capitalism is suppose to work anyway.
  6. eTaylor

    Still going hard
  7. eTaylor

    I’d find this interesting as long as it’s oriented towards adult education. The college already exists, all it needs is an interior. You could have an organization that facilitates flexibel scheduled lectures and what not that people can sign up for. For monetary gain they could even make a form of membership a requirement for a fee. This way you have classes that are free to develop as is, by the community for the community. You wouldn’t require a complicated organization with staff, merely the managing of the college and portrayal thereof. You wouldn’t need to stress about activity since the participants generate their own. This makes it so that you aren’t dependent on people to exist, and people aren’t dependent on you to participate. And it facilitates the creation of a new roleplay hub surrounding college, which can grow if the community truly has an interest in such roleplay.
  8. You hire a security firm to prevent issues on your property. The whole point of security at a club is preventative, though no company effectively does this. Security guards aren’t a deterrent but just another variable. Anecdotal or not I’ve never had an issue at a club where a guard didn’t storm in like Israeli special forces taking everyone at gunpoint only to die or otherwise shrug it off. Club owners are just as much to blame. They hire these firms instead of opting for a company that actually portrays them right, nor do they hold these companies to any standards. My guard just killed three people on the dance floor? No problem, clean up and reopen in five minutes!
  9. eTaylor

    Can’t wait!
  10. eTaylor

  11. eTaylor

    Accurately portrayed meth tweakers and drug addictions in general.
  12. Considering shitty trailer go for 300-400k nowdays while they're literally worth 80k max. It's dumb people with a lot of money that justify that market.
  13. eTaylor

    There’s a huge parking garage next to the PD just north of it.
  14. eTaylor

    It sure was a fun run, I’ll tell you that. It’s funny to think about all the things that you thought mattered back then, now think about what you think matters now.
  15. Start smoking meth again