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  1. eTaylor

    I don't feel there's a disproportionate amount of criminals, but then again that's just anecdotal. I don't roleplay in the city, and as such the limited encounters I have with people in the city are typically with those who appear to be simple civilians out on their day. I certainly don't have the impression there are only criminals, but I can't tell whether the characters I encounter stick to strictly legal RP. The whole carjacking script could do with a rework in my opinion, though I don't have any real suggestions for such a rework myself. I do find it odd that you use a lock-pick to break into a car. Perhaps there is a way to create a more in-depth system that accounts for the different vehicles. I'd argue that this is a loud minority, and it's pretty obvious these people have not exhausted their options nor do they genuinely put effort into things. People who focus on script tend to be the same people neglecting their own development as a character and a roleplayer. I doubt development will ever cater to these people, considering the abundance of scripting already available. People really show their own ability when they complain about these things. This too is very different depending on what scene you roleplay with I imagine. I know and roleplay with plenty of people who roleplay a drug/alcohol dependency, myself included. Though that's anecdotal, I do wonder what's it like in the street gang scene. Wasn't development already working on something? I also think you've been looking at the wrong faction threads, I also believe it depends on the crime scene you're roleplaying with. If you look at unimaginative gangbangers based on some 90's movie or stereotypical portrayals of bikers because someone watcheds Sons of Anarchy, yeah you'll get that. Roleplay is diverse however, and there's a lot of difference in quality. While there is an argument for quality control, they usually tend to sort themselves out. Bad factions don't survive for long, and the good factions you really have to experience yourself. You can't really judge things based on curated highlights alone. Social roleplay aside I think you definitely hit a point on the fact that people need to focus on character development. If you want to do civilian roleplay, go do civilian roleplay. If you want to do criminal roleplay, go do criminal roleplay. If you want to mix the two, go ahead. But make a conviction to roleplay what you roleplay, and develop an actual character around that roleplay. Don't just have a premise for existence and use that as an excuse. A few examples, right-wing extremist factions have fantastic roleplayers, but they'll get people who create a character with a Deutschamerikaner name and attack other people because "I am nazi". Gangbangers have great factions with some amazing roleplay, yet they too get unoriginal named characters who log on to shoot someone becuase "I am crip cuhh". Even out in the county we'll get those random characters that roleplay like a trashbag on two legs to a point where it's genuinely frustrating because 'dey ruuleplaaah' tuulk'in laiike'h dususss'' and are genuinely convinced they've got some fantastic roleplay to show the world. It's plain stupid, but thankfully it's also the exception rather than the standard. A lot of factions, groups and crews benefit from self-moderation. By mandating a higher expectation from their participants you create an environment where people are forced to think about their characters and the things they do with them. It's why you see such a huge difference between factions. Because while one might put the emphasis on development, the other won't and that really shows. I think criminal roleplay is just fine, there will always be complete tools running around ruining things but at least I feel like it's not a major issue. Just as long as people don't neglect the standard of having a developed character, that continues to be developed.
  2. eTaylor

    It's disappointing to see that you decided to respond to only an excerpt of everything I've posted. I whole-fully disagree with you on most of your standpoints. I'll reiterate for clarity, it isn't our job to regulate your faction. Of course I'm not suggestion leadership to be some Nihilanth knowing everything that happens, that's just not feasible. But just as real officers encounter people at their worst, typically during the most unpleasant scenarios, your members in-game encounter roleplayers of all types. Being in a law enforcement faction it's much easier for you to file reports on things you encounter because it's part of your routine, be it an In-Character report or an Out-Of-Character report. The majority of players don't. They don't log in to file a bunch of paperwork at the end of their roleplay, they're just here for the roleplay. I shouldn't be expected to police every roleplay encounter I have with the LSPD, I shouldn't have to monitor them or report everything I don't agree with. It's your faction leadership's job to guide, lead and properly teach their members how they should perform based on their own standards. Those standards should be standards they've created based on what is reasonable and expected for the server. Of course they can't micromanage everyone's roleplay, nor should they. But they should do everything they can to create systems that are efficiently used to not just promote but mandate what they consider proper roleplay. Whether this is during the training phases of new members, or throughout internal accountability and the ability to freely confront people on their roleplay. I fully believe the LSPD is more than capable to do this themselves, while maintaining open lines with the community. I don't consider it a significant issue, it's just something that should always be kept in mind since it's a huge responsibility for the LSPD. Law Enforcement factions for any server are typically the first thing people see, so they represent GTAW as well. It should be a topic for discussion on an open forum, and those participating shouldn't be told to be quiet and take it to reports held behind closed doors. And keep in mind that I am not painting PD in a bad light. But simply saying "if you don't file specific reports you don't count" is counteractive to @Big_Smokes's original post and the purpose of this thread. Which is to look for avenues to improve on the LSPD's faction core values, the interaction amongst it's members and it's interaction with the public in game. I feel like the following excerpt is pretty clear on my standpoint: Moving on... People telling you how you should roleplay as a character is just stupid. You have your character, and he or she is an officer with the LSPD. Being a cop doesn't necessarily define your character, nor should it. What defines your character is the way you've decided to develop it, and subsequently express that development to the outside through roleplay. Your character is your character, and you're the one who decides what you do with it. Being a cop doesn't mean you're a "yes sir, yes ma'am" and operate with a customer service attitude. Most cops I know are bitter unapproachable assholes to everyone that doesn't belong to their group, especially in their line of work. Not every officer is the ideal public relations poster boy, it's dirty gritty work and the people who work it reflect that. If you fuck around and act all stupid you're not gonna get a pat on the back, you're gonna get told to fuck off real quick. That's how that works. Of course that's not a license to go overboard with it, but even then it's entirely In-Character and up to the person behind the roleplay. So what if a cop is a complete asshole. There are plenty of other cops who roleplay anything from a sweet and puppy-eyed boot to a hardened veteran who doesn't waste their time with bullshit. Cops shouldn't be carbon copies of the handbook, nobody wants that. They should always be free to develop their character how they please, and continue to develop it through their IC career in their department.
  3. eTaylor

    I'm sorry, but should it be the player's job to monitor and uphold the roleplay quality in PD or should your command team take care of that? It sounds like you're blaming other people for roleplay complaints on account of them not explicitly reporting it to your faction's hierarchy. If they don't explicitly report it, does that mean complaints that members in the community feel are valid are left unanswered or ignored? Of course it's not feasible to crack a whip at everyone's whim because someone is complaining on the forums, but if you're going to respond to complaints could do better than "did you report it". Because you're basically saying "yeah I sort of acknowledge your noise but take it somewhere else", it defeats the purpose of public discourse. It's not a matter of of punishing an officer IC or OOC either. I don't think anyone outside of PD genuinely cares what happens to an officer, I'd be more concerned about the roleplay culture. That every member of the faction logs on with the full realization that they have the power to completely destroy people if they neglect their roleplay. That they remain reasonably fair towards the people they interact with. And when I say fairness I don't mean that PD and criminals should be equal. But when you have officer that think it's perfectly acceptable to roleplay Narnia style gun rack systems that give them access to every single piece of equipment conceivable, you might want to look into that. Members of the PD are players just as everyone else, they're not NPC's here to provide the server with roleplay. They deserve to be participants in the roleplay they enjoy, not just be the provider. But being in such a faction it's often the position you find yourself in, and if people get on with a bad attitude towards that you're going to get problems. I shouldn't have to run and file a report every time I don't agree with a member's roleplay, command should be picking these things up themselves and do everything they can to uphold a good roleplay culture. Bad cops are very easily recognized by their bad roleplay attitude, and the culture should exist where members regulate each other. That members are not afraid to confront each other bad performances or attitudes. And command should make sure people don't advance based on forum performance or OOC standing alone, but their merits as a roleplayer and what they contribute to the community as well. If you're a criminal you can't see the difference between the good cop and the bad cop unless you've roleplayed with them before, and I've had to many mixed experiences that I personally don't give PD a fair chance at all. And I agree that's hypocritical and bad on my part, but I have everything to loose if I run into the wrong member. And losing to the police isn't the part that creates the negative experience, @Mytrix can attest to that because the roleplay I had with him was great and I enjoyed it very much despite getting caught. But when I get pulled over I shouldn't have to check the member's name OOCly to gauge if I'm going to have an enjoyable roleplay experience, and decide if it's worth sticking around for that. I should be able to expect enjoyable and fair roleplay from every member regardless of IC consequences. And again, fairness doesn't mean equal playing ground in gun play or chases. A criminal should never be able to overthrow law enforcement by force alone. Fair roleplay to me just means a fair approach to the roleplay interaction, making sure it's not one sided. Making sure that I'm just as much of a participant as the other party. Because while the PD member is free to do as he or she pleases, I'm stuck with the roleplay. And if it's some stereotypical robocop brick wall with the character depth of a puddle of water, that experience can be excruciating. Don't just focus on an image or how to portray something, in-fact don't portray anything. Be what you want to be. People are always going to be negative,. And I'd say the majority of the PD are doing just fine by the way. As long as the core focus of the PD is to provide the best possible roleplay everything else should logically fall in line, that's just how I see it.
  4. Could just make a thing where you can request exemption from the rule. Another major motivator to stay out of trouble and not do dumb shit without thinking about the consequences.
  5. https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displayText.xhtml?lawCode=CONS&division=&title=&part=&chapter=&article=I http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billTextClient.xhtml?bill_id=201320140SB683 http://leginfo.ca.gov/pub/11-12/bill/asm/ab_0801-0850/ab_809_bill_20110920_enrolled.html https://web.archive.org/web/20150112045344/http://www.calgunsfoundation.org/2013/06/cgf-challenges-ca-handgun-microstamping-requirement-in-federal-civil-rights-lawsuit/ https://www.oag.ca.gov/firearms/certified-handguns/search
  6. Probably because it's much easier and faster to do it this way instead of doing lengthy background checks into a person's character.
  7. Which LAC agency would give your raggedy-ass low income housing unit living gang banger a weapon license?
  8. eTaylor

    People tend to start a gang in a street with no gang history what-so-ever and suddenly expect to be recognized as the most dangerous street gang in the world where officers shiver in fear. I'd argue that if you want your gang to have a certain reputation with police you should actually earn that reputation through roleplay, and accept the subsequent consequences of having such a status. On another note, how do the gun racks work?
  9. eTaylor

    I appreciate you too
  10. eTaylor

    Why would you share this?