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  1. eTaylor

    @KV for their consideration and patience on the 19th of January following a 'security' issue.
  2. eTaylor

    What kind of work ads does your point apply to, because the only real reference point I have are ads like [Advertisement] Young hot steamy teen new in town looking for work, maid and massage experience, willing to do ANYTHING! [ph: 6969]
  3. eTaylor

    If you're looking for a job do you post an advertisement that you're looking for one, or do you approach companies advertising that they're looking for employees?
  4. Sada James, seems to correlate to Kimberly 'SADA. So would that not go beyond infringement and just poor roleplay/character development? i.e. roleplaying a real life personality/artist.
  5. Ethics =/= Legality. Curiously, who's music are they infringing?
  6. Facebrowser is a platform, not a publisher. That's like saying Facebook is liable for what it's users posts, which is ridiculous. I can create a website with the letters gtaw, doesn't mean it's in any way associated or related to GTA World as a legal entity.
  7. Seems incorrect, what does Wix.com have to do with GTAW?
  8. https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Los_Santos_Prison https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/NOOSE_Headquarters https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twin_Towers_Correctional_Facility
  9. eTaylor

  10. eTaylor

    Somebody call Don Shipley