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  6. Username: Gumshoe-187 Comment: I WILL NOT KNEEL TO VIOLENT STREET GANGS. you UGLY hood SCUM. The LOS SANTOS POLICE DEPARTMENT will get to you ONE day. MARK these words. Your FILTHY days have been counted. You gang bangers Will end up DEAD or in JAIL. That is what you DESERVE. Using women as work tools just shows that you are THE SCUM of the earth. You fucking PUNKS from El BURRO. you never won ANY fair fight in YOUR life. Go on and HOLD your GUNS SIDEWAYS because you will NEVER win ANY fight I will not kneel to murderers or the parents that raised them !!! you are TERRORIZING COMMUNITIES and for THIS you will DIE. The LSPD has been SUCCESFUL at taking these thugs out!!! Warrant by warrant. Door by door. They will come for YOU. And when they KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR.... will you be THERE to FACE Them? They ARE TRAINED to take out GANG BANGING FILTH like you. you are the THUGS responsible for this sort of PROSTITUTION !!! You have had your chance to learn about the law and common RESPECT. You REFUSED and you will now pay for your actions. Look at YOURSELF. Dealing DRUGS.... Driving CARS that were bought with criminal money that you NEVER EARNED legally. DEAR GANGBANGER, are you PROUD of YOURSELF??? You have HAD your CHANCE. All of these ANIMALS will be found and they will be EXTERMINATED. The streets will be CLEANSED of these ANIMALS for GOOD. I ENCOURAGE all CITIZENS to take ACTIONS AGAINST THESE BEASTS !!! We need to COMBAT The evil in El BURRO before it SPREADS. ***a Chinese IP address is linked to the username account***
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    '''' 1 WEEK LATER...
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    U ever take some rest?
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    @KV no words needed tru homie @Bjork always calm and relax. Dunno how u never get angry/annoyed or something @Moonsong nice person, good by heart