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  1. A drink is cheap, and it's pretty much expected of you to get a drink when you're at a bar. Getting involved with drug usage is completely different.
  2. It's necessary to have positive mechanical effects, to keep the market stimulated. In a perfect roleplay universe, maybe not, but people won't keep tossing money at useless shit, no matter how much roleplay it is. This is the reality. Getting an objects is a good mechanical effect for example. It doesn't have to be a stat boost.
  3. Vince

    Sold for buyout. Thank you.
  4. Vince

    Price lowered from $250k to $200k. Need it gone as soon as possible, therefore the low price.
  5. Selling an almost brand new Western Nightblade with under 40 miles to it, and one Maibatsu Mule (( Trucker vehicle )), also with low mileage. Western Nightblade: $40,000 Maibatsu Mule: $60,000 The vehicles are straight off the dealership and come with no extras.
  6. Vince

    I really dig the layers of this faction. The typical bad biker thing, the suited nightlife style, and casual everyday roleplay. Realistic and interesting. It's easy to see experience when it comes naturally like this. Bravo boys.
  7. Vince

    Cool shit. /Sonny
  8. Vince

    House is still for sale.
  9. Vince

    (( Very nice. ))
  10. Vince

    Any pictures of the complex exterior? Edit: Found, on your website.
  11. Vince

    Are you sure it's a dude? Saga is a female name in Sweden. 😊
  12. Vince

    Habbo, Valhalla Roleplay, Los Santos Roleplay
  13. Vince

    Price: $250,000 $200,000!