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  1. Previously used for rally and therefore is tuned to accomodate for that. Full tuning on engine and transmission. Nitro included as well as Locks upgraded to Level 2. The vehicle is registered but NOT INSURED. I am asking for $160,000 but I'm open to negotiation. SOLD! Contact: 441-6224 (SMS) or leave a reply.
  2. !Sold! Fully modified engine, brakes and transmission. Includes turbo. Insured for 3.5 weeks. Low mileage (53 at present) Two previous owners who have both taken great care of the vehicle. Looking for a responsible owner to provide a nice new home. I am asking for $103,000 or a similar offer. I am also looking to purchase a Vapid Flash GT or similar vehicle and am willing to make up the difference in cash if necessary. No timewasters please! SMS on 441-6224.
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