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  1. Unhallow

    Call of Duty died when they started going all futuristic and shit. Completely ruined the game for me, drew the line at Black Ops. Got mad nostalgia playing this new one, it's dope, reminds me of my childhood.
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    Antonio Villarreal Villarreal was brought up in the hood. Brogue Avenue, Davis to be exact. He was raised by a single mother, with his sister Sofia Villarreal. His family has experienced significant financial struggle, some nights, not even having food on the table. This lead to Antonio finding alternative methods of providing for his family. He resorted to buying and selling weed for small amounts of profit. He is well known in high school for dealing dope, playing as a linebacker on the football team and notorious for his anger issues.
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    No clue, every time I log in, I face the same issue, drive around aimlessly looking for interesting people to roleplay with and find very little.