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  1. Infinity

    Banning when obviously was previously banned - ban evading...
  2. Infinity

    Ideally a friendly and positive atmosphere can be enough, long as the current said issues are worked on and not left behind, does not matter how long it takes. If the good vibe is there, people will have fun.
  3. Infinity

    Everybody says it was the best the year they joined. I also say 2014 was the best for me, many things started changing in mid-late 2015 and I lowkey hoped for it to be just that period every server has but it really started dying. Then there were these people saying the server changed for the best, all I could tell them was to ask the 400 people that left while the server was changing "for the best". Like I've read somewhere above, too many restrictions, power hungry individuals and toxicity took over creativity.
  4. Infinity

  5. Infinity

    Yes, in general. You guys are conflicting OOC and IC here because you talk about the law in America and want to apply the same law here too, however we are roleplaying, the law here is ICly, not OOCly.
  6. Infinity

    Oh, I do realize. But you should check what I said instead imo.
  7. Infinity

    ^ Like I said, this needs no OOC restriction but a common sense and realistic character development + IC actions taken, not OOC. I see you all talk about law, we have law ICly too, not OOCly. EDIT: m4 I don't think we're talking about pedophilia here.
  8. Infinity

    It only becomes a problem when every second underaged character decides to "develop" it. For some it is understandable, they get influenced in a bad way. I am not gonna give examples but some kids really come off with slightly different mindset than others. I've never been a fan of restricting RP OOCly, except for rape, bestiality and so on. This needs no restriction, it needs common sense and realistic character development.
  9. Infinity

    Warlock (Destro) - Kazzak EU Monk (MW/WW) - Bloodfeather EU DH (Havoc) - Bloodfeather EU Mage (ARCANE/FIRE) - Draenor EU Rogue (Assa/Sub) - Twisting Nether EU I'm all about PvP, 2400 Rated Battlegrounds XP. I play PvE from time to time, just for some gear.
  10. Infinity

    ma homies much love from Danny, be back with y'all shortly keep it up
  11. Infinity

    s/o to my niggas aces and artsy keep this shit up
  12. Infinity

    not all were craving "power"
  13. Infinity

    JuSt HeAvY dDoS aTtAcK wTf.... .. . . . ........ . ;(
  14. google the mystery "triangles in a circle"
  15. Infinity

    V'z up till my dayz up