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  1. Name: Lyn. Comment: Brilliant article as always! Keep up what you're doing, Ezra. 😊
  2. Username: Lyn Comment: You got this Hales, keep it up!
  3. What does this have to do with the initial suggestion? You don't need to be a detective to be investigating crimes, and this rule applies for any crime that is committed; whether it requires investigation or not.
  4. Okay, so your response to all the valid points that were just brought up is your subjective opinion that it should fall under something else? The rule is very simple and it's very beneficial, and at the same time there are no cons. Exceptions to this rule can be surely up to the handling administrator of a specific situation if the player had a serious excuse to log out, but that's just common sense.
  5. So I'll explain how this is really necessary. Let's say that you're a criminal who has just committed a crime, your name was made known and the police arrives and they're told your name. You go to your house and hide there then instantly log off, the police looks up your properties on the MDC and they find trails of you outside; giving them exigent circumstances to actually just breach in and take you. But, this is not possible because well you just logged off and there are no consequences for it, and this is how this rule comes to be extremely important. Notice that this rule is only being suggested for crimes, you shouldn't be committing a crime if you have to go soon in the first place. A smart criminal plans out their crime properly and they're ready for any swings that the situation may take, but if you don't have half a clue what you're doing and you're just logging off instantly once you've gotten out of their sight, that's just plain stupidness and it should not be tolerated.
  6. Title sums up the suggestion, the feature is currently disabled by board administration for some reason. Enabling this feature would allow those with such notification settings to be alerted via an e-mail notification whenever something they're following is updated, which is very beneficial for those who want to be alerted of mentions/quotes when they're on their phone. Here's the feature I'm talking about:
  7. TNG

    Maxed out Yosemite for sale, no lowballer offers.
  8. TNG

    Name: Lyn Bid: $40,000
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a residential property in Los Santos, budget of $100,000. Contact me privately about your listing please.